lusting over lush: fall skin care routine


This looks like an excessive amount of products to use on your face… But I love each and every one of these prodcuts and I use them all basically daily, if not every second (third ) day. Some people hate washing their face and moisturizing and using facial masks and stuff like that but I love it. I find it relaxing and soothing ( judge me I don’t care haha ). I love my little face routine and I love my ten minutes a night that I get to just chill and focus on my skin. PLUS it’s going to pay off in the long run. Good skin care = good skin = no wrinkles and healthier skin when you’re older. Win win win.

I’ve found that these products work for me. I’ve tried so many products over the years, from cheap drug store stuff to more expensive salon-bought products. I used to swear by Clean & Clear and then it started messing up my skin. I used Caryl Baker stuff for the longest time until our local one closed and I was unable to get the products anymore. I’ve used Neutrogena ( hated it ) and Aveeno ( wanted to love it but it hated me! ) and so many other products. But now that I’ve tried Lush, I swear by their products… The smell, the feel, the quality, what it’s done to my skin, even the packaging – everything is just so nice.


Every night I use my Rimmel eye makeup remover to take off my mascara and then I follow up with Bioderma micellar water to remove my makeup. On lazy nights ( which is literally MAYBE once a year, I’m telling you people, I love washing my face ) I’ll stop after these two steps and go to bed. My makeup is removed and my face feels cleansed… But this doesn’t happen often.

Next I’ll slather Ultrabland from Lush all over my face. I love this stuff. I was having a really bad time with my skin ( it still isn’t perfect, if you have perfect skin I envy you. Adult acne is no joke ) and I went in to Lush and talked to this girl that works there. <<<< side note: she has the sickest dreads and tattoos and she is always so peppy and happy to help you, it’s great and I take everything she recommends and do it. She’s become my personal face care specialist, no joke… Hand care, foot care, bath bomb consultant too ( ++ but we’ll get to that in another post ). She recommended  to me that I try Ultrabland for 4-6 weeks and use nothing else, besides a makeup remover if needed, and see how my skin turned out. I did this in the summer and it was like a miracle worker. She then said after the 4-6 weeks to go back in to her, if it didn’t work, but if it did to add in my other face products and continue as I always had been. Ultrabland has so many key ingredients in it including beeswax, honey, almond oil, rose water and fresh iris extract, that work to really give your face a deep cleanse and also moisturize it. I’m obsessed with keeping my face moisturized though, so I use another moisturizer on top.

To get rid of the cleanser, I will use a wet face cloth and then scrub my face with Lush’s Ocean Salt ( I’ve used Ocean Salt for 2-3 years now, OBSESSED ). This is what the girl at Lush told me to do and I love it. The really moisturized feel from Ultrabland mixed with the intense scrub from Ocean Salt feels so good on your face. I use Ocean Salt every day ( Lush girl with the sick dreads told me I could, even though most people only use it every few days or once a week. She does it every day, so I do it every day #sheisGod ). I do these 2 steps in the shower every night. I leave Ultrabland on until the very last minute of my shower then scrub it off and get out and move on to my next step in my skin care routine.


Every night I use the Origins GinZing eye cream. I got this as a Christmas present from my parents one year in the Sephora favourites box and it’s been a serious favourite ever since. Some people may not use eye creams in their 20’s but I’m all about prevention. I don’t want any eye wrinkles when I’m older so if taking 2 seconds out of my night to put on eye cream will help that, I’m all for it. Plus under my eyes gets dry too from using concealer and cleansing the area ( super sensitive ). I have tried Lush’s eye cream before too, and my mom swears by it. I just prefer the smell of the Origins one… I didn’t notice any difference in the two products. Just the scent.

I use Imperialis as my facial moisturizer. Again, prevention. Anything I can do to prevent wrinkles and bad skin in the future, I’ll do it now. I love the feel of this moisturizer AND a little goes a long way. It’s a pretty expensive moisturizer but you don’t need much to really feel your skin softening. I apply it right after the shower, when my face is still a little damp ( tip from the girl at Lush of course ) and it really sinks in your skin. I also rub some on my neck and my chest – PREVENTION people, I’m all for it. Blame my mom for this one! She used to stress to me that if I didn’t moisturize my neck I’d look like a turkey, and turkeys ain’t cute… I use it on my ears too ( weird right ) but they get dry too in the colder weather and in the summer if they get a little bit too much sun.


These three products are a use every second day to third, or whenever I need them type of products. I love love love Mask of Magnaminty. I love the smell and I love what it does to my skin. It really draws out any pimples that you may have, like it really draws them out. Your face looks so bad for a couple hours after you use this product but the difference it makes is hugeeee. I find that it’s really drying and it makes my skin really tight so after I remove my mask I spray my face with the Eau Roma Water. This toner water just refreshes your face and gives your face that dampness that is great to then apply your moisturizer on top of. <<<< I usually use a face mask 2-4 times a week, depending on how bad my skin is / how much time I have free to sit and let it dry.

If I have a breakout I will apply Grease Lightning right on it and let it dry. I don’t know how this product works but tea tree oil on breakouts is a miracle worker ( ya I’m overusing this but seriously, I love face products and it’s amazing how they work ). It helps dry out the breakout and it just sorta disappears. Sometimes if it’s bad, I’ll apply it a couple times a day and it’ll go down a lot. <<< I only apply this when I’m staying home because I find it dries in a white crusty mess, gross I know, but breakouts are grosser ( is that even a word?? ).

So this may seem excessive but I really only have to take time to moisturize. Face masks are a couple times a week thing and breakout creams are only a once in a while thing. I make sure that I apply my facial cleanser before my shower and then I don’t have to think about doing anything until I’m about to get out of the shower AKA remove it. I’m sure there’s a way less complicated way to cleanse and moisturize my face but like I said I find this soothing. I love taking this time for me and focusing on my skin and taking care of it for the future.

I’m definitely down to experiment more with my skin care products and I want to try to limit the number of products I use eventually but I am loving what they all do for my face right now. I’m defff interested in trying coconut oil… It’s great for everything else I’ve used it for ( ++ post to come soon! ) and I am interested in seeing what it does to my face.

Wowwww this was a long post, I’ll be surprised if you made it this far! I’m so obsessed with skin care it’s one of my favourite things to talk about. <<<< as if you couldn’t tell from this post. What are your skin care secrets or favourite products?! Let me know!

Happy almost humpday ( which means it’s almost TGIT, so it’s basically almost Friday right? ) A girl can dream!

julieann xx

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