obsession: coconut oil | blogmas day 11


Happy happy Friday! I did WAY too much Christmas shopping today. My bf currently has 25 presents to unwrap and I’m not 100% sure I’m finished yet ( oops! ) plus I’m so excited for my family’s gifts……. 2 weeks!!!! But anyway……..

There is nothing I love more than coconut oil.

OK maybe there is… but seriously guys, I LOVE coconut oil.

It’s so good for you, there’s sooo many benefits, it’s got tons of uses. It’s just amazing.

Lately I’ve been using coconut oil for just about everything….


My favourite ways to use it are:
– on my eyebrows ( still trying to grow out those horribly plucked brows from junior high UGH )
– on my eyelashes at night
– as a hair mask, deep conditioner & for split ends
– on my face as a moisturizer
– as a hand / lip treatment mixed with sugar ( for dry skin )
– mixed with baking soda for a facial mask
– for whitening teeth ( <<<< too scared to try oil pulling, anyone done this??? feedback! )
– when cooking
– as an energy spoon ( mixed with chia seeds, granola and pop in a berry or 2 afterwards )

Is there any other ways you guys use coconut oil? I’m always down for experimenting… and as I said, let me know if you’ve done oil pulling before! I want to try but I’m too nervous!

xx jc



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