not an introvert, or an extrovert? maybe you’re an ambivert

Hi hi! How’s it going?

SO much on my mind lately that I’m dying to dig deeper into and share & let me tell you, they’re all over the map.

A little overview of a few things coming up on the blog in the next weeks – horoscopes, moon cycles ( OMG!! ), meditation, gut health, antioxidants, oils, deodorant, turmeric, bloat… and the list goes on.

For today, we’ll keep it easy & talk personality.

Anyone out there ever feel like they don’t fit into the category of introvert, but also know that you aren’t exactly an extrovert either?

I’ve always known that I wasn’t completely an introvert because I do like to go out, talk to people, share my life with people ( duh ) and have a good time when I’m with others. BUT I definitely don’t identify as an extrovert because I am pretty reserved, can be shy and definitely do thrive off those times where I can relax, sit alone and do whatever it is that I want to by myself.

To be honest, I’d just taken it for what it was and written myself off of being either of them. I didn’t know that there was actually a category that I could really fit into.

That’s when I read about ambiverts and I realized that I was definitely one, and maybe a lot of us really are, too. There’s people that you can for sure lump into the category of introvert and extrovert, but there’s a ton of us who just fit somewhere in the middle.

An ambivert just might be what we are.

ambivert, by definition:

– a person who has the personality traits of both an introvert & an extrovert.

I mean duh?????? Isn’t that what I just said?

People who are ambiverts may seem balanced to others because of their ability to adapt to pretty much all situations that they may find themselves in.

BUT this could also be confusing – to others and to ourselves.

Having the traits of both an extrovert and an introvert can make the person feel unbalanced because of the constant fluctuations between outgoing and upbeat & shy and reserved.

Ambiverts are comfortable and OK with the situation… until they aren’t. There is no in between for an ambivert.

An ambivert can take on the role of an extrovert if presented with a situation that requires dancing shoes, cheering and nonstop talking. They can also take on the role of an introvert if presented with a situation that requires solitude, quietness and independent tasks.

This could not explain my personality more.

One minute I’m allll about being out & about, hanging out with friends, having a night out & then the next, all I want to do is curl up in my bed, read a good book and ignore my social life.

I absolutely love hanging out with my long-time friends, but I don’t mind meeting new people. I love going out and being busy, but I also crave those stay-in nights where I can be alone and do whatever I want. Sometimes I’m quiet, other times I’m loud. Sometimes I like to listen, sometimes I like to talk.

i feel like my mood is the ultimate game-changer when it comes to which personality trait i take on:

If I’m forced to pick between a night in or a night out, my mood is the ultimate decision maker.

If I’m asked whether I want to spend the day out hiking with friends or at home, creating and listening to podcasts, it totally depends on my mood which way I’m swayed.

Some people would be absolutely mortified to spend Friday nights curled up in bed at 9pm, alone, with a candle burning and the lights turned off, but I’m totally OK with that when that’s my mood.

Other times, I’m totally over the alone time and crave a night out dancing, eating and drinking with friends, coming home at 4am to crash on my bed and not even being able to remember my own name, because I’ve had such a wild night & this is the lifestyle I crave sometimes, mood dependent.

also thx Daniel for these pics, you have such an eye for everything – nature, fashion photog, you da best x

I can’t handle either situation for TOOO long though. I feel off-balanced and uneasy. I need both situations in my life – my body craves both. >>>> OK, maybe it doesn’t crave a night out that’s so wild I forget my own name, but it does crave busy-ness and social interactions.

Anyone else like this?

From one extreme to another in the matter of minutes?

It’s totally mood dependent & SITUATIONAL.

What do you guys think? Are you buying this ambivert business?

Curious as to how to find out if you’re an introvert, extrovert or an ambivert?

Pick which description fits you best.

& YES – you can only pick one

A) You find yourself drawn to people, thrive in social situations and classify yourself as energetic and outgoing.

B) You find it exhausting to be around people all the time, prefer being alone, work best independently and prefer to spend your free time doing something sheltered from others.

C) It totally depends on the day. Seriously. It depends on the day/mood/situation.

If you picked A, you’re an extrovert; B, you’re an introvert; or C, you’re an ambivert.

How are you guys spending this weekend – taking it easy and relaxing, or spending it busy and having a wild time?

What are your thoughts on introverts/extroverts/ambiverts?

Let me know!

OK – off to listen to some oldies and pray this cold goes away ( YES I’m sick again ).

x, julieann


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