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Although compiling a ton of information and getting down and writing a long blog post is one of my absolute favourite things to do, I think it’s also fun to get to know people. So today as I sit out on the patio at Starbucks and sip my favourite drink of the moment ( caramel iced coffee with skim milk YUM ), I thought it would be fun to play this quick blog game “Name Your Favourite”! >>>> Sidenote: when I actually published this, it was a dreary rainy evening & I’m very reminiscent of this perfect sunny patio day at Starbucks. Sun, where are you?!

I would totally love if you participated, too. It’s so fun to answer basic questions and see what different people prefer!

Place: Boston holds a special place in my heart, but I will always LOVE the south shore of Nova Scotia. Summerville Centre, Beach Meadows and Liverpool have always been my “home(s) away from home” every summer since I was a baby. The ocean is RIGHT there, the smell is amazing, the carefree way of life and the fact that my family is always together on the south shore are all of my favourite things.


Person: I’m going to have to be totally cliché here and say my mama. I mean OF COURSE, I love all of my friends and family, but if I had to pick one person I’d choose my mom. She’s so selfless, caring, kind, patient ( most times! ) and just all-around the most amazing person I know. She knows absolutely everything about me, she never judges me – too much ; ) and she will be there for anyone no matter what. I strive to be like her each and every day. She inspires me and encourages me, she brings me up when I’m down and can talk me off a ledge when I am desperately in need some sensible guidance. She’s always trying to do better, do more, do all she can for anyone, do the most in every situation and just in general – BE a better version of herself and there’s something so inspiring about that. Not only is she all of these things, she’s also my favourite person to watch TV with ( even though she asks a million & one questions ), my coffee drinking, partner-in-crime and the best shopping partner. I mean, what more could you ask for?

Colour: 100% green, hands down. Always been my overall favourite. Another favourite LATELY has been yellow though, totally diggin’ it. My favourite colours to wear though, are of course – black, white and grey. Total snore fest.

Food: A super garlicky and bacon-filled Caesar salad, a green smoothie with lots of kale, peanut butter granola and avocados. Eggs, too. Lots of Eggs.

Smell: Lavendar and vanilla, esp when mixed together!

Book: My favourite book of ALL-time would have to be Street Pharm. I read it when I was in grade seven and I re-read it over & over and to this day, I still read it. I really don’t know why I love it, but I find it inspiring and heartwrenching in all the right ways. I also love Before I Fall. There’s something so magical and eye-opening about the way in which the author wrote this book. I am also newly obsessed with Girl in the Dark – it was SO so good.

Movie: Wanderlust, ATL and The Last Song.


Music Artist: Always have been & always will be a huge Shania Twain fan… But lately, I’ve been loving Drake, Fetty Wap ( omg Daniel, please don’t kill me ) and Missy Elliott, of course.

Genre of music: I mean one would assume hip hop or something like that, BUT I’ve always been a huge pop music fan. The more cheesy, the better. I get super obsessed with songs that the radio overplays and then drive everyone crazy when I have them on repeat on my Apple Music.

Genre of literature: Health, wellness, lifestyle, young adult, fiction, nonfiction, memoirs… all of them. Plus I’m a huge sucker for fairytales still. They’re so peaceful and magical.

Magazine: I honestly don’t really read magazines anymore. I find that with my obsession in blog-reading, I don’t really find anything NEW in magazines that I can’t find online. Plus there are WAY too many adverts in magazines and it drives me crazy at how much money you spend on a magazine in comparison to how much GOOD content you actually get out of it.

Texture: I am obsessed with anything that is fuzzy and fleecy – but it has to be new fuzzy fleece. I hate when fuzzy or fleecy things get harder and over-washed / over-used… that texture makes me cringe! I also loveeee silky things, as long as my hands aren’t dry!

Time of day: First thing in the morning.

Day of the week: Thursday – always has been! I’m a #TGIT girl at heart.

Blog: I loveee The Balanced Blonde and The Skinny Confidential for all things health / wellness / fitness / lifestyle / etc., and I LOVE Cara Loren and Barefoot Blonde for all things fashion. Aspyn Ovard has the most gorgeous travel pics ( so do Amber and Cara though! ), The Haute Mess and Lauren Conrad are quick, easy reads that cover every topic imaginable and I love The Western Wild, too.

