lace & fur x february goals // winter days

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Tunic: H&M ( similar )
Fur Vest: American Eagle
Sunglasses: American Eagle
Leggings: Costco
Boots: Just Fab
Photo Credit: Daniel Searl


Happy February! Where did January go!? Wasn’t it just Christmas? #crazy

When I die please bury me in a white top and black leggings. Seriously I feel most comfortable when I’m in black and white, I just can’t stop. It’s the perfect combo. I am almost always wearing either a white top or black leggings, most of the time both… it’s a problem. I love this lace tunic that I got from H&M. Actually I’m pretty sure when I bought it, it was originally a dress but it shrunk in the wash so that’s annoying but it’s still a cute top.

Since it’s February 1st, I thought it would be fun to share some of my personal goals for the upcoming month. At the beginning of each month, I sit down with my journal and I write out a list of vague goals for the month. I say “vague” goals but I’m not really sure that that’s the proper word. I just write down a list of overall goals, things that I want to accomplish during the month, the ways in which I want to feel during the month and the bigger things that I want to work on. Each Sunday, I also write out a list of goals that I have for specifically for the week and then the following Sunday, I go back and look at my monthly goals and the previous week’s goals and see how I’ve done. I don’t beat myself up if I don’t do everything on my list, but I do like to do this to keep myself accountable.

For February, one of my main goals is to be more spontaneous. I find that in the winter I definitely slip in to a routine and scheduled lifestyle and I find myself saying “no” more often. I also want to focus on things such as eating healthy and working out more often. These are obvious goals and I tend to have these on my monthly goals each month as I think it’s important to live a healthy lifestyle. Another goal is to read one book that is not school-related this month. I get so annoyed with reading school books and textbooks that I stop reading for fun. This month I want to try to read at least one of the books I received for Christmas and enjoy reading again. I’m also aiming to enjoy the outdoors during this month. February is usually a pretty cold month around here, filled with tons of snow but I checked the 2-week weather forecast and it’s supposed to be a pretty mild, sunny 2 weeks with NO SNOW in the forecast… one can hope winter is over already right!? ( even though I’m sure it’s barely even started… ). I do have other goals but they are more personal and I don’t want to bore you guys with a ton of more goals… I could go on all day!

Do you set monthly or weekly goals? How do you encourage yourself to stay on track, yet also stay positive and not beat yourself up if you slip up?

Have a great Februay! xx julieann

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