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Wednesday night at my dance class, one of the girls in my class told me that her teacher ( AKA MY MOM ) was having a Halloween party the next day and my mom never told me. #rude The little girl asked me to go and told me to be a princess. Or Maleficient ( because she was being Mal AKA Maleficient’s daughter ). I went home right after dance and Googled Malificient and realized that was waayyyyy too complicated of a costume to make for the party that was happening in less than 16 hours. Google it if you don’t know who she is. INTENSE costume that would be and def not possible in about 4 hours. <<<< how much time I would have the next day to make a costume before the party. #impossible

So next I went on Pinterest, my BFF duh, and found a super easy set of step-by-step instructions to make a no-sew ( BLESSING ) tutu. And then I decided at 10:30 pm the night before the party that I was going to be a fairy princess. I already had wings and a flower crown is the easiest DIY ever. So all I needed to do was buy the tulle and get tying. I woke up ( bright & early ) on Thursday morning and was determined to have a good day. I was tired of having shitty days and of course, I woke up sick. I forced myself out of bed and got shopping. I DIY’d this costume and had so much fun with my mom’s kiddos.

I meant to post this last night but to be completely honest, when I got home at 9pm after working all evening, I had no motivation to write ANYTHING AT ALL let alone take pics, edit them and write a DIY post. I got home at approximately 9:30 pm and was in bed at approximately 10:02 pm and passed out ( thanks to cold&flu meds and melatonin ) at approximately 10:06 pm. #grandmastyle I woke up today feeling refreshed and excited so here’s this post, better late than never. It’s super quick and easy so it is definitely still possible for Halloween this year!

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What you’ll need ( skirt ):
– the same number of metres of 2 or more different coloured tulle ( I have a size 4-6 waist and used 4 metres of purple tulle and 4 metres of white tulle and had hardly any left of each ) <<< the more tulle, the fuller the skirt
– ribbon or elastic
– flowers ( optional )

What you’ll need ( crown ):
– string
– flowers
OR: I used a flower garland from the dollar store ( Michael’s and Walmart carry these too! )

– hot glue
– scissors
– bobby pins


For the skirt, I had a ribbon ( that I literally took out of my mom’s Christmas wrapping box ) and I measured how long I would need around my waist. I then took 3-4 inch strips of tulle and tied them on. I didn’t measure the width of the tulle because I honestly don’t think it makes much of a difference. I didn’t even cut straight ( LOL worst/laziest DIY’er ever ). Just make them somewhat of a similar width and semi straight. I folded the strips of tulle in half and pulled the ends through the hole and secured on the ribbon and then alternated colours. I didn’t pull them extremely tight because the skirt doesn’t poof up as nicely if you do a looser knot. Then you repeat this approximately 1278 more times to cover your whole skirt. Tie it around your waist, I love it kind of higher up on my waist! And you’re done!

The skirt took me about 45 minutes and this included me being reallyyyyyy distracted by Drugs INC. ( OMG obsessed with this show, it’s so freakin’ good ) and making a green juice. Honestly, simplest DIY ever. I usually suck at DIY’s but I got so many compliments on this – and they weren’t just from the 5 year olds who thought I had a “pretty princess” skirt on. These were from random people. Including the janitor at my work tonight who hates everyone and seriously lacks personality/never says anything nice.

For an added touch, I took 2 strands of flower garland I bought at the dollar store and literally just wrapped them around my waist. I tucked them in to the top of the skirt and that was that. No glue, no sewing, noooothing. Easy peasy.

>>>>> the DIY tutorial I looked at used elastic for the waist band. Just measure it around your waist and sew it, making it half an inch to 1 inch shorter than your waist AKA if your waist is 17 inches, use 16 inches of elastic… ( I suck at explaining DIY’s, sorry ). I avoided this because I don’t do sewing. Tying a ribbon seemed way easier and it was cute with the bow in the back! Don’t judge how lazy I am.


The flower crown is serioulsy just another flower garland that I wrapped 3 times around my head and secured on with 11 bobby pins. So easy. I did it myself for the party yesterday ( I had my hair in a low curled bun ), but tonight I had my mom’s help just because I wore my hair down & curly and it was harder to stick the bobby pins in it.

