Hi hi!

Happy almost weekend! Woo! Have any big plans?

Today I thought I’d do a fun, quick Valentine’s Day version of The Friday Five. I haven’t done one of these posts in SO long… and I kind of forgot how much I love them!

/ five things i am loving:

Just a whole random assortment of things lately…

My new iPhone: I feel as though I go through phones SO quick and recently I just bought an iPhone 7. I really wanted the iPhone 7 Plus [ I don’t really know why… I feel like the size would end up driving me INSANE! ] but I settled on the plain ol’ 7. And let me tell you – I love it. I finally got the rose gold phone and I have the cutest clear Kate Spade case with light rose gold polka dots on it. I am obsessed, it’s probably not healthy how obsessed I am with my phone – but that’s okay.

Oldies: Lately, I’ve been jamming out to old songs – rap, r&b, pop, slow jams… ALL of it. As long as it’s from like 2010 or earlier ( preferably like 2004-2007 ). Those were the good days. I actually am obsessed with sitting and watching old music videos because they are just so cringey but also so good at the same time.

++ I have an ‘oldies’ playlist on Spotify if you’re interested, click here! Let me know if I’m missing any goodies.

Google Calendar: OK, seriously WHY have I never really used this before? I put all my assignments from last term into it and then I kind of forgot about it afterwards and never looked at it again. I just recently planned out all my blog posts for the next month, my school due dates and deadlines, and other random appointments & dates and I feel so put together. I constantly open it to check it and add to it [ actually, I haven’t yet closed the window ]. I’m loving it. I still love my actual paper planner and use it all the time, too, but it’s so incredibly useful to always have my schedule on hand.

Slippers: OMG, I’m also late to the slippers train but honest to goodness, I am almost never without them. My feet are always cold at home and I hate it! There’s nothing worse than cold feet ( except maybeeee wet hair!! ). Slippers are just so comfy and cozy.

Family time: This may sound so incredibly cliché, but lately I have been soaking up e v e r y moment that I possibly can that I have spent with family. Whether it’s grocery shopping with my mom, watching basketball with my dad, going to hockey games with my grandfather or going to dinner with my grandfather and brother, I’ve been LOVING every minute of it and soaking it all in.

/ five best romantic comedies:

These are just some of my all-time favs. Romantic comedies are, hands down, my FAV genre of movie. They’ve always got such good storylines, and you KNOW that you’re going to feel good after they end. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry, but they always end in such cute ways that you can never go wrong.

He’s Just Not That Into You.

The Proposal.

Just Go With It.

> 27 Dresses.

Silver Linings Playbook.

/ five things i look for in the opposite sex:

Honesty: Basically, you cannot have anything if you don’t have honesty and trust in a relationship. I think that it is important to be honest about pretty much everything, as it will keep a relationship strong and help it to grow.

PlayfulNobody wants to be serious ALL the time… Having a fun-loving relationship full of fun and playful times is totally necessary. If you can go between being playful and being serious, I’m down for that.

Independence: I like to do my own thing, and I like to do things alone, A LOT. I don’t like when someone needs to spend every waking moment with you & cannot function without you. Obviously, it’s nice to feel wanted and like you matter to somebody, but it is also nice when you can do your own thing and still know that in the end, the other person will be there.

Adventurous: Hiking, road trips, beach vacations… I’m all about those. I love when someone is down to just pack up and go for the day & it doesn’t matter what the plan is.

Caring: I’m so obsessed with my family and friends and if someone is also obsessed with theirs, then life is good. I also need them to be obsessed with my family and friends, care about society, me and have deep conversations about things. I like when someone asks ‘how are you’ and genuinely means it.

/ five best love songs:

> You & Me – Lifehouse.

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran.

Unconditionally – Katy Perry.

You’re Still The One – Shania Twain.

From This Moment – Shania Twain.

/ five self-love musts:

Loving yourself and taking time for you is SO key. Who says Valentine’s Day has to be about your significant other, your besties or your loved ones? V Day is the perfect day to love on yourself, too.

