dusty pink shift dress

july17 96 july17 97 july17 98 july17 99 july17 100 july17 101 july17 102 july17 103 july17 104 july17 105 july17 106 july17 107 july17 108Hi guys, what’s up!

I hope your day was a good one and that you’re finding time for you this week. Tonight I did something for me – I got a really chocolatey ( totally calorie free ) frap from Starbucks and wandered the mall. May or may not have done some damage at Forever 21 and H&M – who would’ve thought – and went for a drive to the ocean. Lately driving has been bringing me a lot of anxiety so I thought that tonight I’d get a nice chocolatey treat and force myself to do it. After, of course, spoiling myself a little bit at the mall.

It worked. I enjoyed my frap and my drive ( finally! ).

Now on to the good stuff – this outfit is seriously one of my favourites.

I picked this dress up recently because I thought it was perfect for the end of summer / beginning of fall. The colour is summery but the longer slightly bell-sleeves are so cute for fall. I’m obsessed with all things dusty pink & all things with big sleeves.

I love this paired with this purse – it draws in all of the colours that I used as accessories. Tan sandals, black belt with a tan and black ( and white! ) purse. It all goes so perfectly.

I will be wearing this dress over & over again this fall, I can guarantee it. Maybe even paired with sheer black tights and little black booties – SO CUTE. I can see it now. I’m ALL about the transitional pieces lately and this dress is definitely one of them.

Anyway, I’m off to catch some zzz’s. I work for 14 hours tomorrow and again on Friday before heading down to the beach house for some MUCH needed rest & relaxation.

Chat soon,

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