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july3 21 july3 22 july3 23 july3 24 july3 25 july3 26 july3 27 july3 28 july3 29Hello what’s up what’s up.

I’m all curled up in bed with my anti-itch cream, Benadryl and aloe, still trying to combat these nasty-ass bug bites that WILL NOT go away. Today I made such progress – I only applied anti-itch cream four times & aloe twice. MAJOR progress and to be honest, that still seems like an insane amount of times to apply cream TO BUG BITES.

Unreal honestly.

In between my itching and applications of cream, I had to deal with a slight issue today at work that has really been grinding my gears lately…


I don’t know what it is about the entitlement of kids / youth / ADULTS but you tell someone that they are a loser and it’s literally like life has ended.

I really don’t know why losing is such a hard concept.

YES it sucks to lose.

YES it is okay to be upset but really you need to move on.

& you need to move on FAST and learn from your loss.

Figure out what went wrong and do it differently next time.

Accept the fact that you are not the best at something and recognize that it isn’t your strength and let it go.

Tackle the next project / activity / task at hand with an open mind, forgetting about your recent loss and kill it.

Or lose again. Whatever happens. LIVE WITH IT.

Every single time, a co-worker / friend / teacher / family member / kid / youth / PERSON tells me that we need to be fair, not declare winners, not tell a team ( or individual ) that they lost at something, I want to scream in their face. I call BULLSHIT on that.

Everyone of all ages needs to lose. They need to learn to lose and lose well. Like I said before, learn from it, grow from it, make a change, recognize something & move on with life.

There’s always going to be something bigger, something harder, something more important in life & there’s a chance that you’re going to lose it. Sitting in the corner and crying, yelling at a teammate, yelling at a coach, being disrespectful, being a SORE LOSER isn’t going to make you a winner. It’s not going to make you any happier & it sure as hell isn’t going to make people around you want to interact with you.

Losing is a part of life & as long as we have people babying others and sugarcoating things, we are going to have a bunch of poor losers and that’s a damn shame.

And honestly quite terrifying.

What does the kid who throws a hissyfit every time his team loses in a recreational activity end up doing later in life when he doesn’t get the job? Gets dumped? Gets fired?

I honestly don’t want to know, but I can guarantee that it’s nothing positive.

I tell this story all the damn time, but it’s one that’s stuck with me:

My favourite game as a child was CandyLand. I lived for CandyLand.

If I didn’t get Queen Frostine, it was a miracle… and it also wasn’t because my parents let me win.

It was because I was SUPER lucky and always happened to pick that card.

If you’re ever played CandyLand ( if you haven’t – why haven’t you!? ), then you know Queen Frostine is like a few spaces away from the end AKA 9/10 times you win. And if you were me as a child 10/10 times you won.

One day, my mom cheated while playing CandyLand while playing against me – you should know that I was no more than 4 or 5 at this time. She strategically placed Queen Frostine and her next two cards in the pile of cards so that she would win and I would lose.

Because I never lost.

& she wanted to teach me to lose.

During this particular game, on this fateful day, I lost.

And then I lost IT. I threw the mother of all hissyfits and my mom packed up the board game and called it quits for the day. The game was done and I was done doing anything fun until I packed up my shitty attitude and grew up.

I was a poor loser and I didn’t get my fav card, followed by losing the game that I never lost & she taught me a lesson. Tough love at its finest, but seriously. Did it kill me to not get Queen Frostine? Nope. Did the world end because I lost? Nope. I MOVED ON. & then I beat my mom like a million more times because her luck + board games is nonexistent ( but that’s another story ).

Now I’m not saying that I’m a perfect loser. I get upset just like everyone else, but I can realize it’s just a game and move on. I’ve gotten turned down from jobs and got right back at it, looking again. I’ve lost scholarships because I couldn’t keep my marks up as high as they needed to be, so I worked extra hours ( 4 jobs at once!! ) and learned from my mistakes. I’ve lost in countless soccer games, dance competitions and other various activities and I’ve survived.

YA. I lost & I survived. Crazy, right?!

We need more people ( AKA basically everyone ) to realize that losing is not the end of the world and we need to learn to LOSE, just as much as we need to learn to win. Nobody likes a boasting, cocky, braggy winner, just as much as nobody likes a whiny, aggressive, disrespectful loser.

We need to teach this, preach this and live this.

Winning is not everything & losing is not the end of the world.

OK, seriously I’m done. I just needed to get that off my chest.

Moral of the story: we need more POSITIVE losers in this world.

& on to today’s outfit::::

Nothing says summery day quite like ripped denim & Converse. Throw on a flannel and you’re good to go.


It’s a great outfit for a not-so-hot summery day because you still LOOK like you’re dressed for summer but your flannel is keeping you warmer. Props if your flannel doesn’t look like fall ( IE: no red / black / green checks ). I opted for something brighter and less cold looking with my mostly white and a little black printed flannel.

This flannel basically comes with me wherever I go because you just never know when the temp is going to drop or the rain is going to start. I mean… I love the east coast and all but honestly…

I love the look of Converse in the summer. They are so chill & laidback and easy to wear. I am obsessed with this burgundy pair and I wore them 24/7 in the fall, but lately I’ve been really into wearing them again even though they kind of are a more fall shade.

So sorry that today’s post was a long one. I promise I’ll be quicker tomorrow ( maybe… )! & as always, thanks for reading.

Chat soon,

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Outfit Details:
Flannel: American Eagle
Shirt: Garage
Shorts: American Eagle
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Purse: Marshalls
Shoes: Converse c/o Shoe Company


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