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Thing to do when bored: Writing, going for a walk or a drive and I tend to always turn on re-runs of old basketball games and watch those – far too often.

Celebrity: Blake Lively or Jessica Alba & Chrissy Teigan.

Drink: Tea! But I also love iced coffee, ice water is a classic fav, and also I LOVE chocolate milkshakes for a treat.

Precious stone: Diamond.

Animal: There are so many animals that I love! I am obsessed with bunnies, like I would KILL to own one but they smell so bad… and puppies are so freakin’ cute, tigers, monkeys, penguins and elephants. Also – giraffes. Giraffes are probably my #1 favourite, if I have to just pick one.

Flower: Sunflowers, daisies and light pink roses.

Boy’s name: Josiah.

Girl’s name: Audrie.

Ice cream flavor: Chocolate chip cookie dough, mint chip and just plain ol’ vanilla if I’m feeling boring.

Season: Summer all the way.

Time in history: Ouuuu this is a fun question! The 70’s and 80’s seriously looked like SUCH a fun time. I’m a huge fan of big hair, like seriously the bigger the better – but obviously that’s not the style in 2016… so maybe the 80’s simply for the hair and the fashion. Or the roaring 20’s because again, the fashion was AMAZING.

Font: Anything plain and straight forward. I’m partial to fonts like Arial, Times New Roman and Tahoma because they are extremely plain and easy to read. Sometimes I like to switch it up to other fonts but they still need to be basic and easy to read – no script-like fonts or curly cursive writing. I’m also NOT a fan of typewriter looking font, it’s just not cute IMO.

TV show: Oh my gosh, I am so not a good person to ask this question. I’m a serious TV junkie – like I LOVE it all and I love it all too much. Some… & I mean, SOME of my favourites include Pretty Little Liars, Chicago PD, Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, Criminal Minds, CSI ( miss it, but still love repeats ), First 48, Nightwatch, Orange is the New Black, The Bachelor / Bachelorette, Baby Daddy, Boy Meets World… OMG so many more but I would be here all night.

Play: Ummmm to be honest – I’ve never seen any fancy plays. I mean I’ve seen some local renditions of plays and school plays, but none have been stand-out enough to say I have a “favourite”…

Fruit: Strawberries, watermelon, pineapple, honeydew, green grapes, oranges, and nectarines.

Vegetable: Cucumber, green & yellow pepper, brussel sprouts, kale, carrots, tomatoes ( have we ever figured out if these are fruits or veggies? ), and broccoli.

Store/shop: American Eagle, Forever 21, H&M ( !!! ), Hollister, PINK, Lululemon, Brandy Melville, Garage & Dynamite.

Article of clothing you own: Nike leggings and all of my rompers.

Fashion/style: I love the boho look, athletic, basically anything comfy and cute & I’m all for it.

Workout: Yoga.

Quote: “Nothing is impossible; even the word itself says ‘I’m possible'” – Audrey Hepburn.

Historical figure: Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

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Month of the year: May, July and December – always have been!

Memory: I have WAY too many! I really loved high school and university, so basically the last 7-8 years of my life have been highlights in general.

Dessert: Chocolate cake or brownies – but they have to be gluten free! Avocado or bean brownies are some of my FAVS. And this local bakery makes killller chocolate cake ( I’ve only had it 2 times before, but it’s so good ).

Language: I think Spanish sounds so nice but I can’t speak anything other than English…

Thing to learn about: Health and wellness things, home decor tips, sociological and psychological issues, CRIMES. Literally anything related to criminology intrigues me SO much – maybe that’s why I majored in it ( LOL ) but even though I don’t want a job related to criminology, I am still fascinated by it.

Thing about yourself: Ohhhhh talking about myself is something that I struggle so badly with… hmmm, maybe that I am understanding and I always like to try to do my best at helping others when they have a problem or if they are upset. Definitely a ‘put others before yourself’ kind of girl & I don’t hate it.

That was SOO long! But it’s always so interesting to get to know people and these little blog quizzes are super fun to do… I hope you guys enjoyed it. Maybe I’ll do another sometime soon. Tell me some of your favourites below, I’d love to know. Have a good week loves!


Outfit Details
> Hat: Lids
> Sunnies: Coach
> Cardi: Brandy Melville
> One-piece: Forever 21
> Shorts: American Eagle
> Sandals: Steve Madden


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