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OK so my obsession with lemon water has always been huuuuge but when it’s cold outside and sicknesses are going around, when it’s holiday season and there’s so many tempting treats ( that let’s be real, you’re not going to say ‘no’ to ), I double up my lemon water intake.

It’s super refreshing when you drink it cold, but it’s also nice if you need a warm drink AKA if it’s freezing where you live like it is for me! I like to drink a nice cold glass of lemon water in the AM and then throughout the day I’ll have one or two ( depending on if I’m home, what I’m doing, etc ). It’s also really nice to add some lemon to tea right before bed. Sooo relaxing!

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Some days I use real lemons, but let’s be real. Sometimes I’m waaayy to lazy to chop up a lemon, get rid of annoying seeds ( because EW ) and then squeeze the lemon, so I’ll just use 100% lemon juice from a bottle and it does the trick too.

Besides just tasting good ( I love sour things! ), there are so many benefits to drinking lemon water.

Some include:
– it’s a blood purifier
– it helps you de-bloat <<<< holiday treats!!!
– flushes out toxins in your body
– helps balance your pectin level ( colon health… slightly TMI but totally important! )
– helps balance your pH levels
– aids in curing the common cold <<<<< pour me a glass, STAT
– strengthens the liver
– helps your skin ( helps prevent wrinkles and acne! YES PLEASE )
– helps maintain eye health ( IDK about you guys, but I’m basically blind! )

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If I haven’t totally convinced you that you need to drink lemon water like all day, every day, then do some more research on it! It’s a super easy thing to add to your daily routine & diet, ESP around this time of year! Say bye to colds AND BLOAT buy drinking something tasty. <<< count me in!!

Happy Saturday guys!! Hope you have a relaxing weekend filled with Christmassy activities, tons of Christmas shopping and holiday drinks!

Chat tomorrow!!

xx julieann



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