To make your own flower crown a DIY tutorial I found used a ribbon and fake flowers. You cut the flowers off of the stems and place them on the ribbon, then hot glue them on. You just tie around your head ( secure with bobby pins too ) and that’s it! <<< you can also find cheap flower crowns at Forever 21, Target, etc. if you’re not feeling the DIY method.

As an added bonus for the little kids, I made a wand. Weellllll, I attempted to I guess. It’s so bad haha, I tied some extra tulle on the end of a stick that I broke off a princess balloon from the dollar store. I stuck a flower on it with staples because I hate hot glue and that was that.

& GUYS I picked purple tulle because I knew I had purple fairy wings at home and do you think I could find those suckers?! I refused to buy new wings because I’m never gonna wear them again and I KNEW as soon as I bought them I’d find mine and that would be a waste. So I went wingless. #boo


I’m the least crafty person ever and this was so easy! I had it all finished in under an hour. I asked forced my brother to snap these pics for me tonight as I headed out to work. We had a Halloween party at the rec centre I work at for the youth. I paired it with a white body suit and wore white lace shorts underneath to be appropriate for the kids ( DUH ) and then wore my gold flats! I had on MAC’s lipstick in “Pretty Please” and had on a couple of NYX’s purple shaded eyeshadows.

I’m LOVING this tutu and will definitely be wearing it again next year for some Halloween event! Tomorrow night I’m heading to a party and I’m so excited for that costume too!! I’ll be sure to post about it. It’s also SUPER easy and the pieces can be worn again & again, even in everday life. <<<< my fav way to do Halloween : re-wearable and practical for everyday life too.

Happy Halloweeeennn!! Eat lots of treats!

xx julieann



[ obsessed with this suede skirt from F21… really wish it wasn’t $50 ]

I really don’t want my blog to be this to be a whiney/negative/annoying place but today I just need to be real. This week has been one of those weeks. Like everything has been so extreme. I’m either super happy and bouncing off the walls, or I’m quite literally laying in my bed crying ( OVER NOTHING ), forcing myself to get up and do shit. This doesn’t happen THAT often to me but it just seems to happen once in a while and when it hits me, it hits me hard. And I’m a hot damn mess.

I have never slept so much as I did this past week. Yesterday I had a two hour nap… but it wasn’t like I didn’t sleep the night before. I slept for 11 hours. and last night, after the two hour nap, I slept for another 11.5 hours. I just figured I needed sleep so I wouldn’t kill somebody. Today I woke up and I had it in my head that I was gonna have a good day. I wasn’t going to let anything get me down because I am just over feeling like this. But then the day from hell started. <<<< a bit way too dramatic but see, EXTREME.

Some people get winter blues ( you know when you’re extremely moody in the winter, everything either sucks or its great, there’s no in between ), some people get Sunday blues ( this is a legit thing, I promise. Sundays suck ), well I seem to get the weekly blues every once in a while. And it’s rough. There’s always one nasty ass day that really gets me down. And TODAY was that day.

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[ oversized graphic t’s & leggings ]Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
[ picking out the perfect pumpkin to carve. I attempted a sugar skull… it was rough ]

I woke up and checked all of my social media as usual. On Twitter, there were still some bangwagon Blue Jays fans ( if you don’t live in Canada then you don’t know how annoying this last MLB season was ). This pissed me off, so I exited out of Twitter. I went on Facebook and saw someone complaining about drivers always hitting pedestrians. This really grinds my gears in general. The road is FOR CARS. If you’re gonna be a dummy as a pedestrian then like, sorry not sorry if you get hit. A car weighs a million more pounds than you do, so smarten up and look both ways before you cross the street. I got off FB right quick after reading this post. Then I went on Timehop. BIIIIIG mistake. I tweeted last year about being pissed off about something ( I forget what it was now because I’ve blocked it from my mind ) and I instantly got pissed again. I had been awake for approximately 15 minutes and I was on cry #1 of the morning, all because of how frustrated I got reading social media. <<<<<< see, first example of having no real reason as to why I had one of those days. I’m tired of seeing annoying shit on my social media feeds so I’ve deleted Timehop, buhbyeeee and am quickly deleting annoying people off my other social media apps.

