over-the-knee boot obsession continues…

october12-1 october12-2 october12-3 october12-4 october12-5 october12-6 october12-7 october12-8 october12-9 october12-10 october12-11Dress: Dynamite | Hat: Forever 21 | Boots: DSW

Hi guys!

Today is dedicated to my love for over-the-knee boots. It is also featuring this outfit that looks SO similar to one that I’ve posted before…

I swear I didn’t even notice that I did this until I was going to link back to my OTK boots post and was like ugh, seriously…

What can I say? More proof that when I like something, I LIKE IT a lot.

These boots are the most comfy boots ever. I have always been a huge fan of Steve Madden / Madden Girl products because of the comfort of the shoes and the quality of the products.

Steve Madden killlls the shoe game. For real.

The only thing that I find annoying about these boots is that they barely ever stay up over my knees when I’m walking. Does that happen to anyone else? I have another pair of OTK boots and the same thing happens with them all the freakin’ time. They slide down and it’s SO annoying. No matter how tight I tie them, they slip down… suggestions to keep them up?

I paired these boots with a dusty pink dress, are we surprised? Everything I wear is either dusty pink or burgundy lately. Fall colour obsessions. This hat is also my go-to… as you can probably tell. I love hats.

OK, off to eat dinner and hunt down two books on local human trafficking rings… absolutely terrifying! But also so interesting. School projects that are interesting are so much better than the lameo boring ones ( duh ).

xx JE


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