Treat yourself: Buy a new wallet, take a day to chill, go buy a packet of mini eggs and eat every single one of them! If you’re having a stressful day, just give yourself what you need to feel better. I love going to pick up a little treat [ OMG, thx god mini eggs are in like every storefront now! ] or getting a tea.

Take care of yourself: Not in a go to the doctor, eat healthy, make sure you are working out kind of way, but in a get your haircut, do your nails and pluck your eyebrows kind of way. Sometimes we get so busy that we let these things slip past, but it’s so important to take care of yourself. When you look your best, you feel your best. It sounds totally self-absorbed and cocky but it is so important!

Stop comparing yourself: You are not meant to be the other people you obsessively stalk on Instagram or even be like your best friend. You are meant to be YOU & that is so wonderful. There is absolutely nothing wrong with striving to be better than you are now, because hey, we all have things that we can work on, but you are you & loving that and realizing that is the greatest thing that you can possibly do.

Get to know you: Have you ever really thought about who you are? I know that I really haven’t. It’s the hardest thing when you have to introduce yourself to someone and talk about yourself because really, we don’t often get to know who we truly are. Taking time to realize who you are, what you like and what you want in life is SO important.

Take it easy: Resting is so important. Relaxing, having a chill day, taking time to yourself and just being is something that we often put off but we shouldn’t. We owe it to ourselves to take some time to breathe, to sleep, to watch our favourite TV shows because we deserve it.

/ five long-time loves:

The beachSeriously my happy place. I’ve blogged about this so many times, but the beach just brings me so much peace, tranquility and inspiration. I haven’t been on a beach trip or had a beach day that I haven’t left feeling so inspired and motivated. Even when I leave and I’m sunburnt, I always feel so peaceful and blissed out.

Writing: I’ve always l o v e d writing, for as long as I can really remember. I was always the girl in school who never wanted writing time to end. Don’t get be wrong, I liked reading too ( & still do! ) but writing and creating has always been my thing & blogging has only encouraged my love for it to grow.

Cuba: SERIOUSLY MY FAV. I’ve been to Cuba three times now and I am completely dying to go back. Cuba just represents complete and pure happiness to me. It is such a welcoming country, the people are so good to you, it leaves me feeling so relaxed and it’s full of such beautiful beaches… what more could you really want?

Pajama days: I mean… who doesn’t love spending all day curled up in their pajamas? It’s honestly one of my favourite things to do. I crave chilled days, where the only time you get out of your pajamas is to shower and put on a clean pair before going to bed. Pajama days are the one ( & basically only ) thing I love about winter and snowstorms.

> Fashion: I’ve gone through highs and lows of loving fashion posts for the blog and then hating them, but one thing that I’ve never stopped loving is fashion in general. I’ve always been SO into it. I mean, even when I was a little girl everyone knew me as the fashionista. I wasn’t afraid to mix and match patterns, colours and textures… & I still do! I really want to get back into posting some fashion content on here too… winter just totally turns me off fashion because it’s so cold here and I need to wear tons of layers.

/ five things i love about myself:

It’s so hard to think about what we like about ourselves. It feels so self-absorbed, so selfish, cocky and self-obsessed but it’s important to like who YOU are and to be proud of it. You don’t have to do it in a cocky, self-obsessed kind of way ( because that’s annoying ) but do it in a loving, caring way and it’s the same as telling someone else what you love about them.

My eyelashes.

My ability to care about people, no matter what.

My openness to accept others for who they are, no matter what.

My eyebrows.

My drive and passion for things.

So that’s my V Day edition of The Friday Five…

Sidenote: Anyone else not a huge Valentine’s Day fan? I just think of it as any other day, if I’m being honest. I’ve never really seen the huge importance in the day. If you love someone, you should prove it every day – not just on Feb 14!

x julieann


Hi hi my loves. How’s it going?

