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Longline Cardigan | Top | Leggings | Choker | Flats


Happy Sunday!

This weekend has been one of a kind. Daniel said I should title this post “the outfit I wore while channeling my inner werewolf” because I was kind of ( OK, really ) off this weekend. When I picked him up this morning, he said “I figured out why you were so off yesterday!” and I was like “WHAT? Why, tell me!”, thinking that it would be a logical explanation…


Something about it being a silver moon or something and it be the first feeding time ( or something like that? ) for werewolves… apparently I’m as grumpy as a werewolf these days!

Not even going to lie – I laughed pretty hard at his reasoning, and it turned my mood right around.

This week is absolutely CRAZY with school. I have a ton of assignments due next week, so this week I will be working my butt off trying to complete them all & I feel like that’s just overwhelming me a ton… and making me act like a grumpy werewolf…

OK, so on to the outfit…

One of my favourite ways to stay warm in the fall is by wearing a cozy cardigan on top of my outfit. I posted an outfit a couple weeks ago that is super similar to this look, but I’m such a cardigan fan, I had to post about them again.

I’m definitely not a jacket girl – I can’t seem to find a jacket that I LOVE yet, but I’m not giving up hope yet. Anyone else rather splurge on actually clothes, rather than drop money on a jacket? I just feel like spending money on jackets and coats is so annoying. I’d rather buy a new sweater or a pair of jeans…

This cardigan is the perfect colour for fall. I am l o v i n g blush tones this season, so I couldn’t stop myself from picking up this cardigan. I purchased it from F21 and was so shocked at the cost / quality of this piece. It was just over $30 but it feels like a super expensive item.

I wore this to work last week and it was so comfortable for our meeting, and I also wore it this past weekend for the morning ( before I changed 300 times because Daniel and I were shooting outfits all day ). It’s such a versatile piece and can be thrown on over a dress or with leggings and jeans like I showed here.

Send me jacket / coat recommendations! Plz & thx.

xx julieann


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