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HI! Happy FriYAY.

Even though I am stuck in work training all day tomorrow ( & OMG! I just found out I work Sunday too! ), I’m still so thankful it’s almost technically the weekend. I am a huge fan of weekend vibes. Everyone is just always much more chill and positive – and I’m praying that everyone is full of good vibes tomorrow at training & that it flies by / we get out early. Praying for a miracle here.

Today is also my Nan’s 93rd birthday and even though I won’t be seeing her and have just found out I’ll have to miss her birthday get-together on Sunday ( BOO work ), she’s still in my heart! I think that it is so amazing that with proper health care and tons of love & care from family members, people can see past birthdays that in the olden days were simply a dream. 93. That is a lot of life lived and experiences had. She’s been through so many different times in life and it’s amazing that she is still here and able to share all that she’s experienced with us. Not only is her health in pretty good condition – minus being legally blind for the last 20 years ( that never stopped her from going to the Casino every week! Lemme tell ya! ) & just recently being diagnosed with dementia, she’s lived an extremely healthy life and it’s amazing to see. Happy Birthday, Nanabanan! I love you!

Alrighty, let’s get to some of the things that I’ve been loving lately:

This Free People desktop background:
Seriously, how CUTE!? I love the simplicity of it and I love that it’s a calendar. I always click on the calendar on my computer and get annoyed at how slow it takes to load ( new computer coming soon, thx god for my grandpa ) & I don’t use my phone calendar because it annoys me. But I can’t tell you how many times a day I wonder what # date it is or what # date is on a particular day. PLUS who doesn’t want to know when it’s a full moon… you can prepare in advance for all the crazy happenings. I love this desktop background and just so happened to stumble upon it on the second day of June – basically perfect timing. I can’t wait to use this background every month. You can find your free downloadable June calendar here.


So many cute flowers are blooming around the city and I’ve been really soaking up the beauty of them. Daniel and I went for a walk this past weekend ( when it was actually nice and we weren’t being soaked by a ridiculous amount of rain ) and visited a local park that has a ton of beautiful gardens. I’ve also been trying to practice taking pictures because I have such a nice camera but it doesn’t get a ton of use, so I thought what better way than to take some shots of the vibrant flowers.

13417485_644976348992983_5928280078974406696_njune6 13

Working on my summer bucket list:
Every year I always have a list of things that I want to do during the summer & each year I am sad at the end of summer when I don’t complete it. Between stress from work, being tired from running summer camps for 8-9 hours a day and having only evenings and weekends to jam everything in, I think I over-plan and put too many things on my summer bucket list that aren’t realistic. This year I’m working on a good one, a realistic one that I can actually check things off and I’m so excited to share it with you and work towards completing it. It’ll be up on the bloggy next week but in the meantime here are a few hints: music, relaxing, oceans, exploring and coffee.

Late spring fashion:
Okay, I don’t know if you can really consider this outfit “fashion” but I’ve been basically living in outfits similar to this one for the past few weeks. I’m really into the whole casual and cute, yet SO LAZY vibe of extremely baggy cardigans and flowy harem ( ??? ) pants. I’ve even made my mom fall in love with both of these things and she wears outfits like this to work a lot, too. I love being comfy and what better way to be comfy than wearing an outfit that basically feels like pajamas – only maybe even a bit comfier!

june6 2713342909_644976558992962_2320239586475175319_n

Buddha Leaf tea / iced teas:
When we went into the grocery store over the weekend ( when we were hunting down pretty gardens ) I saw this iced tea and it sounded good so I bought it. I later researched the brand and totally fell in love with all that they stand for. The only problem is – I can only find the tea in ONE grocery store and it’s quite out of the way from where I actually live / work so I haven’t had it again! I am going to go on the weekend and stock up though. They had a few flavours and they all sounded really good. Plus I love that you actually get TEA and not just sugary, watered down “tea”.

june6 5 june6 18

Good vibes, good people, good times:
I’m really into surrounding myself with good things and positivity lately. I mean, shouldn’t this always be #1 on our priority list? I feel like sometimes we get so caught up in stresses and worries that we forget to focus on the good things and seek positivity. If people are getting you down, friends are becoming a burden or you’re constantly doing something that puts a damper on your mood – change it up! I talk to people who are interested in the same things that I am, I have a fabulous support system and I’m all about letting the good times roll.

What I Ate Wednesday:
Okay, I don’t know if I’ve ever loved creating a post as much as I did for this past Wednesday’s post. I didn’t document what I actually ate on Wednesday ( because that would be crazy and rushed! ) but all day Tuesday I snapped pictures of what I was eating and it was super fun. I love how I had to sort of plan out what I was eating and I got to actually SIT DOWN and eat my meals instead of eating on the fly like I usually do ( because I’m a crazy person ). Usually I eat my lunch while I’m driving or I eat my breakfast on my way to go get coffee because I overslept / anticipated too little time for a workout & getting ready. My life is a crazy whirlwind 24/7 and it was super nice to take Tuesday to relax, eat good food and be creative / productive at the same time.


Reading good books:
About a week and a half ago, at the end of May, I posted about my favourite books from the month of May & let me tell you, June’s reads are even more exciting than May’s! I’ve been reading pretty much every night before I go to sleep and I read throughout the day at random times, even if I can only squeeze in a few pages. I’m so excited for June’s post – I’ve started writing some of it already. I’m two books in so far, and I’m currently reading my third and fourth. I love reading more than one book at once, because I try to pick different types of books so that I can always read something for my mood!

Refreshing walks on the beach:
Even though it’s June 10 and you’d think it would be warmer around here, it’s not and I’ve decided that instead of being negative about it, I’ll try my best to embrace it. I mean you no longer need a winter coat – can’t say the same about May, so I guess we’re making a BIT of progress! – but it’s still chilly and totally NOT dress weather. I’ve still been hitting up the beach every few days, or at least the lake, to clear my mind and refresh my headspace. I am loving this me-time, though I wouldn’t complain if my me-time included 20 degree days instead of 9 degree ones!


Okay loves, that’s all I’ve got for now! I’m running out to get some iced coffee and volunteer for the day before work. Today is one of those days where I will be eating my lunch in the car and supper on the fly at work / whenever I can possibly fit it in! I did manage to eat my breakfast at home – but only after I dropped it all over the floor and ended up laying on my back because I slipped trying to save my breakfast from ending up in a mess on the floor… I don’t think I was 100% awake while making it ha. What are you loving lately!? XO


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