OK, so today we’re going to talk fitness & fit lifestyles, health, wellness and all that other jazz because lately it’s been weighing on my mind that I really need to get my ass in gear ( literally ).

I go through phases in my life where I’m all ‘fitness, health, workout, run a million miles a day’ and then I’m all ‘binge-watch as many shows as I can, sleep in, laze around, avoid the stairs’. Lately it’s been the second one… and it’s really bringing me down in a ton of ways.

+ My sleeping schedule has been shit. I go to bed at a decent time each night and I should be able to wake up between 6am – 7am easily, and yet I struggle to get up even twenty minutes before I need to leave for class. And let’s not even talk about the days last semester that I only had afternoon classes…

+ My clothes don’t fit like they used to. Seriously. Ugh, this is the worst feeling. Clothes that I lived in last fall don’t feel right / look right and it’s an annoying feeling.

+ I don’t have any TV shows to watch when I’m really bored. I’m all caught up on the newest shows in all of my fav series and I’m struggling to find shows to watch to pass the time.

+ My eating has been all out of whack. I’m never really hungry, until I’m STARVING and then I want to eat everything in sight.

+ My anxiety is seriously up there and it’s driving me crazy. I constantly feel panicked, achy and overwhelmed about life. I’m constantly calling someone worked up about something or another and it’s starting to get SUPER exhausting / annoying.

+ I can’t seem to get out of my own way. I guess this is basically a sum up of all of my feelings lately. I feel like I’m constantly underestimating, underachieving and just being hard on myself 24/7 because of my constant discomfort.

I know that the school that I attend really brings my mood down and it makes me feel trapped and uncomfortable, but that’s no excuse to give up on a fitness lifestyle.

I’ve said it before – I’ll never be the girl who’s in the gym for hours each day, but I would like to be the girl that dedicates an hour or two for herself each day, to be active, engage in fitness activities and live a healthy life.

Fitness in my mind is kinda sorta ( basically ) a chore. I know it shouldn’t be looked at or thought of like this, but it’s just how I look at it. Reading magazines, reading other people’s blogs, following health & fitness people on social media ( Instagram, I’m looking at you! ) has got it in my mind that it has to be a structured, timely, dedicated time each and every day. And right now, in my life, I honestly don’t know where I’d fit it in.

I mean OBV I could find time… I could wake up an hour earlier each day or eat dinner an hour later each day and fit in a structured fitness routine then, but to be honest – I need my sleep & I like eating dinner with my family ( most times! ).

But right now, a structured fitness routine isn’t what I need in my life… I just need to live a more active lifestyle overall.

Then we’ll work out the whole fitness routine shit.

these are a few things that I am working on incorporating into my lifestyle and they are super uncomplicated, basic things that are SO easy to do every single day:

/ get up:

If I know I’m having a lazy day at home, I will plan out a few times that I will force myself to get up and do something. Sometimes this is stretching, a few yoga poses, a couple jumping jacks or just run up and down my stairs a few times. It’s so not good to sit on your ass all day long and just getting up to do something quick and active sporadically is so key.

/ walk:

I try to walk as much as I can. One little thing that I like to do is to pick a parking spot farther away from the door ( as long as it isn’t -20 or pouring rain! ) and get a little extra walking in. I like to get up a few times during class to go for a walk, too. I know it may seem a bit rude to get up and leave but A) I cannot focus for 3 hours straight, B) I drink a lot of water, so bathroom breaks are needed, and C) walking really helps clear the mind and get the blood flowing again after sitting for so long.

/ try it:

There’s not really any workout that I haven’t tried… I mean OK, that’s a lie. I haven’t done any HUGE like crossfit or intense stuff like that ( things that require paying a ton of $$ and going out of my house ) but I’ve tried tons of workouts at home. YouTube is key for trying new workouts. They’re all offered free of charge and give you a chance to try out new things and possibly fall in love with it.