Then I got up and there was no toilet paper. THIS really pisses me off. It takes two seconds to grab a new roll of toilet paper so that the next person isn’t STUCK ON THE TOILET. It didn’t help that I was home alone ( if this is TMI then you can click the X right up in the corner ) so I sat and cried. <<< why did I cry? I don’t know.

After the no toilet paper incident, I decided that I was gonna make some eggs and apple juice for breakfast. I put 3 honey crisp apples in my blender, squeezed a little lemon juice ( I read that this counteracts the bitterness(?) of apples, so I did it ) and then I clicked the “juice” button. Weeeellll the blender just got really loud and nothing was happening. It crushed up the apples a little bit but it wasn’t making it juicy, ya know? SOOO you guessed it, I cried. I embarrassingly realized the step-by-step guide I found on Google said to add 1/2 cup of water to aid in the blending of the apples but I must have blacked out when reading step no. 3…. AKA the most important step. So I wiped my tears, added the water and viola, I had apple juice for breakfast ( and eggs – I cooked these through my tears #baby ).

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[ fall feet = camo + leaves ]Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
[ I really wanted to be trendy and like kombucha but it makes me nausuous… I don’t know how people drink this stuff, it’s nasty #honesttruth ]Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
[ 3 honey crisp apples, 1/2 cup of water, 2 squeezes of lemon = apple juice BUT DON’T FORGET THE WATER!! ]Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
[ pizza date after we watched the sunset ]

Breakfast was great and then I started picking fights with everybody. You know when someone texts you and they don’t use an obnoxious amount of “!!!” or emojis and you think they’re mad at you. Well that was me today. I sincerely apologize to everyone, mainy my bf ( SORRY! ) who I got mad at today. I even asked my mom if she still loved me because she texted me “kk”… side note: she always does this and it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love me. I just felt like it today. #moody

I planned on going to a coffee shop to get homework/work stuff/blog stuff done today and I wanted to leave my house at 11:30… 12:30 came along and I was finally just dragging my ass out of the house. I really had quite the pity party for myself this morning. I usually wear makeup ( because it’s fun to put on. I love my skin care routine almost as much as I love my makeup routine ) but I didn’t even put it on. I wanted to wear this long sleeve shirt that is super comfy but I couldnt find it. So I cried. <<<< cry session #4 if you’re not keeping track.

Then I drove to my bf’s house, put on TSwift while I was driving ( MISTAKE ) and had another cry session. Thank god for sunglasses people. I was a hot damn mess while driving. Then I finally pulled it together and realized there was a cop behind me and I hadn’t slowed down to 50 km/hr… I was still going 80 and hadn’t realized I passed the sign. Soooo I slammed on my brakes and you guessed it, cried again. <<< are you laughing at me yet? I didn’t even get pulled over but I cried anyway.

I texted my bf to tell him I was at his house ( remember when we actually had to knock on people’s doors to tell them that we were at their house? #throwbackWednesday? ) and realized I had a text from my ex-bestie-turned-psyhopath/was-always-a-psychopath-but-i-loved-her-anyway. She has texted me every day since Saturday acting like nothing happened. I’m not one to hold a huge grudge but you can’t treat your best friend like shit, forget about her for almost 2 months and then expect everything to be perfect. I cried again ( #7 ) and replied. She wants to talk in 2 weeks when she’s home… ok cool, but then she put on Facebook about an hour later that her “friends from home don’t matter anymore”. That was nice to read… So I went to the bathroom AKA cried some more because hello rude much.

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[ favourite photographer ever ]Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
[ it’s so relaxing to get organized, plus sticky notes make it fun ]IMG_9268
[ obsessed with my new photo editing program ]

The rest of my day actually went smoothly. I got so much homework done. Work was fine, minus the crazies AKA the kids I teach dance to were IN-freakin-SANE ( hello, full moon + Halloween. Seriously feel for all the parents out there this weekend ) but I feel like I embraced it. I actually laughed until I cried ( happy tears!!! ) because my first group of 4 and 5 year olds were dancing and screaming the lyrics to Ghostbusters and it was so dang cute!! I ate peanut butter tonight, 2 scoops of it to be exact because there’s nothing I love more than PB and I needed some comfort food tonight.

