may was a time for resting, relaxing and reading


Whewwww! May has come & gone for another year. I’ve always loved the month of May because the sun starts shining, the weather starts warming up, the days get longer, it’s vacation time, the grass gets greener and I allow myself to start chilling out for the summer. The fall and winter are obviously crazy-time with school and work responsibilities but everything starts winding down in late April, early May and I get a ton more me-time and I do NOT complain!

In the beginning of May, I was in Cuba and I really relaxed, soaked it all in and read. I mean seriously, all I did for seven hours a day was lay by the pool, read, go for a quick dip to cool off, come back out and read more. During my six-day trip, I read three books and loved them all. Then I came home and read a few more. I mean I really cherished my before bed reading time this month and I plan to make this a habit come June, too.

The first book I read was Girl in the Dark. This was such a good read, like I could not stop. Each page got better and better, each chapter was more and more enthralling. This book is a dark and captivating story about a single mother of a young boy who is a handful, to say the least. While her mother is away for a spa weekend, the young woman uncovers deep, dark, hidden family secrets that her mother has kept from her for years. She ends up confronting her mother, uncovering even more secrets from the past and changing her life. It’s such a good read if you like thrilling, crime-laden, heartbreaking ( yet heartwarming at times ) stories.

After that, I moved on to a lighter read. I read Aim True & totally fell in love. I don’t say “lighter” read in the sense that this book is fluff, it was just a lot less heavy than the previous book. Aim True still makes you think – it makes you think a lot about the way that you’re living, give you tips & tricks as to how you can change so many aspects of your life for the better and has fun recipes and yoga moves. I keep going back to this book and I have so many pages bookmarked. It’s basically my bible now.

In the airport, I started Gluten is my Bitch and couldn’t stop laughing, nodding my head in agreement ( at how true everything was that she kept saying ) and reading so many paragraphs outloud to Daniel – I’m sure he was getting annoyed. Seriously. This book is such a feel-good, yet down & dirty read about how living life as a gluten sensitive/celiac person is. Like it really, really sucks. But yet, the author totally makes it funny and uplifting. Plus she provides so many hilarious tips & tricks, insider experiences and recipes for readers that I really fell in love with this book and will defintiely re-read it / force my mom to read it.

I also re-read The Last Song ( because I love this book and my DVD smashed / I’m still the only person in the world without Netflix, so I can’t watch it over and over again, thus I resort to re-reading it time & time again… ) and Breaking Vegan ( for the third time…….. I’m obsessed, I can’t help it! ). I love The Last Song. I’m really not a fan of Nicholas Sparks – shoot me, I’m sorry, but The Last Song is the cutest love story. I love how the father / daughter relationship is incorporated, and I love the love story as well. Breaking Vegan is my favourite memoir ever. Jordan is such a great writer and her story is inspiring – as I’ve said before. I keep this book by my bed and flip open to a chapter and just read whenever I am unwinding.

Lastly, I read The Glam Guide. I’ve watched Fleur’s YouTube channel for the longest time now ( like 6+ years ) and this book was super cute. It was her through and through. It wasn’t a hard read or time-consuming – I read it in one night! But it was definitely a good read. She provides a ton of tips & tricks for ALL corners of life, from beauty and fashion to blogging and keeping relationships fun and happy. It was really just a feel-good read and the colours and design of the book were super aesthetically pleasing – think tons of soft colours, pretty designs and gorgeous photography – YES.


In addition to the six books I read, I also read a ton of good blog posts, I mean are we surprised? Reading blogs in the morning, while I eat my peanut butter granola for breakfast is pretty much my favourite thing to do. Some of my favourite reads this month were:

>> Finding Your Footing Post Grad via The Haute Mess – being a girl boss in all aspects of your life ROCKS, plus this says it’s okay to not know WTF you’re doing with your life ( this still applies to me, a year out of being a “post grad”… how long can you consider yourself a “post grad” before you’re just a “bum”? )…
Yoga // The Longest Standing Relationship In My Life via The Balanced BlondeSO inspiring, I’ve started doing yoga again every couple days in the morning & I am loving it…
>> Another Year!!! via The Skinny Confidential – I mean not only are Lauryn & I almost birthday twins, she compiled a list of things she learned in the past year & it’s pretty similar to my list of things I learned in the last 23 years of my life… relax & unwind, surrounding yourself with good people / good shit / good vibes, and reflecting, reading and meditating ( we’re basically twins in general, just sayin’ )…
>> Just Splendid via Cara Loren – Cara’s blog is always so full of beautiful fashion photography & kickass outfits but I love love love when she writes a quick post, like this one. This post was real and seemed to come from the heart ( even if it was sponsored, love when bloggers do this ) and really resonated with me. I love how her and her hubby are encouraging their young boys to really appreciate every moment and they’re so focused on making memories together & focusing on the good things in life.

& just for fun, some of my favourite posts that I wrote this month ( and re-read a million times before publishing because sometimes I get super stressed about hitting “publish”… ):
>> Birthday Weekend Love – seriously, LOVED my birthday weekend & I love my people more than they’ll ever know…
>> 23 Things I’ve Learned In 23 Years – as I said above, it was really fun to think back on all of the “lessons” and things that I’ve learned throughout my 23 years here. Some thing’s have been more superficial than others, some have crushed me and others have really built me up & so far, it’s been a fun ride!
>> Cuban Relaxation – I loved Cuba and I really benefitted from the R&R I got on this trip.

There you have it! A huge list of my favourite reads ( and writes! ) from May – paper & digital. Did you read any good books or blogs this month? Do share! 



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