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So you all know about how I plan on switching up my outfits for fall. AKA stop wearing Lulu’s, Uggs and baggy sweatshirts every day and wear nice clothes. I literally have so many clothes in my closet… I should probably stop shopping because nothing fits in it anymore. But this fall ( and winter ) I plan on giving every piece in my closet the love and attention they deserve so that’s my excuse for keeping all of my clothes instead of donating them.

I also mentioned ( briefly ) about how much I am liking shorts with tights for fall. I’m liking them so much I decided that I would give them their own separate post. Shorts with tights definitely looks so chic. Less thick tights, like ones that are a little see-through, look super cute paired with shorts. I wouldn’t really wear thick tights with shorts. I would definitely save that for dresses or skirts.
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I paired these black shorts, with semi-sheer black tights, a white silky shirt and nude heel booties. I’m so obsessed with wearing booties. I think they add a whole lot to an outfit. They definitely make an outfit look more put together and make you feel better about yourself ( ha, is this just me? ).

This shirt is one of my favs too… It’s so silky and soft and it’s flowy. It also has lots of gold detailing on it, so if you’re like me and super forgetful lazy and don’t wear jewelry often, it’s perfect!

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I love how simple this outfit is to throw together and how casual it feels. BUT I also love that it’s not sweats and Uggs. <<<< I’m majorly hating on Uggs in these posts but deep down, my love for them runs deep… We’re not breaking up, we’re just taking a break.

You could definitely wear this outfit for a shopping day, I’d maybe swap the heeled booties for flat boots or flats or you could dress it up for date night with a vampy lip ( or red lip! ) and a leather jacket over top. As you can tell, I like the neutrals and dark colours for colder seasons and I often just add a pop of colour through my lipstick… #love

I definitely plan on wearing this outfit ( or one similar ) the next time I go out. I’ll probably pair it with a jacket and scarf and hat and tall boots though, because suddenly, like OVER NIGHT, it got freezing here. There was frost on my car yesterday morning and there was a chance of flurries in the weather forecast. It is COLD. But that won’t stop me from rocking my shorts with tights because like I said whoever said shorts are just for summer doesn’t know fashion. I might feel really cold but at least my outfit will be cute and that’s all that matters, right?

What is your opinion on shorts in the fall ( with tights obv, unless you’re living in LA or somewhere hot #blessed )? Would you try this trend or do you think it’s not cute? Let me know in the comments!

Chat soon,

julieann x

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