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Happy Friday to you! Today I thought it would be fun to share a few favourites from the past week. As you may or may not know, this past week I’ve been doing the Ideal Protein Protocol. It’s been an eye-opening experience so far and I’ve been researching healthy recipes to try when I’m finished IPP ( as well as procrastinating a 3,000 word paper but you know… )! The internet is quite possibly my favourite thing & I spend FAR too much time on it… whether I’m browsing what my friends are up to on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or bouncing from blog to blog, I’m almost always connected when I have free time.

So over the past week while I’ve been procrastinating my paper and salivating at the thought of  eating whatever I want again, I’ve found some fun recipes ( and other random things online )… & I’m linking up to share my favourites with you!

friday favourites

My favourite super-promising recipes that I can’t wait to give a try:

Guilt-Free Chicken Strips: I am such a sucker for Wendy’s chicken strips or even chicken tenders from the local grocery store and I indulge in them much too often. I’m WAY too excited to try these guilt-free chicken strips as soon as I can! These look absolutely delicious and are fairly healthy with gluten free breading and not fried in a ton of NASTY oils at a fast-food restaurant. Won’t these be awesome paired with homemade sweet potato fries?!

Turkey Meatballs But Most Excited For The Garlic Lemon Aioli: Another thing I love is meatballs but most are full of gross processed ingredients and are full of gluten ( annoying right!? ). This recipe is perfect because even though it calls for a slice of bread, I can substitute it for a slide of GF bread ( Glutino is my fav! ) and my stomach issues won’t bother me. We’re only getting to the good part though. There’s also a bonus recipe of Garlic Lemon Aioli… I MEAN YUM. The recipe sounds super easy to follow and I cannot wait to dip my turkey meatballs in it, as well as sweet potato fries, chicken strips ( OMG! ) and GF pita chips. I loveeee dips and sauces so I don’t doubt that this will become a huge staple for me – but in moderation!

Pizza for Breakfast? Yes Please!: Not only is cauliflower like the most delicious vegetable in the world, it also makes for a delicious pizza crust that’s GF and totally healthy! I’ve had cauliflower crust pizza before and LOVED it but I’ve never had breakfast pizza before! I’ve been seeing it all over the internet lately and I’m totally intrigued. I loveeee eggs, like hands down, fav food EVER, next to pizza of course so I CANNOT WAIT to try my two faves mixed together!

Guilt-Free Potato Soup: I know I just said that eggs and pizza were my two fav foods… but soups are a close third. I know most people love soup in the colder months but I will seriously eat it any time of the year ( & basically every day )… I love it THAT much. I’m a sucker for cup-of-soups or Chunky Campbell’s soups but I know those are full of salt and gluten – it’s rough I’m telling ya. I also LOVE potato soup but that’s generally full of cream and fats, but not this one! I can’t wait to give this recipe a try. I have a feeling that cauliflower is going to become a staple in my groceries in the upcoming months because it seems to be a sneaky ingredient in everything!

Oil-Free Avacado Pesto Sauce: Pasta was my bestfriend for so many years and then once I went GF, I fell out of love with pasta. I couldn’t find any noodles that I liked but then I came across rice noodles ( which my mom swore I’d hate ) and my pasta obsession began again. We’ve had pesto pasta a few times over the years and every time I eat it, I fall in love with it but then I forget about it. I know that pesto isn’t necessarily the best sauce but now that there’s this oil-free, easy to make ( single serving size! ) pesto, I’m going to be ALLLL about it.

Another Pizza… Not Sorry ‘Bout It: There’s no type of pizza that I prefer more than BBQ chicken. I usually make my BBQ chicken pizza on GF store-bought pizza crusts, but they are crunchy and don’t always cook as well as regular crusts and it makes me sad that my pizza doesn’t taste as yummy as I know my boyfriend’s does ( on his regular crust that rises to perfection! ). I’m super excited to try sweet potato crusts! I’ve never had this before but I can only imagine it is delicious. PLUS there’s no weirdo ingredients or fake stuff in the crust.

Cold Pasta Might Be Better Than Warm Pasta ( MAYBE ): Pasta salad is SUCH a summer staple and I haven’t been able to eat it for a few years now without feeling sick. We don’t have many places around here that are GF and I’ve never really tried to make my own because honestly the sauce has never looked that appealing but this recipe is promising! This is another recipe with avacados… Avacados and cauliflowers have been popular among these recipes and they look super tasty. I’m excited to give this a try & report back to you if it was good or not.

Other random internet favourites:

The 90’s Choker Trend Is Back: I wasn’t super sure how I felt about the choker trend coming back. I’ve been seeing it everywhere and liking it more & more, but I still wasn’t ready to fully embrace it until Lauren Conrad said it was okay. I’m definitely excited to give this trend a try once I find the perfect choker. I envision it looking super cute with a casual-yet-cute beach look on the sand in Cuba…

Falling In Love With Running: Jordan Younger’s story is such an inspiring one. If you’ve never heard of her, you need to check her out. Her book Breaking Vegan is one of my favourite reads lately and her blog is super informing. Not only does she have yummy recipes ( look at this delicious healthy brownie recipe she posted this week! ), she is also inspiring and motivating. Her health and fitness journey is super inspiring & her running journey is motivating me to start running again. I can’t wait to begin!

Spring Is In The Air: I’m always on the hunt for a new perfume each time the season changes. This post has really made me realize that I need to hit up Sephora ASAP and purchase a new one! I’ve been using Elizabeth & James in Nirvana Black all winter but I’m ready for something a little bit more floral and spring-like.

Making Mistakes Is Good For The Soul: I’ve actually been planning on doing a post like this for a while – a sort of “what I’ve learned from making mistakes” post, but with a different spin to it. When I saw this on The Haute Mess this week, I read it & I couldn’t agree more. I’m a huge fan of making mistakes. I believe that it helps you grow, you can mature as a result of your mistakes, you learn what you want and don’t want out of life, and you also learn just how strong you really are. I thought this post was super enlightening and I was glad to see that others agree that making mistakes aren’t always that bad!

What are your favourite finds on the internet this week? Did you find anything good? Share!

Hope you guys are enjoying a nice & relaxing long weekend! Chat soon!

++ PS: currently working on my IPP week #1 journey post and it’s making me so excited and proud! I can’t wait to share. Hoping to have it up by tomorrow or Sunday at the latest.


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