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Happy December!! I am so excited for this month I can hardly contain myself. There are so many exciting things happening starting out with the fact that I am going to ( attempt ) and hopefully be successful with Blogmas. <<<< on YouTube, you know, people like vlog their daily lives every day from Dec 1 – 25 and upload a video a day. Well I’m not super skilled with vlogging myself in public ( so shy! ) but I thought it would be fun to participate in Blogmas and post a blog post every single day, from today until Christmas! No days off!

And maybe some day work my way up to vlogging EEKKK! I am so excited for everything right now, it’s unbelievable. My new camera comes in on Thursday ( THANK YOU BLACK FRIDAY, GRANDPA AND GRADUATION 2015 ). I can’t wait to do a lot of fun stuff with it.

I am so ready for this challenge that is Blogmas. I may pre-write some posts, but most will be written the day of! I want to try to get each post up at 5pm each and every day. <<<< hopefully not setting myself up for failure! If I’m late or early some days, don’t hold it against me plz&thx!

Not every post is going to be Christmassy because I’m not going to be doing Christmassy things every. single. day. EVEN THOUGH I WISH I WAS! I feel like Buddy The Elf right now, I can hardly contain my excitement for the Big Guy to come visit!

Anyway, I’ll stop blabbing on now and get to today’s actual post… My November favourites!

November was a pretty chill month AKA I was sick for like 12 days. And I still am… I am getting pretty annoyed with this but I still tried to make the most out of this month! My aunt came down 3 weeks ago, and my mom and her surprised my whole family by bringing down my cousins and uncle too, so that was pretty fun! My grandpa is moving, so I’ve been getting to pick up some fun things from his house that are now mine. I am totally set for moving out – SO much baking goodies, kitchen stuff, towels, and of course, beautiful paintings and antiques. #obsessed


Pretty much like every cold month ( AKA October – April it seems ) I focus on protection, prevention and exfoliating. I’ve been loving my Tresemme heat styling protectent for days that I straighten or curl my hair, which has been pretty often lately. I’ve also been OBSESSED with Lush’s Rub Rub Rub for exfoliating when in the shower. My skin gets SO dry and itchy in the winter and this is seriously a life saver. Lush’s Salted Coconut hand exfoliating / scrub / miracle worker is great too. Try this out if you get bad dry skin on your hands! My hands have never been so soft this far in to fall in my life ( no exaggeration! ).

Some other beauty favourites include my L’Oreal lipstick in Julianne’s Red cause duh, Julianne Hough is a goddess and we share the same name. OK, plus the shade is super pretty. OPI’s Linkin Park After Dark nailpolish is definitely a fall / winter staple on my nails and my perfume of choice for the month has been Victor Rolf’s Flowerbomb. It’s light and fresh. My Bioderma micellar water has been getting a lot of love this month too because I find that I wear a lot more makeup in the colder months because I’ve lost my tan and this is a great makeup remover. Pricey, but totally worth it!!

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Adult colouring books are a thing and I am totally on board with this trend. When my uncle was home a few weeks ago, he brought one with him too and he was constantly colouring whenever he had a free moment! It’s so relaxing and I love doing this while I watch TV. I also purchased a new notebook that says “Today is the day…” and it’s super cute and I love writing in it ( most nights, when I remember ) a little bit about my day. I like to write what I was grateful for that day and what I need to work on, just as little reminders that there is good in every day but we can also always be improving. My mom and I are obsessed with Wheat Belly books and William Davis recently released his newest book which is a 10-day grain detox. We’ve been reading it and planning on doing it, starting next Monday!

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I’ve been loving flannels ( duh ) and also chunky knit sweaters – especially turtle necks! AHH! They are so cute and cozy! It’s like a built-in scarf. My bf’s mom also loves to knit and crochet, and she made me this super cute scarf that I LOVE. It’s like an infinity scarf, minus one loop! It’s super chunky and bulky around the neck <<< WHICH I LOVE.

I’ve been keeping it pretty plain with my jewelry, usually just wearing a ring or two ( unless my hands are dry ouch ) and these earrings. I bought them from Kate Spade in the summer for 50% off and I loveeeee them. They’re so delicate and plain, but add some shine to your outfit. I like to accessorize my hair in the colder months ( I don’t really know why but this obsession happens every year ). I love chunky scrunchies and bows in my hair. I have velvet scrunchies that I got for like 5/$10… LOVE. A super random hair favourite has to be these little Goody hair elastics. I’ve been wearing my hair in different braids a ton this month and these are awesome little elastics that don’t break and last all day!

Last but not least, these sunglasses and my fav candle. These sunglasses are super cute and I got them from Urban Outfitters for only $18… such a steal and I won’t be heartbroken if I lose them / scratch them / break them as always happens with sunnies because they were so cheap! My fav candle has been this fresh water and sea salt one. It’s fresh and smells delish. I need to break out my Christmassy scents now that it’s officially December!

What have you guys been loving for the month of November? Did you do anything fun or have you been plagued with an illness like me?

Chat tomorrow for day 2 of Blogmas! Yay!

XO julieann



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