fall fashion must have: dresses

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Ok, so the NUMBER ONE easiest way to feel so put together, take zero effort to get ready in the morning and still look cute has to be dresses. Seriously. Throw it over your head and you are good to go, walk out the door and you look cute.

I don’t know about you guys but once fall hits I instantly fall into like a zombie trap and I suck at waking up. I never want to leave my bed and when I do, I leave it until the last possible second and then give myself approximately 12 minutes until I need to leave my house… Like I procrastinate everything so bad, but esp getting out of bed in the morning. I am THE worst.

Have to leave my house at 9 am to make it to school? Scroll instagram until 8:45.

Have to be at work for 9:10 am? Go on twitter until 8:30. <<< does anyone else do this? I know you def all do, right?

But I have found the solution for us procrastinators. And that solution is dresses.

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Dresses are serioulsy a life saver. You don’t have to worry about trying to find a pair of pants that go with your shirt, or trying to find a shirt that covers your bum in leggings ( if you feel this is necessary. I am a firm believer that leggings are pants as long as you wear them right ). But you don’t need to worry about anything with dresses because it’s ALL ONE PIECE. I love dresses.

I’ve never been a dress girl, ever.

But lately I find myself loving them more and more. I always felt like if I was wearing a dress, it should only be to somewhere fancy or for like a special occassion. But now I wear them anywhere I want to because they are SO comfy and SO easy. #lazygirlsolutions

This dress is one of my favourites because it’s a little more dressy than most I own. You can definitely dress it down and make it casual, but I like to keep it dressy, pairing it with my leather jacket that I love ( I got it from Urban like 8 years ago, it’s my ride or die ) because it’s so damn cold here, a pair of thick black tights and booties that I stole from my mama. <<<< seriously, she’s a fashionista, I hate her.

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I am also loving t-shirt dresses and TRAPEZE DRESSES ohmygod. Trapeze dresses are to die. They are literally a t-shirt dress that flow out a little bit more to cover that food baby, ya feel me. I will be buying a few this season I already know! #obsessed

I cannot wait to wear dresses more and it’s so fun pairing them with jewelry, coats and cute shoes. <<<< You all know I’m so not a jewelry girl but wearing dresses makes me feel like I need to do a little something more, so with them I attempt to throw on a necklace or something little at least!

So how do you feel about dresses? Too dressy for work/school and prefer to leave them for special occassions and events only? Or do you like to wear dresses on casual occassions like I do? Let me know below!

Enjoy a treat because it’s basically Friday. We’ve almost made it!!

– julieann xx



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