fall fashion must have: ripped jeans & flannels

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This is another one of my favourite outfits to throw on in replacement of leggings and a hoodie. It takes absolutely no more effort ( it’s still two pieces of clothing! ) but just looks much more put together. I’m not a huge fan of jeans, like every girl since leggings became a thing, let’s be real. But I own 27 pairs ( embarrassing, I know ) and I NEVER wear them. Ever.

I don’t really have a reason. I just don’t do wear them. I don’t know why. BUT I am going to.

I wore jeans to school on Tuesday and I felt a huge sense of accomplishment. <<<< please tell me you feel this way when you put on jeans instead of leggings…

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I paired my favourite ripped jeans with my gray Converse and threw my fav black leather coat overtop. I love these particular jeans because they are super soft ( not jeggings though ) and fit like a boyfriend jean kind of. They aren’t as baggy as bf jeans are but they are still pretty loose fitting. They are perfect for all of the holiday treats that I plan on eating, and the cookies, and the hot drinks with whipped cream please because they will allow you to still wear them if you skip on your AM work-outs and indulge in the cookies. <<<< seriously people, don’t listen to me – indulge in the work-outs and skip the cookies.

BUT CAN WE TAKE A MINUTE and focus on the shoes. These are my favourite shoes for reals. They’re so comfy and cute and I LOVE the gray colour. I also have them in navy blue and burgundy and I have the classic white in hi-tops too because my love for Converse runs deep ( I also have a Tiffany Blue pair because so cute, but they don’t get the love they deserve ). I wear these gray ones all the time though. Absolutely obsessed and MUCH cuter than Uggs.

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For those of you who don’t have super cold falls, you wouldn’t need the leather coat but this outfit still looks so cute! I love all of the different ways you can wear plaid flannels ( ++ post to come on this SOON yay! ) but lately I am loving tucking it in to jeans. I think it makes it look like you tried a little bit harder and I’m all for this.

I put the scarf overtop because I love scarves. I hardly ever leave my house in fall/winter without a scarf. I just love how cozy they are and they are cute too. This ones one of my favs that I got on sale at the end of last winter for $5 so that makes me love it even more.

Even though this outfit isn’t as dressy as my first two, I still love it and it’s super easy to wear. I guarantee you all have these basic pieces in your closet so put them to use! I hope you are enjoying this little series and you are feeling inspired to get out of your Uggs and sweatshirts even for just one day of the week. I still have dresses, denim on denim and my absolute fav VERTICAL STRIPES ( love love love ) coming up over the next three days.

If you’re not loving the fashion posts, next week I’ll have a mix of different ones and not strictly fashion promise!

Happy hump-day… It’s one day closer to FriYAY!

– julieann xx

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