fall fashion must have: denim on denim

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I’m still really not sure how I feel about the whole denim on denim thing. But I thought I would give it a try. My denim jacket doesn’t get near as much love as it deserves mainly because when I think to wear it, like when it looks cute with the shirt I have on, I’m also wearing jeans… And denim on denim scares me. It can either go really well and look chic, go pretty well and look cute or go horribly wrong and you look like the annoying uncle at a family BBQ that eats waaaayyy too many hot dogs and is wearing his awful paint stained denim jacket with ripped jeans looking like a hot. damn. mess. AKA not cute.

I definitely am more of a fan of mixing two different denims aka a light with a dark. I think that a light chambray top would look super cute with really dark washed jeans, or even black jeans ( ++ post to come soon on this look, it’s time to experiment! ). This outfit would be ideal for work, school or hanging out with friends. You could even pull it off for a casual dinner date too. I’m liking it.


This look is super cute ( in my opinion ) and doesn’t look like the dreaded hot dog eating uncle at a fam BBQ. I’m def excited to experiment more with denim on denim and be a little more adventurous next time!

It’s also great because no Uggs, no leggings & no sweatshirts! Another super easy outfit to throw together that I guarantee you all have in your closets and it looks so nice! It’s like dressy-casual… Like you tried a little bit more than ripped jeans and a plain white t, but you also don’t look like you’re going to a business meeting or a job interview. I love throwing on riding boots with basically every outfit that I wear jeans with in the fall because a ) you can wear fuzzy socks and they don’t peek out of your sneakers or something equally as unflattering, and b ) they’re warm ( practical ) and CUTE.

Again I’m wearing such neutral colours ( denim is a neutral right? ), BUT I added in my favourite red for the pop of colour. This red is seriously my fav for fall. It’s cute on dresses, shirts, coats, anything. I am just loving how it pairs so well with my pretty basic and neutral coloured wardrobe.

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I reeealllly don’t hate this trend as much as I did before I tried it ( similar to my obsession with brussel sprouts, leather clothing items besides coats, high heels, asparagus, sweet potatoes, Apple Music, burritos, etc ) <<<< I am the worst for saying I hate something when I’ve never really given it a chance.

Like I said, next time I plan on playing it up even more! Trying different denim pieces and adding different accessories. I was just a little intimidated by this trend because it’s so easy to end up looking like a hot mess. AKA your annoying uncle ha. I’m SO HAPPY I tried it though. New found love. And super cute and chic. <<< maybe not this particular outfit, it’s a little on the casual side but still.

What’s your opinion on this trend? I feel like it’s so hit or miss that there has to be lots of opinions out there! Let me know in the comments. Are you scared to try it like me, do you love it, or are you so over it? I want to know!

It’s the weekend! Party like it’s 1999!! <<<< I’m really embarrassed that I said this ( or even thought it ). Buuuutttt anyway have a good weekend. Tomorrow’s the last post in this little fashion series. I’m working on tons of more posts… I hope you’re as excited as I am.

xx julieann

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