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Hi hi!

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about fitness.

I’ve fallen off like a lot, a lot ( post to come… ). I’m so not proud of this little break I’ve been on – basically a few months, UGH but I’m trying to get back on it.


There’s nothing that makes me want to be active and hop back on the fitness train ( & NOT FALL OFF AGAIN ) than some new workout gear.

Everyone loves bright and happy fitness gear and not going to lie, I do too, but there’s something so chic about black, white & grey workout gear. I’m so drawn to it lately, I think I’m going to have to splurge soon.


Lululemon, VS PINK & Nike are my go-to’s.

No pants fit better than Lulu leggings, no shoes are nicer than Nikes, no sweaters are as cozy as VS Pink…

Also – does anyone have a S’well water bottle? Every time that I’m in Chapters I am so tempted to buy one and then I ( heartbrokenly ) walk away. Are they worth it splurge?? Someone let me know if I should give in and buy it, or keep walking away…

Tips and tricks for getting back into fitness and staying on track ( other than spending my lifesavings at Lululemon )? Help!

JE x


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