/ stairs:

Taking the stairs instead of an escalator/elevator is such an easy thing to do. Last semester I had two classes a week that were 2 buildings away… which meant taking eight flights of stairs or two elevator rides. I am proud to say that I chose the stairs every single time. I received a few weird looks after huffing it up all of the stairs but I felt proud of myself for picking the stairs every time.

/ dance:

I mean who doesn’t love having a solo dance party? Turning on music while I’m cooking up an omelette or making a smoothie and having an impromptu dance party is one of my favourite things to do. You can even just turn on some music while you’re getting ready in the morning, or just for fun when you have a bit of free time and just dance it out.

++ best songs to dance to currently: RUN UP & BAD AND BOUJEE ( sue me ).

/ treat:

If you need to take a day to chill, or to have a little treat – DO IT & then don’t dwell on it. There is no sense in depriving yourself and forcing yourself to be miserable. If you need to take a day to relax, do it. If you need to eat a piece of chocolate, do it! Don’t beat yourself up over it, either. That’s life and you’ve already come this far.

/ move:

Dance, stretch, walk, run, yoga… OMG just move once a day. It doesn’t matter what we do – as long as we’re moving. As long as you do SOMETHING for 30 minutes a day, you’ve got it made. Just move, move, move! Get up and do something and you’re already one step ahead of where you were yesterday.

a few other things i like to do:

+ Stretch, yoga, meditate, squats, sit-ups, commercial workouts ( !!! so simple ), make a smoothie, drink lots of water…

 So those are some things that I’ve been trying to incorporate into my daily life. It’s only been a few weeks that I’ve been trying to do this, but I am already noticing slight differences. One of the biggest difference is my anxiety levels – they’re DEF gone down and I’ve gotten a hold of it as of lately. Another fairly big difference is my sleeping pattern. I’ve been really working on moving and tiring myself out, then focusing on making my sleep routine as grounded and consistent as possible [ more on this soon! ].

Have I missed anything? What do you guys do to live a more active and healthy lifestyle?

x julieann


Hi loves! How are you?

I’ve been growing my hair out for a while now & this weekend, I had finally had enough. On Sunday night, I got out of the shower, brushed through my mile-long hair and asked my mom to get out her tape measurer. I wanted to know how much hair I would be able to donate.

Here’s the thing: I’ve always wanted to donate my hair, but I’ve always been scared to chop it all off. This week, I just decided to GO FOR IT & let me tell you, I’ve never felt better about a decision that I made.

Monday morning, I left class for a second and called the salon that I always go to. The receptionist said they could book an appointment for me either that night at 7PM or on Thursday evening. I quickly agreed to the appointment that night, because I knew if I didn’t there was a chance that I would back out by Thursday.

Sometimes you just got to do it in the moment.

Every time I get a hair cut, I cry. NO, seriously… every time. Except in February 2014 and last night. In February 2014, I lost my grandmother to cancer [ her third time with a different type of cancer, this one proving just too much for her aging body ]. She had always wanted me to have short hair, but I never wanted to give in and cut it. A few days after she passed away, I booked an appointment and cut it to my shoulders.

Last night, when I cut it, I knew I was donating it and I also knew how proud my grandmother would be.

Plus, it’s just hair. It’ll grow back.

For me, anyway.

Having a full head of hair is something that seems so silly to take for granted, but we do… each and every day.

When my grandmother had cancer the first time, she went through numerous rounds of chemotherapy and she ended up losing her hair. My grandfather also lost his hair at the same time ( because he was going through chemo too – toughest year of my life! ). It was different for my grandfather, because he was confident being bald. My grandmother, on the other hand, wasn’t so confident. She always had the most perfectly permed blonde hair that I had ever seen. Once it was gone, you could tell she didn’t feel like herself. So her and my mom went and she dished out the $300 for a wig. She wore that wig and she seriously ROCKED it.

You could honestly feel a difference in her attitude and her confidence levels soared.

It’s all about the little things.

& when you are quite literally fighting for your life, you deserve ALL of the things, big and little.

If my long [ 14 inches!!!! ] ponytail can make a difference in someone’s life, that is all that matters.

