must-have fall fashion basics

There’s nothing more fun than clothes ( and accessory ) shopping for the upcoming season.

& lately I’ve been taking fall shopping to the e x t r e m e.

There are way too many cute things that I need want and I cannot be stopped.

These are the items that I think any girl needs in her closet for the fall – the ten staple pieces ( in my mind ). Of course, there are so many more fun things that you can incorporate into your wardrobe this fall ( we’ll get to those later ), but these are the basics.

01 | A chic black wallet / purse

I love a bright coral purse as much as the next basic girl, but for fall and winter I like to switch it up to darker colours for my accessories. You can never go wrong with black so that’s what I typically stick with. It’s always fun to treat yourself to new wallets and purses ( even though sometimes shopping for them can be the most frustrating task! ).

02 | Oversized chunky knit sweaters

Nothing is better than curling up in an oversized chunky knit sweater on a cool fall night. They’re such good layering pieces too – pairing a knit sweater under a denim jacket or a leather jacket or even over the top of a dress / skirt is super cute for fall.

03 | White sneakers

Another fun staple for your fall ‘outwear’ – white sneakers. Sneakers always felt like a spring / summer thing to me, but last year I fell in love with the sneaker and dress or skirt look, and sneakers also look SO cute paired with flannels and leggings. They make any outfit look casual and laidback and that’s definitely the look I go for nine out of ten times in the fall.

04 | Black skirts

You can never go wrong with a black skirt in fall. Pairing it with bare legs on warmer fall days or over sheer tights OR chunky knit socks with booties on cooler days is super cute, too. Like I said above, being laidback is my go-to in fall so I’ll definitely be pairing my black skirt with sneakers and an oversized denim jacket this season.

05 | Chambray shirts

S t a p l e piece for basically every season, am I right? Another great layering piece, or an accent piece. Tying chambray shirts around my waist is something I tend to do a lot in fall because you have something to throw on if it gets chilly out, or you can simply use it as an accessory if it’s warm enough.

06| Fall t-shirts

It’s still pretty warm around here in the beginning of fall, so I tend to wear a lot of t-shirts or 3/4 length shirts for a while but I think it’s important to swap out the bright colours for darker shades. I am not ready to let go of the off the shoulder trend that was so popular this summer, so I may or may not have already picked up a few options but in darker, more fall colours to wear this season.

07 | Ripped skinny jeans

Again, another staple for any season ( except maybe winter, that can get a little too cold! ). I think it’s always nice to treat yourself to a new pair of jeans every season or two though, because they can get overly worn and it’s always nice to freshen up. I’m really crushing on the ‘girlfriend’ style jeans too… a little ode to the boyfriend jeans, but less loose fitting and still so cute!

08 | Floppy hats

Floppy hats can seriously MAKE an outfit. They just have a way of tying it all together in such a chic way & I am a huge fan. To be honest, I have no idea how anyone wears floppy hats in the summer because it gets way too hot, but in the fall I tend to reach for them a lot and I know I’ll get a ton of wear out of them this season. I picked up an olive green one recently ( on total sale from F21! ) and I’m so excited to find outfits that it completes.

09 | Black booties

There’s absolutely nothing that you can’t pair black booties with. Jeans, skirts, dresses… absolutely everything. I tend to gravitate towards my black booties the most out of all of my shoes in the fall because they’re just so easy to wear no matter the outfit. I like to have a little bit of a chunky wide heel for every day wear, but it’s nice to always have a spikier heeled pair on hand for nights out or more fancy occasions.

10 | T-shirt dresses

I loved them in the spring and summer, and I’m still loving them for fall. As with what I said about t-shirts for fall – I like to pick up t-shirt dresses in darker, more fall colours and even with longer sleeves for this season. I think these are fun to pair with tights, leather jackets and booties or sneakers and denim jackets. They’re easy to dress up or down & t-shirt dresses are most definitely a must-have for fall.

A few other fall fashion basics that I have in my wardrobe this season are: double buckle belts ( OMG I die ), chokers ( especially a fan of thin black velvet / leather ones ), black leather jackets ( duh ) and flannels ( but that’s a given ).

What are you guys crushing on for fall? Anything that I’ve missed?

I’m off to enjoy the crisp air on my back deck and chat with Daniel about his new purchase – OMG.

He bought an Olympus camera today… SO excited for him.

After M A J O R panic about the money he was spending.

julieann x


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