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Whewwww TGIF. Is it just me or did that short week feel like it was SOOOOooo long!? There’s something about a day off on a Monday that makes the whole week drag by.

I am so ready for the weekend, like sooo beyond ready.

Even though the weekend just means more work. I’m fine with that, really. There’s just something so calming about knowing it’s the weekend.

Anyway today I thought I’d do a post about everything that I’ve been loving lately and let me tell you, there are quite a few things so let’s get right to it.


 ▸ The recent weather: so last winter was the winter from hell. We had so much ice / snow / rain / more ice / even more snow day after day. It was ridiculous. The snowplows weren’t even clearing the full road – on a four laned road in the city, with 2 lanes going in each direction, there would only be like 1 lane. They wouldn’t clear the whole thing and it really messed traffic up, it was annoying & dangerous, frustrating to drive in and I’m pretty sure I was late for about 99% of all of my classes last winter because of the snow / ice insanity. The weather lately has been unreal. Sure, we’ve had like 3 or 4 snowstorms since December but to be fair, they’ve been pretty tame and once you’re super sick of seeing the snow on the ground we have a massive rainstorm ( AT NIGHT! ) and you wake up and it’s like 5 Celsius outside, sunny and the snow is gone. It’s been so great. I realize it’s only February and we’re still probably in for a few more storms but I’m just thankful that we’ve already had 2 months of winter and it hasn’t been anywhere near to winter 2015!

▸ Soft and Sexy Tee’s / Tanks: ok, so American Eagle is totally killing it lately. I went for a while where I stopped shopping here because I was basically having a fashion crisis and hated my wardrobe ( 40% of it was AE and 60% of it was workout clothes ). I went insane and bought nice dress clothes that now sit in the back of my closet, unworn because I am such a huuugeee fan of being comfy and casual. I’ve always loved AE for jeans ( omg their jeggings, I’ve died and gone to heaven ) and their sweaters and knits are super cozy and decent prices but their basics have always just been blah. Recently I discovered their Soft and Sexy line of basics – tee’s, tanks, longsleeve’s, crop tops – and I’m obbb-sessed. They are really just that – soft and sexy. The material is SOOOoo good and they’re really cute basics that you can dress up or down. << huge fan.

▸ Finding things I’d thought I’d lost: I cleaned my room lately like a huge clean, it took me and Daniel the majority of the day ( he went a little stir-crazy and created some interesting outfits of his own from my closet HA ) but it so paid off! I thought I’d lost my pearl earrings that I got from my parents for my 16th birthday. I knew they were missing about 6 months ago, but I told my mom about 3 weeks ago that they were lost and she was all “it’s just a THING. You can buy another set. Don’t worry about it” & I was all “but you and dad bought them for me when I was 16. It was a milestone, I love them” blah blah, being heartbroken over them. And then Wednesday night, I opened my drawer where I have a little jewelry box and guess what was in there!? Ya, you know… my pearl earrings. Right where they should be. In my jewelry box. Duh. Who woulda thought!? I also found one of my Pandora bracelets and 2 charms, plus I found the replacement Pandora bracelet for the first one I lost, in jewelry boxes no less… Moral of the story: I’m really bad with jewelry but I always put it in jewelry boxes. Just not the box I think it should be in haha.

▸ Spending time with my grandfather: as you may or may not know, 2 years ago I lost my grandma and so for the last 2 years I’ve really made it a point to see my grandpa at least twice a week. When my grandma was around we’d see them a couple times a week and I didn’t want my grandpa to feel lonely after her passing so my brother and I always try to spend time with him. He’s recently moved out of the house they lived in for 40 something years, into a seniors complex ( complete with a fitness studio, salt water pool, bowling alley, movie theatre, private dining room, spa… hardly living nice at all, right? ) so he’s a lot busier than he was when he was living alone. I am also working a lot and my brother is heavily involved in basketball so it’s hard for us 3 to match up our schedules as often as we’d like. The last 5 or so Monday’s we’ve gone to his complex for dinner & it’s been so nice. Not only is the food amazing ( freshly made in front of you with the BEST macadamia nut cookies ever for dessert ), but the company is so nice too. We’ve been having like 2 hour dinners lately and it’s so nice to just sit and chat. I love spending time with him and hearing about his newest adventures.


▸ My go-to healthy snack: I’ve been trying to eat healthier lately. As I’m writing this I’m snacking on cherry tomatoes, green peppers and white cheddar rice cakes ( omg!! ) for my lunch and seriously it’s hitting the spot. But my favourite thing to eat lately has been my homemade trail mix. I like that I know exactly what goes in it and I can pick and choose the ingredients in case I’m not feeling something one day. I like to snack on about 1/2 cup of this, 3/4 of a cup if I’m having it in combo with fruit or veggies for a meal and it’s super filling! Make sure you avoid soybean oil roasted nuts and seeds though!

feb18 1

▸ Supporting a winning team: this is going to sound totally superficial and like I am a fickle person, but it gets exhausting cheering for a losing team. Any Maple Leafs fans out there? You know how I feel. My brother is SO good at basketball but his confidence level is just not where it should be to allow him to kill it in try-outs like we all know he should. Plus he has been injured near the end of the last 2 seasons which has really affected his basketball camp attendance during the summers which leads to being a little rusty around try-outs. But this year at try-outs he absolutely KILLED IT & moved up 3 divisions from his previous team last season and he’s really a shining star this year. His team has only lost 2 games and even when they lose, they don’t get down on themselves and pout, they really just pull through, have fun and grind it out until the end of the game, no matter what. This weekend they start playoffs & I’m so ready to cheer them on! His coaches have been amazing, the boys ALL get along ( which is absolutely in-freakin’-sane for a group of 11 14- & 15-year old boys, if you ask me! ) and the boys’ families have the highest attendance rate out of the whole league! I can’t wait for Sunday’s game! #goRockets

▸ Reading more than 1 book at once: I used to think that you had to pick one book and read it cover-to-cover before you could start another but lately I’ve been picking up multiple books and reading them whenever I feel like it and I feel like I pay more attention to the books I’m reading. I feel like I can pick up the genre of book or book that matches my mood at the time and really get into it. Currently I’m reading Ghettoside by Jill Leovy, Devil in a Blue Dress by Walter Mosley, Breaking Vegan by Jordan Younger & Girl Online by Zoe Sugg and LOVING them all. They’re all so different and are perfect contrasts to one another. Last night I read a lot of Ghettoside because it is like a ‘can’t-put-it-down’ riveting book that sucks you right in. I love true crime stories and this one is absolutely heartbreaking.

 ▸ Pinterest: my relationship with Pinterest is a huge love / hate one. I go through spurts of being a crazy pinner and then I stop and never open the app for months. Lately I have been on it but not pinning anything, but looking around and trying new recipes and getting outfit inspiration. I’m probably going to start pinning again soon, I just get very precise about the way I want my boards to look and my categories so it’s a struggle sometimes. I’m trying to let this go though… follow me if you want perfectly sorted boards here. My favourite thing lately has been looking at the super cute spring and summer fashion posts and getting super pumped for these seasons!

What have you guys been loving lately? Is anyone else totally ready for spring / summer?! If it’s beautiful weather where you are – I am SO jealous!


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