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So I don’t know about you, but in the winter my motivation level for absolutely everything goes to a -10. I’m pretty good at getting things done that I HAVE to do… like homework, projects, work commitments and stuff like that but everything else like working out and taking time for myself falls to the back burner.

I got a Fitbit for Christmas from Daniel and it has seriously helped my motivation SO much. It was like the third day I had it and there was a huge snowstorm. I looked at my Fitbit that night as I was getting in to bed and I had barely walked over 1,000 steps that day.

By default, it wants you to aim for 10,000 steps…I’d only hit 1/10 of the steps that it wanted me to. This really made me think. Although it was a snow day and I spent the majority of the day on the couch, watching tv, napping ( I am SO bad for always sleeping during the day!!! I need to change this ASAP!!! ), and relaxing because I couldn’t do much else due to the storm, it really made me think about how inactive I have become over the past few months.

april12 1

Really, it’s made me realize how inactive I’ve become in general, over the past few years, but definitely how much I’ve been slacking lately.


Recently, I’ve been making a conscious effort to move every single day.

I aim to get at LEAST 8,000 steps.

Some days I hit 10,000 as it is programmed in the Fitbit ( I’m so technically challenged that I don’t know how to / if I can change the default ) but I know that 8,000 is a more realistic goal for me to meet currently in my life. I feel better, sleep better, my skin looks better when I focus on moving and being active.

Also, I’m trying to make time to work out. My BF likes to say that me + time have a very hard relationship… I always say “but I don’t have time…” or “I wish I had time to do blah blah…” when in actuality, I do. <<<< BUT that’s a whole other story for another day, another blog post.

Daniel helps encourage me to work out a lot and it’s really great having someone who pushes you, motivates you and shares the same goals as you. Neither of us will ever be gym heads ( because ain’t nobody got time for that ) but we are both working on getting more fit and active. Especially following our litle Ideal Protein stint, I’ve been trying to be MUCH more active.

Sure it’s a struggle but it is worth it.

Everyone always says hard work pays off in the end. But I am really starting to believe that even while you’re putting in effort and working hard, it feels good and it feels like it’s really paying off the whole time. I sleep better, I feel better, I look better. I actually went shopping not too long ago and bought 2 pairs of jeans ( something I haven’t done in a hot minute AKA like 3 or more years… seriously!! ) and it feels good to wear them.

I’m actually choosing to wear jeans ( ok, jeggings because who ACTUALLY wears jeans anymore??? What did we do before jeggings, amirite girls?! ) over leggings. I said to my mom the other day “I’m going to get dressed and then leave” and she replied “aren’t you dressed?” …. hellllll no mom. Now that I can wear jeans ( jeggings ) and feel comfortable, I am choosing them over leggings more and more often.

Anyway, while it feels good to be wearing jeans and feeling better, I still have a long way to go. I’m not setting unrealistic goals and I definitely appreciate and love the bod I’m in, but I want to tighten up and feel even better.

To love my body even more.

My fitness routine is always changing. I get really bored of working out SO FAST.

Last year I was all “cardio cardio, hell ya cardio!” and literally ran on the treadmill, used the eliptical and biked for wayyyyy too long each day.

But right now I’m all “hellll no cardio” and this sucks. I no longer have a gym membership – being a part time student sucks! and the constant snow storms make it impossible to run outside so it’s hard to enjoy cardio. Spring is coming though, I’m holding out hope for nice breezy morning runs in the next few months.


My current fitness routine goes a little something like this:

 ▸ I aim to work out 5 days per week. I was once someone who was like how does 4-5 days per week do anything? It does. It really does. Any little bit counts. I used to work out 5-7 days a week but that’s just honestly unrealistic at this point in my life. Taking time to dedicate an hour ( or so ) of my day, 5 times a week to work out hard is what we’re working with right now and it’s working. I would love to work out 5-7 times a week but it is hard to dedicate time each day to work out when I have a lot of school work to do ( not right now, but I did have a lot & will have a TON in a few months ) and hours to spend at work.

▸ I like to focus on my arms and core. This is what I do on those 5 days that I actually ‘work out’. Ok, I don’t like to focus on my arms but they need work. Without arm strength you really can’t do much. I’ve always been focused on my core. It’s where I struggle the most. I have love handles and a non-flat stomach and while I embrace it and love my own body for what is is, we can always work to better ourselves and this is what I choose to work on. My leg strength is unreal for never really working out my legs. I have to thank my dancing days for that, so I don’t worry too much about working out my legs specifically.  

▸ I aim to move and get 8,000 steps a day. Some days I get my steps through going for a planned walk, others it just happens between work and running errands. As long as we’re moving, that’s all that matters.  

▸ I like to try to do yoga and stretch as much as I can. I’m not very advanced in my yoga practice but I do enjoy it and I love to do a bit as often as I can. On days that I can’t dedicate a full 30 or more minutes to yoga, I do tend to stretch. It just feels so good.  

▸ Lastly, I like to meditate. A lot of people may not classify this as “fitness” because basically you’re just laying there or sitting still, but meditating helps me clear my mind and allow for a deeper focus on my body when I am working out. It also helps my recovery process. After a hard workout, whether thats a HIIT workout or any of these workouts ( my favourite routines ), meditating really brings peace to your body and helps you recuperate.  

▸ On the 2 days that I don’t ‘workout’ I sitll move, whether that’s going for a walk, stretching, dance or meditate.

april12 2Shirt: VS Pink
Leggings: VS Pink
Sports Bra: Adidas


I am also a firm believer in setting goals so that you don’t slack and so that you can hold yourself accountable. I’ve set some 2016 fitness goals for myself and they include some of the following:

▸ Become better at yoga: ambiguous but I didn’t know how to narrow this down. There’s no specific pose or anything that I want to learn to do. There’s nothing that I will be crushed if I don’t learn to do. I just want to learn more poses and allow my body to become as flexible as I know it can be.

▸ Run more: there was one summer that I used to go on runs every morning at 6 am and then work all day. Somehow I have gotten it in my mind that sleep is my best friend and that waking up early is the devil. I’m definitely a morning person though. When I force myself to wake up early, I do so much and accomplish so much more so once it gets nice out on the roads, you bet I’ll be setting my alarm for 6 am and running my little heart out.

▸ Work out more days per week: as the winter passes, I feel as though I have more time in my days. It doesn’t get dark as early, I don’t get as sleepy as I do during the colder / darker days, I’m no longer in school. I can focus my time more on fitness and being active. Plus working out outside is WAY more fun than being stuck inside working out.


I’m excited to see where my fitness journey takes me. I’m not going to beat myself up if I slip up or fail but I am going to hold myself accountable. In addition to my fitness journey, I have been changing some things in my ‘diet’ ( hate that word but it is what it is ) and making some overall lifestyle changes.

Fitness and diet go hand-in-hand and it is importan to remember that. One of my favourite quotes about lifestyle and health has always been:

Abs are made in the kitchen and maintained in the gym.

april12 3

It’s just as important to fuel your body and stay healthy with healthy food as it is to work out and stay healthy in this sense. So I’m also working hard on balancing my eating and bettering my eating habits.

What are your favourite ways to work out? I’m really interested in trying barre workouts, but I’m kind of nervous??? Anyone done a barre class before? Spin class? I need suggestions and recommendations!


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