IPP journey // week #1

Well hello again, my sweet friends. Look at me being all obsessed with my blog lately. I haven’t been this active so many days in a row in a long, long time. You could say I am definitely back in love with it.

It has to be the weather. It’s gorgeous. Even the rainy days don’t suck because it’s not pitch black at 4:40pm and freezing cold & snowy / icy.

Actually, maybe it’s because school is almost done. I only have 1 paper and 1 test left. Plus 4 discussion posts but ehhh those are easy peasy lemon squeezy.

No, no, it has to be because Cuba is basically a month away.

Or maybe it’s the fact I’m feeling SO MUCH better about myself.

Yes, that’s definitely what it is.

The Ideal Protein Protocol really works, people. It really freakin’ works. I have lived to tell you all about week #1, and it seriously hasn’t been too bad… most days… okay, for a while it was really touch & go… I was riding the struggle bus. But I made it.

So IPP claims that you’ll lose between 3-7 pounds a week, each week you do it. Obviously if you cheat, you won’t lose as much. If you eat beef / salmon every night ( high fats! ), you won’t lose as much. If you don’t eat enough veggies, drink enough water or have too much coffee a day, you won’t lose as much.

I was really good this past week. I’ve been around SOOOooo much chocolate ( thx Easter ) & I resisted every single time, except one day at work I took one tiny bite of a Lindor chocolate egg and then thought to myself “do you really want to waste the $96 you just spent on IPP for the week for a piece of Lindor chocolate that you don’t actually like?” and I smartened up.

I started IPP on Saturday ( last week ) and it was the second roughest day I had all week. Sunday was worse. We’ll get to that soon.

Saturday started with an IPP packaged meal, a Rice Krispie type thing and I thought I was good to go. I was stuffed. I ate around 9:30 am because I didn’t want to eat too early on my first day but then at 11:00 am HUNGER HIT ME SO HARD. I’m not talking like a little stomach growl here & there, wishing you could eat but going about your business like usual. I’m talking a full-out panic attack because I was so hungry and we were in the car on the drive home from Costco and I was sure I was going to A) pass out, B) throw up, or C) drop dead right then and there. It sounds dramatic, and we all know I’m overly dramatic sometimes, BUT I HAVE NEVER felt hunger like this before. It was awful. I was dizzy, nauseous, shaking, couldn’t even think straight. My mom said I sounded drunk because my speech was garbled. It was the weirdest thing. I came home, ate half a cucumber and an IPP packaged meal – salt and vinegar crisps – and I was stuffed again. Around 6:00 pm, I was hungry again and made a BigMac Salad ( YES THIS IS A THING, IT’S SO GOOD ) and was starving again at 7:30 pm. Thankfully I could eat a snack around 8:00 pm so that was okay & I made it through my first day without passing out or throwing up. #win

Sunday was the worst day. Absolutely awful. I didn’t think it could get much worse than Saturday, but the exhaustion I felt on Sunday was unreal. I didn’t even do anything all day. I didn’t feel the intensity of hunger that I had felt on Saturday. It was still there but I was too busy sleeping to really care that much. I napped on and off in the morning then in the afternoon, I napped for 2 hours and then slept from 8:55 pm until 9:00 am the next morning, without waking up once. My Fitbit said I was only restless for a total of 13 MINUTES OUT OF 12 HOURS… ummmm what the heck?! I’m usually restless for at least 45 minutes out of a 7-9 hour sleep. #crazytalk

Monday and Tuesday were definitely better than the first two days. I spent a lot of time at work each day so that kept me pretty busy and forced me to eat at decent times throughout the day. Keeping my mind off of food and keeping myself busy doing school work, working or blogging has really been key. I pretty much spent these two days being too busy to even think about eating or food, so it helped. #busybee

Wednesday, I was starving all day. I find on days that I don’t do much or am not as busy, I get more hungry than the busy days. Maybe this is because I’m chilled out and I can listen to my body or maybe it’s because I’m so bored that I’m pretending I’m hungry when I really just have nothing to do. On Wednesday night, I did teach 3 dance classes back-to-back and got suuuuuper dizzy and nauseous during them ( prob because you’re not supposed to be active on IPP but ya gotta do what ya gotta do #werk ).

Thursday and Friday were good days. I was finally getting into the swing of things. I think I’ve figured out when it’s best for me to eat my meals, how long I can push it between meals, ways to deal with the hunger / nausea, things to do when I’m feeling “hungry” AKA bored and have found foods that I’m actually really enjoying. I didn’t have any moments of “OMG I need to eat right NOW” on Thursday or Friday which was nice. I have figured out that tea is my BFF and have worked out a concoction of coffee, calorie-free French vanilla creamer and a dash of milk that works wonders with the exhaustion, so basically I’m in a groove and loving it. #coffeeismynewBFF

Satuday morning was the “moment of truth”. It was weigh-in day. I had such self-control all week and didn’t step on the scale. My mom has been so great and has been giving me mini peptalks all week about how it’s not about the number I lose, it’s about how I feel. Daniel has been so motivating and encouraging, re-iterating what my mom has been saying and complimenting me all the time, so that’s been super helpful. I’m not going to lie though, I was scared to step on the scale, but when I did, I couldn’t help but smile.

6.4 pounds lost in my first week. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

It really felt good. IPP is really a struggle. It’s hard as hell. It’s emotionally draining and physically exhausting. It’s a constant internal battle. It’s all about self-control and moderation. It’s about learning portion-control, healthy eating habits and finally about losing weight. It’s about finding yourself and learning to love yourself again.

The most important thing that I’ve learned from this journey so far is that I am able to do anything I set my mind to. I do not need to constantly snack. I am able to eat in moderation and control my portions. I am learning to listen to my body’s needs and wants and I couldn’t be happier.

All I know is that I’m excited for week #2 and all that it will teach me. #bringiton

Happy Easter, you beautiful souls. I hope your day is filled with time spent with loved ones, laughter and of course, chocolate bunnies and eggs, but in moderation! Think of me as you eat those crappy little tinfoil wrapped eggs that everyone says they hate, but know deep down that they love ( they are my fav, please enjoy them for me ).


graphic cred: Pinterest

++ so many new posts coming this week | also I’m working on starting to post on Instagram again… the whole “theme” thing really stressed me out, but I’m trying to let it go. I love you all lots.


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