fall fashion must have: vertical stripes

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We’ve made it through this week of fashion posts! Uggggh that was exhausting. A lot goes in to a fashion post ( seriously it may look easy but it takes a lot… I’m also not happy with the edit of my pics so I’m gonna work on that more for upcoming fashion posts ). BUT ANYWAY. I hope you guys have enjoyed this mini series, it was fun but exhausting. I’m excited to do it again sometime soon. I’m already shopping for winter ahhh I am so excited for the holiday season.

For the last must have for fall fashion I thought it was only appropriate to talk about vertical stripes. My love affair with vertical stripes is SO. REAL. They are a huge trend this fall and are so easy to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe. I’m obsessed with super thin stripes. I love love love how they give a little more detail to a shirt, but not a huge one so that the shirt becomes the centre of the outfit. Does that make sense? You could still pair a thin verical striped shirt with pants that have details, or add jewelry to the outfit as your statement piece and it wouldn’t clash with the shirt. <<< I love mixing and matching patterns and stuff though, so maybe this is just my opinion ha.

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I love how it looks like a basic shirt but it has the fun striped pattern on it! Of course my favourite shirt would be black and white stripes, duh. And I would pair it with black jeans and black boots ( also my mom’s boots, seriously she kills the shoe game ). There are so many fun ways to dress up or down a vertical striped shirt. I like this particular one because it’s flowy and a nice silky feel.

This outfit is perfect for school or work and it’s super versatile and can be dressed up if you have somewhere to go in the evening! Putting on some dark red lipstick would be a nice added touch for a night out. <<< I’m all for outfits that can easily be worn multiple places just by switching up something as simple as adding a red lip instead of a nude lip.

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I am SUCH a huge fan of these floppy hats. They are such a cute accessory for any outfit – casual or dressy – they can add so much to an outfit. And cover up dirty hair. #win. I also had to add my beloved leather jacket. I wear this baby with anything because it keeps me so warm in the freezing weather we’ve been having lately. I love pieces that work with every outfit AKA hats and leather jackets.

So this post concludes my fashion week series. I hope these posts inspired you to get out of your lulu leggings, Uggs and hoodies and in to something super cute! <<< not that you don’t look cute in your Uggs and hoodies… BUT you know what I mean ( ha ).

Give all of your fall clothes love this season! What’s your favourite fall trend and fall accessory? Mine is definitely faux fur and leather everything, and floppy hats! Let me know! And don’t forget to mix up your outfits. I promise it’s super easy and you feel so much better during the day. Throw on a leather jacket and red lipstick and you’ll thank me.

TGIF! julieann xx

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