fall fashion must have: faux fur vest

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Often times in fall, I tend to stick to black leggings, Uggs and an oversized hoodie ( because let’s be real, it’s comfy and cozy and that’s all you want to feel in fall ). I’m also pretty busy with school and work, and neither of those require me to put much effort in to my outfits.

But this fall I am going to make it a goal to try a little bit harder when there is an occassion I’m going to or a place I am exploring.

It really doesn’t take that much more effort to put on a nice shirt and boots that aren’t as lazy looking as old, beat up Uggs. BUT let me tell you, you feel so much better.

Last week when I was heading to school, I had on Lululemon leggings, Uggs and a sweatshirt. I felt frumpy and lazy but in my mind it didn’t matter cause I was just going to class. And by just going to class, I literally mean ONE class and then heading back home. So in my mind, I really don’t feel as though I need to try on my outfits for class…

But last Thursday, I changed my outfit. I kept the leggings but I swapped the sweatshirt for a long-sleeve shirt and a leather jacket, topped off with a blanket scarf, high pony and lipstick. LET ME TELL YOU, I felt so much better. And it honestly didn’t take any more effort ( or time ) than my lazy outfit did.

So over the next week, I have fashion posts coming up, wearing my favourite fall fashion pieces that are a little more put together, but take honestly just as much time as sweats and a hoodie do, AND you feel so. much. better. <<< this is always a win in my books.

I hope these posts inspire you to try something new this fall!


I spent this past weekend working or doing homework, definitely not wearing an outfit even half as nice as this one, even though my goal is to try out new outfits. But if I had somewhere nice to go this weekend other than my bed to write an 8-page paper, I FOR SURE would’ve worn something similar to this.

I am so obsessed with shorts and tights. I think it looks so chic. Whoever said shorts are only for the summer is clearly wrong and doesn’t know fall fashion. I paired these with little black heeled booties and I am in love.

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Floppy hats are so in for fall and they make any outfit look like you tried that much harder ( plus they cover up dirty hair, LIFE SAVER, am I right girls? ).

I wore the red shirt for a pop of colour ( if you read this post, then you know I’m all about this shade of red to add colour to my otherwise neutral fall wardrobe ) and to finish this outfit I threw a ( faux ) fur vest over top. I love fur vests SO much, and there are so many cute options for pretty inexpensive prices in stores right now!

The necklace is a old Rolex timepiece that I inherited from my grandma. I love adding pieces like this to an outfit. I love having a piece of her with me wherever I go.

Let me know if you plan on incorporating faux fur vests in to your fall wardrobe and if you do, what do you plan on wearing them with? I’m thinking about investing in another one that’s slightly darker than this one!

Happy Monday! – julieann xx

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