I am going to end this day on a happy note and wake up tomorrow and tackle Thursday! I have always loved Thursdays and I usually always have good days ( I don’t know why, but Thursdays are almost always a good day ). I’m planning on skipping class #sorrynotsorry and making a Halloween costume then going to my mom’s classroom to eat way too many Halloween treats and party with her 5 year olds all day. She said something about a dance party – talk about stress relief. She actually cried when I said I was planning on going in to her classroom ( out of relief! ) because I guess her week has been just as brutal as mine.

I really feel like I MEGA over-shared in this post but I’m just being real. Every day isn’t always great. I really had nothing to post today because I’m just still feeling #overit. I mean sometimes you cry 8 times in one day BUT as TSwift says SHAKE IT OFF and tomorrow will be better ( hopefully, cause gaaddamn I can’t handle being a blubbering hot mess again ). I really feel semi-pathetic/whiney/insane looking back on this day but it is what it is. Please tell me you guys cry over stupid shit like this too? These days can’t just happen to me… It’s not just me right?

Please don’t think I’m a psycho brat.

Because I’m not ( not usually anyway HA ).

julieann xx

[ the best donuts in the world ]IMG_9111[ when you’ve never had a bed… ok, I have. But it was old and rickety and my grandparents literally got it when they found it floating down a river ( not even joking ), getting a new bed is the most exciting thing ]



This looks like an excessive amount of products to use on your face… But I love each and every one of these prodcuts and I use them all basically daily, if not every second (third ) day. Some people hate washing their face and moisturizing and using facial masks and stuff like that but I love it. I find it relaxing and soothing ( judge me I don’t care haha ). I love my little face routine and I love my ten minutes a night that I get to just chill and focus on my skin. PLUS it’s going to pay off in the long run. Good skin care = good skin = no wrinkles and healthier skin when you’re older. Win win win.

I’ve found that these products work for me. I’ve tried so many products over the years, from cheap drug store stuff to more expensive salon-bought products. I used to swear by Clean & Clear and then it started messing up my skin. I used Caryl Baker stuff for the longest time until our local one closed and I was unable to get the products anymore. I’ve used Neutrogena ( hated it ) and Aveeno ( wanted to love it but it hated me! ) and so many other products. But now that I’ve tried Lush, I swear by their products… The smell, the feel, the quality, what it’s done to my skin, even the packaging – everything is just so nice.


Every night I use my Rimmel eye makeup remover to take off my mascara and then I follow up with Bioderma micellar water to remove my makeup. On lazy nights ( which is literally MAYBE once a year, I’m telling you people, I love washing my face ) I’ll stop after these two steps and go to bed. My makeup is removed and my face feels cleansed… But this doesn’t happen often.

Next I’ll slather Ultrabland from Lush all over my face. I love this stuff. I was having a really bad time with my skin ( it still isn’t perfect, if you have perfect skin I envy you. Adult acne is no joke ) and I went in to Lush and talked to this girl that works there. <<<< side note: she has the sickest dreads and tattoos and she is always so peppy and happy to help you, it’s great and I take everything she recommends and do it. She’s become my personal face care specialist, no joke… Hand care, foot care, bath bomb consultant too ( ++ but we’ll get to that in another post ). She recommended  to me that I try Ultrabland for 4-6 weeks and use nothing else, besides a makeup remover if needed, and see how my skin turned out. I did this in the summer and it was like a miracle worker. She then said after the 4-6 weeks to go back in to her, if it didn’t work, but if it did to add in my other face products and continue as I always had been. Ultrabland has so many key ingredients in it including beeswax, honey, almond oil, rose water and fresh iris extract, that work to really give your face a deep cleanse and also moisturize it. I’m obsessed with keeping my face moisturized though, so I use another moisturizer on top.

