keep the sicko germs away this fall

OK, so hi.

I don’t know about you, but the first month or two after summer is always the absolute worst for getting sick and feeling crappy.

Sitting in class, I can seriously WATCH people come down with colds and other sicko sicknesses that I really don’t want / have time for.

There’s a ton of things that can help prevent you from catching cold & flu bugs, but I mean ultimately you’re bound to get sick once in a while ( unfortunately )… no matter how hard you try to avoid it.


Some of my FAV tips and tricks to try to avoid these germs as best as I can are:

+ Wash your damn hands:
I am for real 100% a hand-washing freak and I’m OK with it. I wash my hands every single time I come in my house and people really find that weird. I don’t eat before I wash my hands and I sure as hell don’t put my hands in my mouth ( eyes, nose, ears, ANYWHERE ) if they’re dirty. And OK, to be real, I never really put them in my nose or ears anyway – who touches inside their ears??? & I hate when I see people rub their eyes in public OMG. I’m just saying, all of those places are open places which can let germs in and I am not down for that.

+ Liquids:
Drink up people! OJ, water, tea, lemon water, green smoothies. All of those drinks are such key liquids that will help your body protect from germs and fight any off, should you have any hanging around. Obviously you need to eat well too, so keeping healthy foods in your diet is key too.

+ Sleep it off:
If you’re feeling blah, take a nap, take it easy, go to bed early, sleep in if at all possible! Rest is cool. Seriously. I am queen of napping when I don’t feel well but I also like to make sure that I am protecting myself from becoming run down & ending up sick by going to sleep at a reasonable hour each night and allowing myself one or two days a week to ‘sleep in’ ( 8:30 am if I’m lucky but I don’t set an alarm! I seriously just don’t sleep in like EVER. It doesn’t happen anymore… ) and I do this regardless of how I’m feeling.

+ Shower:
Clean your body of all of the germs and yuckiness that you’ve touched all day. I cannot get into bed without showering, I just cannnnot do it & I don’t know why. I love to feel clean when I head to bed and I like to know that I’ve ‘washed the day away’. <<< this post is starting to make me sound like a psycho… promise I’m really not that psycho.

+ Change your bedding regularly:
Especially change it if you’ve felt a little under the weather! I aim to change my bedsheets and pillow cases once a week ( sometimes, I’m not gonna lie – it ends up being more like every ten days because life happens ) but I always try to get it done as often as I can. I also like to freshen up my blanket and duvet because those are constantly around my face and I just like to keep it fresh and clean.

+ Sanitize the shit out of your stuff:
OK, so I don’t know about you but I am addicted to my phone… like seriously always-in-my-hand, can’t-live-without-it addicted. I’m probably a psycho but each time I come home from work, or school, I sanitize my phone with an antibacterial wipe. I mean, I’m not one who always washes my hands when I’m at home & about to eat, and I am super bad at bringing my phone to bed, so why would I want those disgusting, sicko germs on my phone ( AKA on my hands )? Sanitizing wipes are the best.

+ Choose immune system boosting foods:
If you’re starting to feel sick, start choosing foods that will boost your immune system and help fight those germs. Foods high in vit-C ( oranges!!!! My fav sicky food ), warm & brothy foods ( chicken soup! Loosen up those germs in your bod ), dark & leafy greens ( kale or spinach smoothie, anyone? ), turmeric ( add this to e v e r y t h i n g, smoothies & soups especially ), and lots of rich fiber foods are so ideal.

+ Opt for a night in over a night out:
I mean duh… but we all had that one ( maybe two? ) time in university where we went out when we really shouldn’t have and ended up with bronchitis. Can’t be just me, right? But seriously, if I hadn’t have went out I know that my cold would’ve been gone in a couple days as opposed to turning into serious bronchitis and having me down & out for like three weeks. If you’re starting to feel sick, you really should evaluate whether you absolutely have to go out, or if you could lay low and have a Netflix & chill night.

Anything you guys do that helps you prevent sicko germs and pesky cold / flu bugs? Do I sound like a total psycho in this post? ( probably )…

julieann x


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