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The other day I was at the grocery store and my mom and I were trying to find ‘red pepper flakes’ for this super delicious looking recipe that I am dyyyying to try ( coming soon if it’s a good one! ) and we couldn’t find them. We asked the girl working and she said they didn’t have them but they had ‘chilli pepper flakes’ and she was sure they were similar, but then noted that she was brand new and really had no clue. This lady who was also in the same spice aisle said to us that they were basically the same and that she actually preferred the chilli pepper flakes over the red pepper flakes because it gives it an extra little spice. The spicier the better in my world, so I got a little bag of chilli pepper flakes and we continued to talk.

This lady told us about her homemade donair recipe & jokingly invited us for dinner and my mom made a comment like ‘oh if you’re making homemade donairs then you don’t want me to bring anything’ << true because she is basically the blandest, boringest cook ever, sorry mama.

& Then the lady said that she has no choice but to make her own food or she couldn’t eat it as she suffers from celiac. She’s still new to eating gluten free ( it’s only been 1 year since her diagnosis ) and is kind of struggling a bit.

I told her that I also choose to eat gluten free and have been *mainly* gluten free for almost 5 years because of my sensitive stomach and we proceeded to talk about struggling to eat gluten free for what felt like hours. We shared tips + tricks and offered food suggestions to one another.

We were then rudely interrupted by a man asshole who hummed and hawed about how ‘gluten free’ is a joke, it’s an unnecessary choice, it’s not a ‘real’ problem, and a million other rude / unnecessary comments. He was being insanely offensive and there was no need for him to voice his opinions because a) what I eat doesn’t affect his life one way or another, and b) how can someone else feel that they should dictate what I can / can’t eat.

I’m so extremely tired of people rolling their eyes when ‘gluten free’ is said. I’m tired of people who don’t understand what it is make comments that they have no right to make.

Whether you choose to eat dairy or no dairy, be a vegan / vegetarian or a meat-eater, whether you choose to eat gluten free or not is no one else’s business but your own. Whether your choices are simply based on personal preference or on health issues are no one’s concern but your own.

Here I was, standing in the middle of a store, having a conversation with a complete stranger about our dietary choices / health issues when some asshole thought he should give us his two cents. I’m so tired of people thinking that they know everything and know what’s best for everyone simply based on their own life’s choices.

I couldn’t care less about what people eat. What you choose to eat, what lifestyle you choose to live, what dietary restrictions you choose to have or have to have, is simply your own business and nobody else’s.


I have chosen to live a mostly gluten free life because of issues with my health. I say I chose this because I could eat gluten and just live with the consequences ( sore stomach, heavily bloated, exhausted, etc. ) because I am only sensitive. I am not celiac. But that doesn’t mean that I deserve to be looked down upon for my preferences. It doesn’t mean that when I eat gluten it’s all rainbows and butterflies around here. Sometimes I do get extremely sick so I choose to stay away from it the best I can. <<<< I am a huge sucker for cookies though and I usually have 1-2 a week because #obsessed and it’s my vice. I can’t get rid of gluten totally, though for a while I was 100% GF 24/7.

Others choose to live a gluten free life because of health and dietary choices and this doesn’t mean their lifestyle should be taken any less seriously than someone who is celiac.

It’s all about our personal choices and desires. Nobody has the right to tell us how we should live our lives – what we should eat, how we should dress, what goals we should have.

It’s all up to us. So I am saying goodbye to the food police. Who gave you the right to tell me what I should eat? You don’t know my whole story & even if you did, it doesn’t give you any right to thrust your opinion / beliefs on me.


I thought that this post would tie in well with a link up! Andrea ( who I found through Shay! ) has her twice monthly link up and today is all about our favourite pins from Pinterest.

Show and Tell Tuesday 2016

I have a love / hate relationship with Pinterest. I change my boards around all the time. I used to have over 2,500 pins and I have recently downsized and made new boards and I am quickly falling back in love with Pinterest. Some of my favourite things about Pinterest are the fashion posts and the food posts.

My favourite pins lately are my dinner for cold weather ( which I change around to make them gluten free ), & my fall / winter style board, but I’m also loving my spring / summer style board because I’m so dang ready for warmer weather.

One of my very favourite things that I learned from Pinterest and that was a huge success was my DIY fairy tutu that I wore for Halloween. I blogged about it here if you’re interested. It’s SO cute… see!


I love Pinterest for quotes. That’s what my to live by board is all about. One of my all time favourites is:


Be sure to follow me on Pinterest! I’ll be pinning away lots of recipes, fashion and quotes really soon.

x, julieann


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