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Hi guys!

Happy TGIT! Woooo, one day from Friday! I don’t really know why I’m excited – everyday for the past two weeks has been a weekend for me, but I still get excited for Friday.

Quick little post today – this outfit is a little throwback to the weekend. I was absolutely frozen BUT I was still feeling like being a bit summery. I threw on my trusty black maxi dress and wore a cropped sweater over top which gave it a chilled vibe but kept me toasty!

I wore this black maxi dress quite a bit this spring and summer & it’s a perfect transitional piece into the fall too. I love pairing dresses and skirts with chunky knit sweaters and this grey cropped sweater is the perfect match with this plain black maxi. I love the lace detail that is on the bottom of this sweater, I think it’s really cute & ties it all together.

I’ll be back tomorrow to share my sunflower garden pictures!

Chat then,

x julieann


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