To get rid of the cleanser, I will use a wet face cloth and then scrub my face with Lush’s Ocean Salt ( I’ve used Ocean Salt for 2-3 years now, OBSESSED ). This is what the girl at Lush told me to do and I love it. The really moisturized feel from Ultrabland mixed with the intense scrub from Ocean Salt feels so good on your face. I use Ocean Salt every day ( Lush girl with the sick dreads told me I could, even though most people only use it every few days or once a week. She does it every day, so I do it every day #sheisGod ). I do these 2 steps in the shower every night. I leave Ultrabland on until the very last minute of my shower then scrub it off and get out and move on to my next step in my skin care routine.


Every night I use the Origins GinZing eye cream. I got this as a Christmas present from my parents one year in the Sephora favourites box and it’s been a serious favourite ever since. Some people may not use eye creams in their 20’s but I’m all about prevention. I don’t want any eye wrinkles when I’m older so if taking 2 seconds out of my night to put on eye cream will help that, I’m all for it. Plus under my eyes gets dry too from using concealer and cleansing the area ( super sensitive ). I have tried Lush’s eye cream before too, and my mom swears by it. I just prefer the smell of the Origins one… I didn’t notice any difference in the two products. Just the scent.

I use Imperialis as my facial moisturizer. Again, prevention. Anything I can do to prevent wrinkles and bad skin in the future, I’ll do it now. I love the feel of this moisturizer AND a little goes a long way. It’s a pretty expensive moisturizer but you don’t need much to really feel your skin softening. I apply it right after the shower, when my face is still a little damp ( tip from the girl at Lush of course ) and it really sinks in your skin. I also rub some on my neck and my chest – PREVENTION people, I’m all for it. Blame my mom for this one! She used to stress to me that if I didn’t moisturize my neck I’d look like a turkey, and turkeys ain’t cute… I use it on my ears too ( weird right ) but they get dry too in the colder weather and in the summer if they get a little bit too much sun.


These three products are a use every second day to third, or whenever I need them type of products. I love love love Mask of Magnaminty. I love the smell and I love what it does to my skin. It really draws out any pimples that you may have, like it really draws them out. Your face looks so bad for a couple hours after you use this product but the difference it makes is hugeeee. I find that it’s really drying and it makes my skin really tight so after I remove my mask I spray my face with the Eau Roma Water. This toner water just refreshes your face and gives your face that dampness that is great to then apply your moisturizer on top of. <<<< I usually use a face mask 2-4 times a week, depending on how bad my skin is / how much time I have free to sit and let it dry.

If I have a breakout I will apply Grease Lightning right on it and let it dry. I don’t know how this product works but tea tree oil on breakouts is a miracle worker ( ya I’m overusing this but seriously, I love face products and it’s amazing how they work ). It helps dry out the breakout and it just sorta disappears. Sometimes if it’s bad, I’ll apply it a couple times a day and it’ll go down a lot. <<< I only apply this when I’m staying home because I find it dries in a white crusty mess, gross I know, but breakouts are grosser ( is that even a word?? ).

So this may seem excessive but I really only have to take time to moisturize. Face masks are a couple times a week thing and breakout creams are only a once in a while thing. I make sure that I apply my facial cleanser before my shower and then I don’t have to think about doing anything until I’m about to get out of the shower AKA remove it. I’m sure there’s a way less complicated way to cleanse and moisturize my face but like I said I find this soothing. I love taking this time for me and focusing on my skin and taking care of it for the future.

I’m definitely down to experiment more with my skin care products and I want to try to limit the number of products I use eventually but I am loving what they all do for my face right now. I’m defff interested in trying coconut oil… It’s great for everything else I’ve used it for ( ++ post to come soon! ) and I am interested in seeing what it does to my face.

Wowwww this was a long post, I’ll be surprised if you made it this far! I’m so obsessed with skin care it’s one of my favourite things to talk about. <<<< as if you couldn’t tell from this post. What are your skin care secrets or favourite products?! Let me know!

