long lost leather skirt | blogmas day 19

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I mean sometimes pictures get lost on your computer and you totally forget you even took them. Until you stumble upon them and remember.

Sometimes it’s annoying because I’ll already have a post planned out but feel like I should post the older, forgotten, lost pictures first…

Butttttt I don’t hate it when it falls on days like today.

Days where I worked a 14 hour overnight shift AKA an all-nighter for a group of 20 youth, and only slept from 8 am until noon…

Days where my mind is blank and I’m so tired that I’m not even tired anymore. <<< hate this.

So I thought ‘why the hell not?’ when I came across these pictures and thought about posting them.

I cannot believe there is less than 1 week until Christmas Day! Are you excited yet?

x julieann

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