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Hello loves, happy Monday.

Today is a chilly, rainy, yucky day that just adds to the Monday feeling. I really just wanted to curl up in bed when I woke up this morning and not face the day but I knew I’d feel so much better after I got up & got to it. And I was right. Halfway through my bike ride ( obviously inside, because let me tell ya IT’S POURING around here ), I felt so awake and energized, and ready to take on the day / week. Mind you I may or may not be on my third cup of tea but that’s alright.

Tea is healthy, working out is healthy, Monday is healthy.

This weekend was jampacked full of lots of things – new and old – and I loved every minute of it. Lately I’ve been working a lot on self-love, chilling out and de-stressing, because anxiety is really getting to me and I don’t want to let it get me down anymore.

I have a huge collaborative amount of things that I want to share today because they are just too good and they need to be in your life on this Monday.

My love affair with mantras. Mantras are these super cool sentences ( or words ) that you repeat to yourself whenever you need to. Some people choose to do it during meditation, while doing yoga, on a run, when getting ready for the day, when winding down for the night or if you’re like me, you do it during all of the above & MORE.

I love to pick one thing a day to focus on, zone in on it and drown myself in it – in a good way. Lately I’ve been focusing on de-stressing, like I said. One of my favourite mantras has been “today is perfect, you are perfect, life is perfect”. I repeat this over and over in my head, I have texted it to myself and I have it written in my journal and planner. And sidenote: I don’t mean perfect in the sense that nothing is ever wrong, I never mess up or the day never sucks. I just mean that there are perfect moments in every day, you just need to seek them. Some days you might need to look harder, but they are always there.

For instance – today is rainy like I’ve said, I burnt my tongue on my first cup of tea so I basically can’t taste anything now, work is going to be nutso because the kiddos are going to have been inside ALL day, and I really want to eat a panini but I know I can’t without facing the wrath of the “digestive tract terrors” ( AKA food sensitivities – but “digestive tract terrors” is apparently what I call them when I am loopy on Ativan and ranting to my mom about how much I wanted a nanaimo bar but knew it would upset my belly ).

BUT Daniel and I are on a little coffee shop date, getting some work done… LOVE doing this, I had a rocky road square which doesn’t upset my belly and I found my Lululemon jacket that I thought I had lost. I also have mastered putting on lipliner and lipstick, my hair is straightened for once and we’re engaging in Taco Tuesday on a Monday because why the hell not?

See – perfect moments, even though overall the day seems like it’s nothing special or out of the ordinary.


I have also been having a love affair with matcha. I have always loved green tea for as long as I can remember, but my mom introduced me to matcha a little while ago & I am fully obsessed. Matcha was something that I read about on numerous blogs, Google searches and Instagram posts but I just never really paid much attention to it until my mom purchased some from the health food store and made me try it. Like ummmm it’s so good.

It really does taste just like green tea ( duh, because it is ) but it has so many more benefits than just a cuppa regular ol’ green tea. This source states that ONE cup of matcha is equivalent to TEN cups of regular green tea in terms of nutritional content, it has 137 more antioxidants – you want this!! – than green tea and when drinking matcha as opposed to green tea, you ingest the whole tea leaf thus receiving the full nutritional and health benefits of the leaf.

Also according to the same source, matcha:
– enhances the mood & aids in concentration ( KEY! )
– calms the mind & relaxes the body ( do I have your attention yet?? )
– detoxifies the body effectively and naturally ( HELLOOO! )
– boosts metabolism & burns calories ( I know you’re interested now… )

Basically, matcha is the greatest. It’s loose powder, so it’s kind of a weird sensation because like where’s the tea bag??? But it’s so delicious and you need to try it like, yesterday.

13327635_641519736005311_3871375297673339266_n++ ignore the fact that there’s clearly a tea bag in my mug, I was enjoying an afternoon cup of lemon ginger herbal tea .. I may not have had matcha yesterday afternoon, BUT you betcha I had it in the morning, and today… and I’ll have it tomorrow and the day after that, etc.

Makeup is something that’s so superficial but I enjoy it. I really don’t have a job that requires me to look put together, or attend events that are formal but makeup has always been fun for me even if I don’t wear it often. I had an IOU from my parents and my aunt for makeup as a birthday present and this weekend I cashed in.

Sephora and MAC might as well take all of my money because I want everything. I splurged and finally bought things that I had always been lusting after ( Beauty Blender – I’m talking to you & I LOVE you!! ), picked up some oldies but goodies ( Laura Mercier foundation primer and Anastasia brow pencil ) & I also picked up some new products but similar to products I’ve had before and love ( ie: new shades but same brand ).

I’ve had so much fun trying out these products and I am seriously in love with them all. I even did my makeup this morning – something I NEVER do, because I’m just going to work but it was so fun. Can’t say I’ll be making this a habit – but maybe it’ll be something I do on blah days to perk me up.


Creating memories is so important. Sure, it’s fun to curl up on the couch and watch Netflix for the whole weekend but it is even more fun to go out and do something with someone that you love and create a memory together.

I may speak for myself ( but I’m pretty sure that I speak for Daniel too… )… I seriously LOVE the beach. Even when it’s not hot and sunny outside, I am still drawn to the beach and love to check it out for even a few minutes. It’s such a blessing to live a ~10 minute drive from 3 different beaches and to have the chance to go to them basically whenever we want.

Yesterday we went to the beach for maybe 15 minutes. It got really chilly and windy, you could really feel the storm brewing, and neither of us were prepared for the sudden weather change. We went for a quick walk, took some pictures, I braved the water ( SO cold ) and we saw a man who went swimming in a Speedo. Yes. A speedo-wearing, ocean-swimming, old man who definitely had to be crazy. I mean who else would do that in the end of May on the east coast!?

13267736_641521142671837_5083601942307614722_n 13310440_641520702671881_1356870045320822072_n 13335543_641520946005190_8008708392240461114_n 13344506_641521109338507_9201171144098430377_n 13344734_641521036005181_7392404240134477073_n 13346983_641520819338536_6783469990907493949_n

Finally, much love for my person. Whether he’s taking 200 blog pictures for me in one afternoon, putting up with my constant craving for ice cream even though he hates it, texting me back after I text him an “SOS” for something super small or talking me off a ledge when I am just about to turn into a crazy person because of stress or worry, Daniel is always there for me and I can’t thank him enough.

Yesterday my brother took some pictures of us and Daniel kept saying “I really like to be behind the camera, instead of getting my picture taken you know” but he did it. He took pictures with me. He came to one coffee shop with me this morning, and fed me s’mores trail mix while I was driving, and will come to the next coffee shop with me. He always lets me steal a french fry ( or 10 ) when I have a moment and order a salad instead of fries.

Even though there’s ups and downs, I’m so incredibly thankful to get to do this crazy ride called life with him.

13312754_641520569338561_6831389658505656180_n (1) 13315362_641520402671911_3876163601547279284_n

Here’s to a hopefully less rainy week ahead and lots of self-love and matcha. XO


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