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Hi beauties. Today has been a very interesting day already so far, to say the LEAST. I am currently so mellow ( thx to a double dose of Ativan ) and was really in the mood to do a spur of the moment blog post.

& what better post to write than a Friday Favourites!

I love these posts because it’s a compilation of a ton of un-related – for the most part – shit that you have been absolutely diggin’ for the past week or more! Plus it’s a pretty straight forward thing to write, which will help keep my brain on track & allow me to get up a post on a day I thought I wouldn’t.

Favourite thing to do: If you’re looking for me in the spring and summer, I can guarantee that 99% of the time you can either find me in a park, on the beach or wandering through the busy boardwalks that are everywhere in town. Chances are I will be lost, but I’ll eventually find my way out… I love exploring during this time of year.


Favourite spring / summer outfit: There is nothing I love to wear more in the spring and summer than dresses and rompers. I love how easily they can be dressed up ( by adding some jewelry and maybe a pair of wedges ) but can also be worn casually every day, with flipflops and minimal makeup. They’re definitely my go-to this time of year. I’m pretty sure I wore either a dress or romper every day this past weekend & would’ve kept it up this week if it didn’t turn freezing and rainy.


Favourite read: I am currently in the middle of reading “Go With Your Gut” by Robyn Youkilis. It’s another feel-good, real-shit book about the GF lifestyle, feeling healthier and loving yourself more. In addition to all that, there’s also a TON of absolutely delicious looking recipes that I am dying to try. This is definitely my favourite book of RIGHT NOW, but I do have a fun post coming up in the beginning of next week that includes all of the books I read ( or re-read ) during the month of May & I’m so excited to share! Reading in general has quickly become one of my favourite things to do again, so finding a ton of good books is a must.13310491_640025312821420_5461615925894108217_n

Favourite treat: Before we went to Cuba, Daniel would surprise me with fresh flowers every so often and I grew to really love them. I’ve never really been a flower girl before ( I was all about the chocolate bars > flowers ) but now my preference has shifted. In addition to loving fresh flowers being placed all over my bedroom / house, I have been LOVING the gardens that have been popping up all over the city. The flowers are starting to bloom and although they aren’t as pretty as Cuban gardens – they are pretty close and I am enjoying them.


Some other quick lovings from this week:
Digital detoxing – I mean seriously L O V I N G.
Reading – of course, I love my 30/40 mins each night.
Drake’s new album ‘Views’ – two words: on repeat.
Starbuck’s iced coffee – they know my order, it’s embarrassing.
Taking time for ME – making a point to do this.
Photography – getting back in love with my Canon baby.
iPhone 6 – shattered 5S means an upgrade… & HOLY camera.

So that was a very extensive list of my favourites from this week but there were TOO many good ones to not share them all! What have you been loving this week? Do tell!! I will be back SO soon with even more exciting posts on fashion, BOOKS!!, adventures, mini-travel diaries, beauty, and an exciting new series that is in the works with Daniel! Get excited. Happy weekend you beauties.


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