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Happy Friday you guys!

This week has been a long one. My co-worker and I were both riding the struggle bus from Tuesday until today… Each day we came in and said “wow, it feels like Friday!” so imagine how excited we were that today was ACTUALLY FRIDAY! Yay! I have big plans for this weekend… Lots of sleep, blog time, enjoying the sunshine ( please stay sunny! ) and exercising. I can hardly wait!

Favourite quote: I’ve been recently obsessed with iamhertribe on Instagram. They have the cutest, most inspiriring, uplifting quotes on there. This was one of my favs from this week.


Favourite food: Ever since I stopped Ideal protein, I have been obsessively eating breakfast sandwiches for breakfast almost EVERY. single. day. I use a GF english muffin – Glutino are my fav!, and I put a bit of butter on them to moisten ( omg, worst word EVER ) them up, put on a heap of mashed avocado on both sides of the bun, fry an egg, and put on 2 slices of shaved turkey breast. If I’m feeling like cheating a bit, I put on a few thin slices of herb & garlic white cheddar cheese and it is the most delcious combo.

The picture that I have is super yellow, and it’s 8:00 pm so I’m not about to make a breakfast sandwich right now… although it is tempting…

Favourite beauty product: I’ve been having random breakouts lately and they are a pain in the butt. In order to diminish the breakouts, I’ve been using Lush’s ‘Grease Lightning’ every night. I used to use this a lot and then I didn’t really need it for a bit, so I forgot how much I loved it but I am back loving it and using it regularly. I see results almost immediately. I would definitely put this product in the category as being one of my “holy grail” beauty products. Love love love it.


Favourite book: I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s so great it deserves another mention because I’ve just about got it finished. ‘Breaking Vegan’ by Jordan Younger is absolutely amazing. It’s so eye-opening and honestly, it is super inspiring. I’m also obsessed with her blog, as you all know, and lately I’ve just been realizing that everything she describes is basically my life. It’s so nice to know that other people have weirdo issues with their stomachs and that they have no idea what is causing it. I mentioned before that I’m going to go see a naturopath and other doctors soon, and I’ve finally made my appointments & am honestly so excited to see what they have to say.


Favourite fitness activity: I am obsessed with running again. Sure, I suck at running right now because I am ultimately learning how to run all over again but I’m determined to run pretty much every day. My favourite route lately has been zig-zagging through different streets in my neighbourhood and eventually ending up at this lake. The view is amazing at the lake, especially early in the morning. Sometimes I just sit on the bench and stare out at the lake, listen to some music and prep for the day ahead. My run has become something that I go to bed each night, looking forward to waking up and doing. Today was actually a snowstorm ( annoying, because whattheheck it’s April 15… ) so I didn’t get to run this morning but I am excited to get a run in tomorrow at some point because it’s supposed to be super sunny and warm out!


What have been some of your favourites this week? Have a great weekend! 


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