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Ugh, it’s December so OF COURSE I am sick.

I feel like it’s a tradition… every year around Christmastime, I get sick.

Seriously, for as far back as I can remember, it happens. I remember one year when I was in elementary school, I spent Christmas Eve sitting in the ambulance bay at the children’s hospital, with my mom and grandmother, trying to breathe in the cool, fresh air until I could see the nurse for my steroid shot.

I’ve been fighting off this bug since Friday night and I’ve actually created a nice little routine of healthy habits. I’m trying to hard to boost my immune system, rest up and feel better before the craziness of the holidays really hit.

Plus… I may or may not still need to do a bit more Christmas shopping… so immune system – get it together, plz & thx.

My immune system boosting routine lately has gone a bit like this…

Salt water gargle, chug lemon water, sip on peppermint tea, take a zinc lozenge, spray nose with salt water nasal spray & repeat. Throw in some over-the-counter meds ( which I hate, but hey, I’m not messing around. It is December 20th after all ) and some healthy foods when I actually feel like forcing myself to eat, lots of sleep, upping my vitamin routine and throat cooling spray and that’s been my life lately. #hot

/ salt water:

Gargling with salt water is probably one of the ( if not the absolute ) most repulsive things to do especially when you’re already feeling like shit, but it really truly works. Salt water helps to kill the bacteria in your bod, helps relieve a sore throat and helps to extract excess moisture. There’s disagreements when it comes to how many times a day you should gargle with salt water, but I tend to do it approximately 5-6 times a day… whenever I feel like I need to.

/ lemon water:

Obviously staying hydrated is important when you’re sick. One of my fav ways to stay hydrated is by drinking lemon water. Lemon is one of my favourite flavours and I love how potent it is. Tastebuds go all out of whack when you’re sick, but lemon is one of those flavours that you can almost always taste. Lemons are also full of vitamin C, are detoxifying and help to fight off viruses like sore throats.

/ peppermint tea:

Nothing is more rejuvenating, yet relaxing than a nice hot cup of tea. When I’m not feeling well, I tend to reach for peppermint tea because it not only helps to soothe all of the annoying symptoms of a cold, but it can settle the stomach too. I find that my stomach is usually uneasy when I’m sick because of medications, lack of appetite and from being rundown. I’ve been drinking peppermint tea like a madwoman these past few days.

/ zinc:

When I was at the pharmacy on Sunday picking up some cold and flu medications, I was talking to the pharmacist and she suggested taking zinc lozenges. She said that there have been tons of studies done on vitamin C, echinacea and zinc with regards to cold and flu viruses and she said that the results for zinc were the most reliable and prevalent. The pharmacist suggested a zinc lozenge over a zinc vitamin pill, so I’ve been taking 3-4 of these a day. At first when I took them, I felt a bit nauseous but I’m on day three and I no longer get that wave of nausea after taking one. They definitely have an acquired taste, but it’s actually kind of growing on me…

/ turmeric:

My vitamin routine is an intense one and someday I will get around to sharing it because I’m actually fascinated by vitamins. When I’m sick I like to up my intake of B12, D, C and turmeric. I make sure that I am taking the suggested daily doses in accordance to what my doctor has suggested that I take. Sometimes I find that I slack off with taking vitamins but when I’m sick I make sure I take them daily. Turmeric is one of my favourite vitamins to take because it has so many great benefits such as: an abundance of antioxidants, helps soothe aches and pains, balances moods, soothes irritated and inflamed tissues, soothes upset stomachs, relieves headaches and kills bad bacteria. I mean… what more could you want?

OK, so I’m off to chug some more lemon water, gargle, take a nice hot shower and get some rest.

Leave me any cold and flu remedies below! I’ll love you forever.

x JE


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