inner peace: five minutes to breathe

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Nowadays there is so much that we are demanded to do. Everything costs more, so we have to work more/harder. Basically every job requires schooling, so you have to attend school longer and longer. Schedules are crazy and you might be stretched so many ways that you don’t even remember to focus on yourself. Sometimes when we get busy with life, we forget to focus on our basic needs.

And this can take a toll on our inner peace and happiness.

I don’t know about you guys, but between working ( 3 jobs, seriously don’t know why I did this to myself ) and taking classes, I am pretty much almost always busy. <<<< OR I should be busy, but I procrastinate a lot.

Add in blogging for fun and being really passionate about it and wanting to constantly post new content. This all just adds in one more thing on to my plate. I really feel like I don’t have a free second to breathe.

But lately I am working on making time for me.

To focus on my breathing and in turn, focusing on me.

My inner peace.


Every chance I get I am going to the ocean. Most of the time I don’t even get out of the car ( because it’s freezing, let’s be honest ), but I drive by and I look and I use this as time to breathe and relax. When I am driving out to the beach, my mind is going a million miles a minute, thinking about what assignments I need to finish, what I need to do to make work successful, what posts I want to work on.

But when I see the ocean, I clear my thoughts and focus on breathing.

Honestly as silly as this sounds, for those few minutes that I allow myself to focus on me and just be, I really feel as though a weight lifts off my shoulders.

Sometimes it doesn’t even take the beach. I’ve been trying to lay in bed at night, with no phone, no laptop, no social media, no music, nothing, and just breathe. I try to clear my mind as much as I can and I force myself to just be. I’ve been doing this for the last little while AKA like 5 nights, but you know, AND I REALLY FEEL THAT IT’S HELPING.

<<<< side note: when I was little and I couldn’t sleep my mom always stressed to me to focus on my breathing and to really connect with your own body ( mind out of the gutter people ). She always would tell me to focus on each and every body part starting from the toes to your head. Squeeze it tight, take five deep breaths and release. Move to the next body part and work all the way up your body. I’ve been doing this occasionally and also just laying and breathing and forcing my body to get heavy. SERIOUSLY look this up and do it. It’s great. So relaxing and peaceful.

We get so obsessed with communication, staying connected, trying to jam so much in to our days, that we honestly forget to take time to breathe. But I’m back to it.

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In addition to my beach drives and quiet time before bed, I have been waking up earlier and either doing some yoga ( very badly, note the bad form in the pics EW ) or just drinking some tea and staying off of my phone, staying off of my laptop & not doing homework, and forcing myself to not think about work/school/the day/posting/friends/family/etc…

Creating time for yourself to breathe is so important. It is so important to connect and focus on yourself. <<<< yes it’s great that we’re so busy and connected with others and focusing on others and all of that stuff, but with these crazy demanding schedules and constantly feeling like we need to be there for others, we can forget about ourselves and that is so sad.

Tomorrow you should take five minutes, turn everything off, focus on your breathing, and connect with yourself. I promise you that you won’t regret it. Sure you might lose five minutes of time that you could be doing homework (<<<< BUT I KNOW you’re just going to procrastinate on social media anyway, so you might as well do something for yourself rather than be nosy #iseeyoucreepin’ ).

Or you could do it before bed and just put your phone away five minutes before you usually do. Stop falling asleep with it in your hand and disconnect before you sleep.

Let me know how you take time to focus on yourself! Hope your week is going as well as mine ( which, BTW, is going 110% better than last week, thank god ).

julieann x



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