My hair is currently sitting in an envelope, waiting to be mailed tonight.

I am so excited to see it go.

I can only hope that someone else is as excited to see it come.

If you’re thinking about donating your hair [ & you live in Canada ] here are some must knows:


> Hair must be minimum 8 inches ( & there is no maximum! ).

> Hair must be clean & dry.

> Hair must not be swept up from the floor ( pony it before you cut it! ).

> Hair shouldn’t be bleached or dyed.

> Hair must be no more than 5% grey.


> Don’t use any additional hair products ( gel, hairspray, mousse, etc. ) before cutting; only shampoo & conditioner.

> Make sure hair is tightly tied in an elastic band so that it doesn’t fall on the floor during the cutting process.

> Make sure that the elastic band is BELOW where you want to cut it! If you cut it below the elastic band, your hair will fall on the floor ( duh, this is kind of obvious but still important! ).

> Make sure that the ponytail is a full 8 inches – they cannot/will not use donations that are shorter than 8 inches in length!

> Do not wash, style or dye the ponytail after it has been cut.

> Make sure the ponytail is perfectly dry before placing it in a sealed zip baggie.

> Sealed zip baggie must then be placed in a plastic or padded envelope.

If you’re in Canada, and want to make your donation to the Canadian Cancer Society, mail your ponytail to:

Pantene Beautiful Lengths
2-1055 Middlegate Road
Mississauga, Ontario
L4Y 3Y4

Pantene Beautiful Lengths & Canadian Cancer Society partnered in 2007 and have since had over 70,000 ponytails donated. They then make wigs and donate them to Canadian cancer banks across the country. People are then able to go and pick up a wig FOR FREE.

How beautiful is that?

Get on board & donate your hair today.

x JE

For more information, see the website here.

[ rest in paradise, G… xo I miss you everyday ]



It’s been a minute, hasn’t it?

I don’t really know where the time has gone, but one minute I was spending hours re-designing the blog and working on new posts & the next I was swamped in school work, overwhelmed with a bunch of drama [ the teachers may or may not be on strike, my placement may or may not be cancelled, my mama’s teacher heart may or may not be breaking every day ]… So ya!

Here we are, almost two weeks later…

Today I thought I’d just do a fun post. I saw this over on Erika’s blog earlier this week & thought it could be fun.

As she said in her post – she loves being nosy & figures a LOT of other blog readers do, too ( isn’t that why you’re reading?? ). I know that’s why I stalk my favourite blogs. I may have been quiet on the posting front, but you bet I was staying up to date with my favs these past two weeks. These types of posts are perfect for people like me, you and Erika.

here’s what I’m currently…


Tons of games and activities for a youth program that I work, orrrr lesson plans. Lots of lesson plans for school / upcoming placement [ if it happens ].


Lately, I’ve been cooking a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches – or my FAV, grilled cheese on GF bagels. I’m not quite sure that this actually counts as cooking… but it’s the best that I can do.


Water, peppermint tea, iced green teas ( from Starbucks, order with no sweetener! ) & an iced vanilla bean latte for a treat every once in a while.

I’m trying really hard to cut back on my sugary coffee intake… but it’s SO hard! I feel like I don’t need the whole ‘caffeine’ thing, but I love treating myself to a nice sugary vanilla coffee after spending 3 hours in class each morning. I’ve only had 2 this week and the week is almost done so I guess I’m making progress, right??


Lots of grilled cheese??? Plus green smoothies – yummiest recipe coming soon, dark chocolate and almond granola, and it seems like every night for dinner is chicken and salad.


Textbooks on textbooks! PLUS there’s all of these supplementary readings on our online webpages… I feel like I’m drowning in readings for class this semester! I’ve also been reading a ton of new blogs lately and I’m totally obsessed with them.

[ check them out here: Addicted to Lovely, Aspyn Ovard, Kalein It ]


This whole teacher strike thing to END. And for my university to support the teachers / not sue them??? #savethedramaforyomama


At trip prices c o n s t a n t l y. I am in dire need to go on a beach vacation ASAP.


