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I’m a hugeeee blog junkie. I admit that I often spend time reading blogs or writing posts when I’m supposed to be doing homework. I often start my morning reading my favourite three blogs and throughout the day I check in on about 12 others ( no exaggeration, I’m seriously obsessed with SO many bloggers ) and I also end up clicking through to more & more blogs and they just consume my time.

The other day I was reading one of my go-to blogs >> The Balanced Blonde, if you’re wondering << and she had written a post on what her perfect day looks like and I fell in love with it.

I feel like a lot of the time we envision our perfect days as something totally ‘out of this world’ amazing, like waking up in Paris and shopping until we drop, or waking up in NYC and magically being a Broadway star. Obviously both of those would be amazingly perfect but they are totally unrealistic ( unless you’re a millionaire or your dancing / singing skills are already amaze then these days are more realistically achievable for you ).

But I feel like we get so caught up in materialistic things and a sort of unattainable perfection that is realistically unachievable for us that we forget that each day we have is perfect.

Obviously we can have bad days, days that we are sad, days that we are anxious, worried or angry, but each day that we wake up and are blessed with the chance to live another 24 hours, our day is already perfect.

Ideally my perfect day wouldn’t include things like work, schoolwork, rainy weather, cold weather, bad moods or having to get gas ( I seriously HATE getting gas haha ). But even on days when I have to do any of these things, plus a load of other things that I am not a huge fan of, I try to appreciate the good parts of the day. I try to take each day in chunks and find the perfect moments.


In a perfect world, my perfect day would pan out a little something like this:

I’d wake up in the morning, not too early but not too late, probably around 8 and get up and go for a run outside. I imagine my perfect day being in the summer time, let’s say mid-July because that’s when we finally start having decently warm weather around here. When I get home from my run, I’d work out and then follow up with a breakfast of fresh orange juice and an egg scramble with spinach, kale, herb & garlic cheese and peppers, topped with hot sauce.

After my breakfast, I’d get dressed in ripped cut-off denim shorts, a white top and brown strappy sandals ( my staple summer outfit ) and head out to pick up Daniel. We’d then stop at either Starbucks and get a drink ( grande iced caramel macchiatto for me and probably just a coffee for Daniel since they won’t have PSL’s and I know that drink would make his day perfect ) or we’d stop at Second Cup and get frozen hot chocolates with extra whipped cream because YUM.


For this particular perfect day, we’d go and do some summery things after getting our drinks. We’d either drive to the beach ( with the windows down and music blasting ) and take some pictures, or we’d go on an adventure somewhere outdoorsy and take pictures and chat.

We would bring a nice lunch, probably smoothies or a salad and then eat that while adventuring. Later in the afternoon we’d head home for dinner. I think the perfect day would include a dinner with either friends or family. I’m thinking BBQ food with yummy potato salad and fresh veggies.


To end the perfect day, we would definitely go pick up Daniel’s pug ( AKA the cutest puppy in the WORLD ) and take him on an evening walk on the boardwalk.

I’d finally end up in bed, reading a really good book, editing pictures or watching One Tree Hill on tv.

This would seriously be the perfect day and honestly I think it is so attainable. There is nothing absolutely crazy to this day, it’s basically just a normal summer day. To be honest, I am pretty sure that I’ve lived out this perfect day a million times each summer.

Some days vary a bit but honestly, all of these activities occur a lot in the summer and it makes me so happy.

Being outside, enjoying the sunshine, going on a walk, eating healthy food and spending time with people I love seriously makes for a perfect day.

IMG_6748 IMG_6829

What would make your day perfect? 


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