ok but what is IPP?

On Saturday, I posted about why I chose to follow the Ideal Protein Protocol and I promised that I would go in to detail about what it is in “tomorrow’s post” ( AKA yesterday ) & then exhaustion set in and I chose a Lush bubblebath and sleeping at 9pm over blogging. <<< IPP is wearing me down. I’ve been awake for about 2 hours minutes after a 12-hour sleep last night and I’m already ready for a nap… #thestruggleisreal

This weekend has been a trying time. If Daniel and I can make it through this, then we can make it through ANYTHING the world throws at us ( kidding, but not really haha ). Same goes with me and my mom. It’s been a few days full of ups and downs, moments of anger and sadness, extreme emotions, intense hunger and exhaustion.

But it is getting way better, even though it’s only been 2 full days.


OK, so enough about that. What is the Ideal Protein Protocol anyway?

It’s the most intense diet that I’ve ever heard of.

It’s the most exhausting thing I’ve ever done.

It’s basically a 4-phase “coached” weightloss program. Phase 1 and 2 are about weightloss and getting to your desired weight. Phase 3 and 4 are about maintaining your desired weight and introducing “regular” foods back in to your diet.

Ideal Protein stresses that their diet, while like all diets is technically a quick-fix, emphasizes changing your eating habits FOR GOOD to better your overall health. It teaches you about eating smarter and how to maintain your weight once you’ve reached your goal.

So right now I’m in Phase 1.

Phase 1 is testing me and proving to be a much harder time than I thought it would be.

This phase entails 3 meals a day and 1 snack. Sounds great right?

It wasn’t so great the first few days, but today I already feel much better.

Your first meal is an IPP packaged meal… I’ve had a Rice Krispie-esque square and a dark chocolate pudding. Both have been alright, but have a high protein-powder taste. Which is totally understandable because the IPP is focused on high protein meals.

But I’m not a huge fan of protein or protein powder.

Which is probably the reason as to why I’m struggling with my weight again.

( I have previously used IPP packaged foods and protein drinks, 2 summers ago, when I experienced the same weight issue. Very stagnate and nothing I do helps or improves how I feel. The IPP coach at that time told me that I don’t eat enough protein daily and that this makes my body store food and goodness, especially when working out and being extremely active. Even the few weeks I spent upping my protein intake 2 summers ago helped my weight issue at this point… I realize that protein is important but I just really dislike it ).

By eating high protein meals, it helps your body to burn off the fat that is stored in it. The protein used in IPP’s packaged foods are high in good quality protein that helps the body to store its muscle but burn its fat. It’s so weird how this works. But I’m telling you it really does.

It works almost instantly.

Your second meal is an IPP packaged meal… for this I’ve had salt and vinegar chips ( YES! ) and a pink lemonade juice. Plus with this meal you eat 2 cups of veggies from the list they provide for you.

I’m not going to lie, Saturday AKA my first day… I WAS STARVING by 10:30 am & I had just ate breakfast at 9:00 am. I savagely ate my salt and vinegar chips and a full cucumber in like 2 seconds flat. Then I felt nauseous and dizzy & was about to call it quits.

Inset my mom here telling me that this is normal. My body is working on getting rid of all its “storage” AKA the shit that makes you hold bad nutrition, burn the wrong stuff & basically makes you FAT. Also insert my boyfriend telling me “you got this” and also feeling my pain and struggling with me, being so hungry / sick and miserable.

Your third meal is 8 oz of meat and 2 more cups of veggies. Now before I started this & even while I was cooking my 8 oz of meat on my first night, I was thinking ‘holy SHIT how does one ever eat this much meat?’ but then as I was eating it, and watching it disappear, I was like ‘can I have 8 oz more??’

So after I ate this huge meal, I thought I’d be full and have to force myself to eat my snack later that night. But almost as soon as I was done my BigMac Salad, I was couting down the hours ( minutes / SECONDS ) until I could eat again. Daniel and I distracted ourselves by playing Scattegories all night and we complained approximately 9384938492 times about how hungry we were until we finally got to eat our snack.

Your ( one & only! ) snack is a packaged snack that you eat about 2 hours before you sleep. The snacks have been my favourite thing so far! I’ve had a double chocolate brownie and southwest cheese puffs… I DIEEEE.

A lot of research I’ve done has said that eating before bed isn’t good for your health and can inhibit weightloss, so I was super excited to find out that I can eat before bed. Because who doesn’t want to have a little treat before you sleep!?

In addition to your 3 meals and 1 snack, you can also eat an unlimited amount of select veggies throughout the day. Some of the select veggies include cucumber, celery, lettuce, spinach and MUSHROOMS. I’m just starting day 3 and I’ve already eaten 3.5 cucumbers and more mushrooms than I ever thought I’d eat in my life. The great thing about unlimited lettuce and spinach is that you can make salads as large as you want!

You also are required to drink at least 2L of water a day and you can have 1 coffee a day ( no sugar, no syrups & only like a TBSP of milk or something ridiculous like that… no coffee for me! ) and unlimited amounts of herbal tea ( what up green tea and peppermint tea, you’re gonna be my BFF ).

There are also required vitamins ( I take a ton of vitamins a day anyway, so this is nothing new ) & you have to have a certain amount of salt and olive oil. You can also eat spices & UNLIMITED AMOUNTS OF HOT SAUCE #hellya #iputthatshitoneverything

Each packaged meal has ridiculous amounts of protein in it, like 15g +… it’s insane! You feel so full but then shortly after and I MEAN SHORTLY AFTER you finish eating, you get instantly hungry again. It’s a weird type of hungry though. I don’t really know how to explain it. You just kind of feel empty but you don’t want to eat at the same time.

Your meals have to be spaced out and you have to make sure that you drink tons of water between your meals. I’m trying to eat slower and I’m actually focusing on TASTING what I’m eating. I used to always make fun of my grandmother for eating SOOOOoooo slow but now I understand why. You really get to taste your food and enjoy what you’re eating. It also helps keep you more full for a longer period of time.  I’m so bad for eating really fast and then feeling like I need to eat again because my body doesn’t think it’s been fed enough.

So far, I feel good. I feel tighter and less bloated already. It feels crazy to say that, because it’s only been 2 full days but it’s REAL. The IPP starts working immediately and it’s said that you’ll see results instantly – and you do! I’m extremely exhausted and I feel weak, but that’s normal for the beginning of Phase 1. I’ve had the most intense headaches of my life and I’ve felt super nauseous but each day it starts getting easier.

The food really isn’t too bad. I was very skeptical about eating packaged foods but they are honestly not that bad at all. Eating 8 oz of meat isn’t near as hard as I thought it would be. Being able to snack on vegetables throughout the day really helps as I’m a HUGEEE snacker ugh.

I feel as though so far, it’s been an eye-opening and rewarding experience! I’m excited to see where IPP takes me over the next few weeks. Each Saturday is weigh-in day & grocery shopping day #woohoo for new treats. I cannot wait to buy more southwest cheese puffs. So I’m thinking about doing a check-in post on Saturday and an update on how my week has been – what I’ve been eating, feeling, doing & how I’ve noticed my body changing.

Enjoy your Monday, people! I’m off to eat some salt and vinegar chips and spicy mushrooms then head off to work in the nastiest snow-freezing rain-sleet storm ever. Spring sure loves the east coast *insert eyeroll emoji here*… I’m counting down the days until SUNSHINE.


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