have a productive self care day

Hi hi.

A little post about something that I’m slowly but surely getting better at allowing myself to take time to do.

Self freakin’ care people.


It is one of those things that is OH so important, but sometimes hard to do.

You don’t want to give up your precious hours in a day to focus on you because maybe you feel guilty about ‘wasting time’ on yourself or maybe you just don’t know how to stop and do nothing for a while.

There are so many ways that you can have a day full of self care, BUT be productive all at the same time. There are so many things that you can do for yourself, ways what you can practice self care and do things that are good for you too.

practice self care productively

+ Workout:
Ya ya, working out is seriously going to be a theme in probably almost alllll of my tips posts but there’s nothing better than a good workout. Hey, not only is it being productive, it is practicing self care in the MOST important way in my opinion. As long as you are working on being the healthiest you, you are practicing self care. If you’re looking for a chilled out way to workout & still love yourself, try yoga or go for a nice walk outside & enjoy the scenery.

+ Face mask/peel:
Clear and fresh skin is such a blessing, but sometimes you just really don’t have the energy to put on a face mask or do a peel at night before you crawl into bed. If you take a day ( or even a few hours ) to dedicate to yourself + self care, make sure you do something for your face! It’s such a simple way to care for yourself. Even a deep cleanse is ideal.

+ Do your eyebrows:
Nothing & I mean n o t h i n g makes me feel better about myself than fresh brows but there’s basically nothing I hate more than doing my eyebrows. I refuse to go get them done because 1) OWW, & 2) why would I pay for something that I can easily do at home and have been doing myself since I was only 14? There’s so many weeks that pass by where I put off plucking and trimming and then it gets to the point that I’m like ‘OMG – I really need these done’. If I just took the time to treat myself and care for myself, I’d never get to this point where I’m like ‘holy shit’…

+ Cut & paint your nails:
I basically think that this statement makes me ‘not a girl’ but I HATE painting my nails. I always peel it off, it chips so easily and I’m basically a hand-washing freak so it always comes off a couple days after I put it on. But for those of you who like painting your nails, treating yourself to an at home mani or pedi would be a great way to self care.

+ Condition or use a mask in your hair:
My hair is one of the things that I just kind of neglect – not purposely, but just because it seriously takes a LOT of damn work. I really get bothered by how hard it is to rinse out conditioner ( just me? ), so most of the time I just use a leave-in conditioner. Once in a while though, like once a week, I like to use real conditioner and a hair mask. I feel as though it really gets my hair feeling healthy, looking alive and if I’m being real, it makes it manageable to brush out. There was a time where I didn’t even use conditioner ( leave-in or wash out! ) and my hair was fine, but it’s changed over the years & taking time to do a simple hair mask really makes me feel good.

+ Put together a delicious ( healthy ) treat:
I mean I’m not usually a huge fan of cooking or anything, but I am a huge fan of treats. And no I don’t mean chocolate chip cookies – but OMG yum, I wish. I mean trail mixes, homemade granola, muffins, you know the drill. Healthy treats. I love taking a night to put together some homemade granola for the week ahead, or throwing together some trail mix so I always have something on hand that’s quick and easy to grab & go. Not only does this give you something productive to do on a lazy afternoon, it helps you practice self care in upcoming days because instead of reaching for a cookie or fries, you have trail mix, granola or muffins on hand to satisfy that need for a treat. ++ sidenote: am I the only one that needs treats like 24/7? Eeekkk.

What are some ways that you guys practice self care?

Do you find it as hard as I do to dedicate a little bit of your time to do something for you, or are you self care pros ( tips please! ).

x JE

+++ PS: Happy Thanksgiving weekend to my fellow Canadians. Can I get an amen for this long weekend??! TGIF.


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