Happy almost humpday ( which means it’s almost TGIT, so it’s basically almost Friday right? ) A girl can dream!

julieann xx

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Yesterday I told you to go out and kick Monday’s ass. Today I woke up and it was a a crisp fall Monday morning. I felt insanely motivated to literally kick Monday’s ass. I immediately changed out of my pajama’s, put on “real clothes” and got ready for the day ( my hugest tip for days off that you want to be productive is to take off the pj’s and wash your face, even though you’re not going anywhere. You feel less lazy and it motivates you to actually do something ). <<<< try this I promise it works. I did 3 assignments in like an hour, did some yoga and made green juice. Hello productive Monday morning. This morning I chose happiness. I chose to be productive and motivated and to get shit done.

Some people choose to believe that happiness your destiny. You’re either happy or you’re not and there’s nothing you can do about it. They think that happiness is not something that you can change.

I call bullshit on that. Happiness is your choice. <<<< def aware that there are some people who suffer from mental health issues and happiness cannot be controlled and I sincerely feel for you, but what I’m talking about is the happiness that you CAN create for yourself even among all of the uncontrollable obstacles that life may throw you.

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Obviously there are things that you know that make you unhappy, so why the hell do them? Well I mean maybe some of those things are mandatory, like work, school, going to the dentist, driving your little brother to his basketball practices ( mom you owe me for this one ), paying your Visa bill, waking up early, doing a workout that you hate… Even when you are doing these necessary yet brutal tasks, you CAN STILL CHOOSE happiness. You don’t have to whine about it, complain about it, and look at everything negatively. Change it up. Reward yourself. If it’s not necessary to do, don’t do it.

There are things that you can do that will impact your overall happiness and this will make those little things in your life seem less taunting and shitty to deal with.

You can look at the annoying yet necessary things in your life as bumps in the road or a “means to an end”. My mom swears by this saying. I can’t even count on both hands how many times she’s said to me “it’s a means to an end”. Obv this doesn’t apply to driving your brother somewhere or going to a dentist appointment ( because those are hella annoying but little tasks that take no time to complete ). But big annoyances, things that can impact your happiness, like school and homework = a means to an end. Look at them like this and your attitude towards them will change. Happiness will come but only if you allow it to.

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It’s shit while you’re going through it but the blood, sweat and tears will pay off in the end. Obviously this is a bit dramatic for homework, school and work ( BUT university does get tough people ). I reward myself for doing things that bring me unhappiness. If I have a paper to write, I’ll buy myself a GF donut and stare at it until I have my paper done. Maybe this sounds crazy, but it actually works for me. If I have to pay off my Visa, I’ll reward myself with a little treat from the mall. Sure it sounds counterproductive but it’s what works for me. I am working towards something and rewarding myself so that the unhappy, annoying tasks can bring me a little feeling of happiness.

I’ve talked about how I plan to stop doing shit I hate & honestly, this has helped my happiness SO MUCH. By eliminating little things that have been making me unhappy that I don’t actually need to be doing, I’ve seen an increase in my overall happiness. I also have been appreciating the little things like lower gas prices ( instead of complaining about getting gas, I’ve been appreciating that it is under $1/liter ha ). <<<< by appreciating the little things in life, this allows you to find happiness EVERYWHERE, ALL THE FREAKIN’ TIME and it’s great. Traffic has been shit lately in the city and I have to drive through it twice a week to class. Sure it’s annoying as hell, but I’ve been blasting music ( hello Carrie Underwood, Jana Kramer & Selena Gomez ) and singing, while drinking a nice hot tea on my drives and it is helping make this unhappy time happier. Also while in the car I am enjoying the autumn leaves. SERIOUSLY they are so freakin’ pretty this year. I’m pretty sure I annoy everyone I’m with because I constantly talk about the leaves. I’m all about enjoying the little things that can bring me happiness during unhappy tasks.

edited139 By choosing to not simply just complain about things and changing things that are making me unhappy, I am choosing to be happy. I’m not just accepting the bad things and the fact that maybe I should be unhappy. Looking for the positives in life is really helping me out and I am a full believer that happiness is YOUR choice. There are not a select few of people destined to be happy and others who are destined for a life of unhappiness. YOU control it. So make those changes and live your happy life.

