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So lately I’ve been feeling all sorts of pressure. Pressure from my parents, pressure from co-workers, pressure from friends, pressure from all sorts of people and places.

But mostly, pressure from myself. I am constantly pressuring myself to do more. Get another job, save more money, spend more time alone, spend more time with others, sleep more, work out more, eat better, drink more water, spend less money on food…

Pressure to look better, feel better, do more, see more, experience more.

Pressure I put on myself because of what I see around me.

Pressure I put on myself because of what I want to accomplish.

I’m all about setting personal goals and achieving them. I love to-do lists and crossing things off my list. But lately I’ve realized that I need to chill. I get so caught up in accomplishing things that I pressure myself into doing that I forget to live.

I’ve been focusing on doing some things lately to help slow myself down and to eliminate some of the unnecessary pressure that I put on myself. I can’t control how those around me pressure me, but I can control how I choose to make myself feel about the situations I’m in.


Talk to someone:

Having someone to talk to about everything that you need to do ( or feel you need to do ) and hearing a second opinion from them on how your feeling really helps. It helps you to realize that maybe some of the pressure you’re feeling is all in your head, or perhaps there’s some thing that you’re focusing on less that maybe you should focus on more. There are so many unnecessary stressors in life and we put extreme amounts of pressure on ourselves and sometimes hearing an outsider’s opinion is just what we need. Make sure you trust this person and that they know you and remember: ultimately what you do is on you, but sometimes help / advice from others can really open your eyes.

Take it one step at a time:

Don’t look at your to-do list and see a million things that you have to accomplish and the dates that they need to be done. Break it down and focus on the ones that need to be done the soonest and make sure you star the ones that will be the most time-consuming early so that you aren’t crunched for time. I like to break things down and focus on writing a certain amont of pages for a paper and planning ahead for blog posts when I know I won’t have time to write.

Stop the comparisons:

You are never going to live the same life as ANYBODY else. The 800 million things you see other people do in a day are what they prioritize. Maybe they aren’t in classes, working weird hours, maybe they don’t want to go to school. They have different priorities and they can do different things than you can because of the life they live. Focus on what YOU need to do and what you can do in the time you have and you’ll be a much better person.

Stop searching for approval:

Again, do what you need to do, do what you love. Focus on your priorities. If someone doesn’t think what you’re doing matters, who really cares. As long as it makes you happy ( and isn’t inhibiting your life, is making you a better person, is creative / important to you / healthy ) then GO FOR IT. Stop searching for approval, stop the comparisons. What other people do and think is important can be the total opposite of what you value and that is OKAY.

Focus on what is important:

If you have a paper due in a few days, maybe writing a blog post can wait. If you are going out for a night of drinking while you’re sick, instead of resting, maybe you should re-think and re-evaluate your priorities. Basically, you need to figure out what the life is that you want to live and just do it. Remember though: what’s important to you may not be what someone else thinks is important, but as long as it’s healthy and makes you happy, just do it.

Stop rushing:

I’m the worst procrastinator and I tend to rush through things because of time crunches or because I need to get a million things done at once. This creates unnecessary pressures and is totally ridiculous. If I figure out what I need to do, what is most important and plan ahead, I would be able to stop rushing everything I do and relieve a ton of pressure.

Live in the moment:

Planning ahead is something I keep stressing, as I believe that routine and schedules are ideal ( huge planner right here and I feel so much more organized and motivated when I have a set routine ) BUT I also think that it is important to live in the moment too. If you have a ton of pressures on you between work, school, personal, whatever they may be, you may become totally immersed in your schedule and forget to live. It’s okay to stray from your routines, schedules, to-do lists and goals and just be totally free and live, as long as you have everything done that absolutely needs to be done. I get that due dates for schoolwork, projects and collabs are things that you need to stick to, but sometimes that impromptu breakfast date instead of a 2-hour morning workout is just what the doctor ordered.

There’s no such thing as perfection:

Nobody is perfect. Not Kendall Jenner, not the blogger who you idolize ( and swear never has a bad day ), not even you and you never will be. There is nothing wrong with striving for perfection – this way you’ll always work your hardest and do your best on whatever it may be that you’re doing, BUT you’ll never do something and think ‘wow I couldn’t have done anything differently. That was perfect’. There’s always something you’ll wish you could change and that is OKAY because it just makes us keep working and striving to do even better than we already are.


There’s nothing wrong with learning to dance in the rain. Sometimes life throws us curveballs and we have to just go with it.

We need to stop pressuring ourselves and just LIVE.

We need to take those challenges that we encounter and face them head-on and kill them but also realize that we can only do so much.

Totally immerse yourself in everything you do, but stop the unnecessary pressures. You will never be like your favourite blogger, you’ll never strut down the runway like Kendall Jenner but you will always be YOU and you need to just kill it.

Every single day.

No matter what life thows at you. No matter how you feel.

The pressures that we put on ourselves are totally ridiculous. We get enough of it from everyone else around us. We need to be a little easier on ourselves becaue we can only do so much.

How do you deal with the unnecessary pressures that we put on ourselves each and every day? 

x, julieann

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