Tag all the time at work?? Does this count?! I can’t even say ‘no’ – they’re too dang cute.


My time… on the most random of things, such as watching seasons of TV shows in a row, watching YouTube for hours a day and staring at the ceiling for fun ( no seriously, I do this too often lately! ).


Toooo many new swimsuits for a girl who isn’t even going on a beach vacation any time soon! I need to book one like yesterday.


Ummm not a thing!


For no more snow!! We had such a mild January… I’m pretty sure that it only snowed once and it was basically gone the next day. As soon as February hit, we got hit with some snow and apparently we’re due for more on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. Send help!


A whole random assortment of things – the sunny days ( that have been happening SO often! I don’t want them to end! ), my new planner, sneakers, GF pitas, guacamole and iMessages on my MacBook ( key for school! ).


That the groundhog was correct around here yesterday! Sam [ our municipality’s famous groundhog ] didn’t see his shadow, so spring must be on it’s way!


At the fact that I’ve been blogging ( on & off, and never very well ) for over a year and a half and I still love it so much! I really am determined to make 2017 the year.


Some vitamin D & not the kind that comes in pill form! I seriously spend hours a day wishing I was on the beach somewhere. It really is my happy place & I always leave the beach – no matter where it is – feeling so incredibly relaxed, refreshed and re-inspired. I feel as though I am going to just book a vacation! I can’t stop thinking about it!


UGH – I’ve been burning candles every night before bed & I’m seriously back on the Bath and Body Works train… I’m currently going between vanilla bean and sparkling water. Obsessed.


My uniform lately = Lulu Lemon leggings, Adidas Superstars and a workout top ( usually a Gap one! ). Sometimes I’ll throw a cardigan over top, or just wear a jacket and a scarf. It has been decently warm around here lately, til today, so I haven’t needed too many more layers.


For my grandparents’ health! Always.


People really aren’t who you think they once were. It’s hard when you grow up and start drifting apart from people who you thought were going to be in your life forever, but really they were only meant to be there for a bit… It’s sad, it’s emotional, but it’s also OK. Better people, better times and lots of new memories are coming.


That my room is coming together so nicely is really making my life so much better! I really thrive off of whatever environment that I am in and I noticed that as soon as I cleaned, dusted, de-cluttered and re-arranged my room, my sleeping has gotten SO much better & I’m so much more rested. I actually love spending time in my bedroom before I go to sleep now.


About how excited I am for the weekend in the city with my family. We bought tickets to the local university basketball championships and we’re staying in a hotel for the weekend. I’m so excited because A) love basketball, B) love staying in hotels [ weird, I know, but I LOVE it ] and C) love my fam. One month to go!


My new bottle of probiotics?! That’s pretty boring but I’m so excited to try a new brand. I didn’t really think that the other brand was working too well. It was amazing at first, but then it just kind of stopped… So I’m super excited to try these new ones! I just finished the old bottle this morning.


Over my excitement for probiotics? Ha!


Completely exhausted, but super content with life. Life has been so incredibly busy lately, but I’m also kind of loving it. I really enjoy being go-go-go & lately, it’s been just that. I’ve spent a ton of time with my grandfather lately ( 3 hockey games and a dinner with him in the past week ) and I’m so enjoying it. I love his stories, his enthusiasm and his love of life. It’s contagious.

Alright, so that was fun! I really enjoyed this kind of post.

What have you guys been up to? What’s the weather like where you are? I’m so curious!

x JE


Hi hi! How’s it going?

SO much on my mind lately that I’m dying to dig deeper into and share & let me tell you, they’re all over the map.

A little overview of a few things coming up on the blog in the next weeks – horoscopes, moon cycles ( OMG!! ), meditation, gut health, antioxidants, oils, deodorant, turmeric, bloat… and the list goes on.

For today, we’ll keep it easy & talk personality.