This week I am focusing on happiness and making sure that I continue to do what I need to do to feel so so so happy! I’m gonna work on a sleep routine, work out routine, blog/homework/work schedule and get everything taken care of. I work best under a routine and schedule and I know that this allows for me to be happy, so I am going to do that for myself.

Choose happiness this week! What makes you happy? Do you enjoy the little things, and do you try to find happiness when doing things that make you unhappy? Let me know!

xx julieann

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I PROMISED I wouldn’t do any more fashion posts for a little bit BUT I couldn’t help it. These pics were just too good not to post right away. If there’s a sunset involved, trees & water, plus a black-on-black outfit, it’s just way too good to not post pics. #sorrynotsorry

I worked all day on Saturday and got a surprised visitor at work ( it’s really great when your work is your bf’s work and he lives approx 5 mins away from it ). We ate some timbits and drank some tea, he had coffee ( ew ) and then decided that we were gonna go try this new gluten free restaurant. A GF restaurant that specializes in pizza and pasta sounds like MY kind of place.

First we stopped at the lake by my house to see the sun setting over the lake and it was SO PRETTY ( hi bf, just a heads up we’re doing this again ). It was so stunning with the autumn colours, the pretty blue of the lake and the red/pink sunset in the sky… I was in heaven. I needed some sort of colour in my life to make up for the lack of colour I was wearing. <<<< black-on-black( -on-black-on-black ) is my jam in the fall… and winter, spring and summer.

[ jacket / bodysuit / jeans ]edited186 edited187

After I made us watch the sunset for all of 5 minutes ( it was cold and we were starving ) we went to heaven the GF pizza and pasta restaurant. It was SO good. Funny story though, we knew it was GF and assumed everything we ordered would be GF which is PERFECT since I’m not really supposed to eat gluten ( even though I can’t help myself when cookies are around ). The sacrifices I make for cookies are unreal.

Then we find out, after I ate half a garlic fingers and almost all of my personal pizza that YOU HAVE TO REQUEST GLUTEN FREE CRUST. Ooops… So I suffered a stomachache for the night and ended up super tired/had a really bad headache/felt shitty all day today. But guys – the pizza was SO good, it was almost worth the suffering. Next time we’ll get it GF though… I’m sure it’ll be just as good ( I’ve heard so many good things about the crust and noodles from this little bistro ).

Date nights are obviously the best nights ever. Nothing beats surprises at work that turn into impromtu sunset watching, pizza eating, then YouTube binge-watching, cuddling in bed, playing word games on his iPhone kind of date nights ( ha, are we boring or what ). So heyyy bf, we’re gonna do this more often. I just decided this right now.

This week is going to be full of last minute fall and Halloween activities!! Def carving pumpkins, making Halloween treats, watching Halloween movies ( I’ve never seen Hocus Pocus… that’s about to change this week ) and trying to not gain 10 pounds before Saturday night so I don’t look like a total dummy in my costume. Pray for me plz&thx. After Halloween I feel like it’s less acceptable to want pumpkin everything and go to pumpkin patches and stuff so I’m gonna jam it all in to the next 5 days. Good thing I have an 8-page paper due Saturday night. A paper due on Halloween should be illegal right? UGGGH is it Christmas yet? The struggle between Oct 31 and Dec 24 is REAL.

I hope your weekend was as chilled as mine. Kick Monday’s ass tomorrow! Don’t let anything get you down ( repeating this 800 times to myself tomorrow. We’ve GOT THIS ).

xx julieann

[ purse and boots are from a few seasons ago but are both Steven Madden if you’re interested ]edited192
[ caught in the act #selfie ]edited189 edited190  edited184 edited193

++ hugest shout out to my bf for the awesome pics he always takes. These sunset pics are some of the best! I would be lying if I said I took every pic on my blog ( minus the ones I’m in… I OBV didn’t take those. I’m not that talented, wouldn’t that be cool? ). He takes the majority of them and I can’t thank him enough… So shout out to my amazing bf for always being down to take a million pics even though I know he’d rather be doing anything besides that. You are the best.

++ I PROMISE tomorrow’s post won’t be a fashion post, swearrrr.