OTK boots ( yes, again! ) | layers + lipstick linkup

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OK, so my obsession with over the knee boots is so real.

I mean lately, I may have been totally into my Uggs, leggings and oversized sweatshirts ( eek! SO lazy ) but OTK boots are still really up there on my ‘I die‘ list. I’ve been loving this beautiful taupe coloured OTK boots a ton lately, more so than my black ones. Because the taupe ones actually stay up on my leg.

The black ones slip so much and it is so dang annoying. They’re still cute though, I’ll give them that.

Turtlenecks, cardigans, OTK boots and tights ( leggings, LOTS of wool leggings ) will be in my near future, when I’m not cozied up in oversized sweatshirts and Uggs…

I’m working on so many posts to come. I’m wrapping up my first semester at school this year and I’m so freakin’ thankful. 3 days left! Then freeeeedom ( or placement… depending on this strike nonsense… but that’s a totally different story. I won’t go there today ).

x JE

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Cardigan – Forever 21 | Turtleneck – H&M | Tights – VS Pink | Boots – Call It Spring ( OMG! On crazy sale )


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