Anyone out there ever feel like they don’t fit into the category of introvert, but also know that you aren’t exactly an extrovert either?

I’ve always known that I wasn’t completely an introvert because I do like to go out, talk to people, share my life with people ( duh ) and have a good time when I’m with others. BUT I definitely don’t identify as an extrovert because I am pretty reserved, can be shy and definitely do thrive off those times where I can relax, sit alone and do whatever it is that I want to by myself.

To be honest, I’d just taken it for what it was and written myself off of being either of them. I didn’t know that there was actually a category that I could really fit into.

That’s when I read about ambiverts and I realized that I was definitely one, and maybe a lot of us really are, too. There’s people that you can for sure lump into the category of introvert and extrovert, but there’s a ton of us who just fit somewhere in the middle.

An ambivert just might be what we are.

ambivert, by definition:

– a person who has the personality traits of both an introvert & an extrovert.

I mean duh?????? Isn’t that what I just said?

People who are ambiverts may seem balanced to others because of their ability to adapt to pretty much all situations that they may find themselves in.

BUT this could also be confusing – to others and to ourselves.

Having the traits of both an extrovert and an introvert can make the person feel unbalanced because of the constant fluctuations between outgoing and upbeat & shy and reserved.

Ambiverts are comfortable and OK with the situation… until they aren’t. There is no in between for an ambivert.

An ambivert can take on the role of an extrovert if presented with a situation that requires dancing shoes, cheering and nonstop talking. They can also take on the role of an introvert if presented with a situation that requires solitude, quietness and independent tasks.

This could not explain my personality more.

One minute I’m allll about being out & about, hanging out with friends, having a night out & then the next, all I want to do is curl up in my bed, read a good book and ignore my social life.

I absolutely love hanging out with my long-time friends, but I don’t mind meeting new people. I love going out and being busy, but I also crave those stay-in nights where I can be alone and do whatever I want. Sometimes I’m quiet, other times I’m loud. Sometimes I like to listen, sometimes I like to talk.

i feel like my mood is the ultimate game-changer when it comes to which personality trait i take on:

If I’m forced to pick between a night in or a night out, my mood is the ultimate decision maker.

If I’m asked whether I want to spend the day out hiking with friends or at home, creating and listening to podcasts, it totally depends on my mood which way I’m swayed.

Some people would be absolutely mortified to spend Friday nights curled up in bed at 9pm, alone, with a candle burning and the lights turned off, but I’m totally OK with that when that’s my mood.

Other times, I’m totally over the alone time and crave a night out dancing, eating and drinking with friends, coming home at 4am to crash on my bed and not even being able to remember my own name, because I’ve had such a wild night & this is the lifestyle I crave sometimes, mood dependent.

also thx Daniel for these pics, you have such an eye for everything – nature, fashion photog, you da best x

I can’t handle either situation for TOOO long though. I feel off-balanced and uneasy. I need both situations in my life – my body craves both. >>>> OK, maybe it doesn’t crave a night out that’s so wild I forget my own name, but it does crave busy-ness and social interactions.

Anyone else like this?

From one extreme to another in the matter of minutes?

It’s totally mood dependent & SITUATIONAL.

What do you guys think? Are you buying this ambivert business?

Curious as to how to find out if you’re an introvert, extrovert or an ambivert?

Pick which description fits you best.

& YES – you can only pick one

A) You find yourself drawn to people, thrive in social situations and classify yourself as energetic and outgoing.

B) You find it exhausting to be around people all the time, prefer being alone, work best independently and prefer to spend your free time doing something sheltered from others.

C) It totally depends on the day. Seriously. It depends on the day/mood/situation.

If you picked A, you’re an extrovert; B, you’re an introvert; or C, you’re an ambivert.

How are you guys spending this weekend – taking it easy and relaxing, or spending it busy and having a wild time?

What are your thoughts on introverts/extroverts/ambiverts?

Let me know!

OK – off to listen to some oldies and pray this cold goes away ( YES I’m sick again ).

x, julieann