green maxi skirt

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OK, hi, late post… long story.

I feel like if something could go wrong today, it did. It was just ONE of those days & wow, am I glad it’s over!

Right now it’s SOO hot out, I mean like I currently have two fans on the highest speed in my bedroom, no blankets on & I’m still roasting. It’s unreal muggy and humid and I need it to be fall ASAP. I have no idea where the crisp air went, it just disappeared and I am seriously bummed!

This would be a perfect outfit to wear currently, in fact I plan on wearing a maxi skirt tomorrow. Not this particular one, but a maxi skirt FOR SURE because #airy.

And no, I won’t be wearing a jacket but you get it. Kind of. Maybe.

Maxi skirts are the b e s t.

I actually picked this one up for our Hawaiian Day at summer camp this year and never wore it / planned on returning it… but then I put it on recently and actually kind of loved it. I think the colour is perfect for fall & spring so that’s a winwin.

My favourite thing about maxi skirts are that they can be dressed up or dressed down, worn for almost ANY occasion and they’re super comfortable because 99.9% of the time they’re made with the same material as t-shrits. Which is another win.

I’m basically delirious right now… will update more tomorrow. Promise.

Lots going on & I can’t wait for it to all just be peaceful again.

I love you guys, thanks for reading!

Chat soon,

xx julieann


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