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We’ve made it through this week of fashion posts! Uggggh that was exhausting. A lot goes in to a fashion post ( seriously it may look easy but it takes a lot… I’m also not happy with the edit of my pics so I’m gonna work on that more for upcoming fashion posts ). BUT ANYWAY. I hope you guys have enjoyed this mini series, it was fun but exhausting. I’m excited to do it again sometime soon. I’m already shopping for winter ahhh I am so excited for the holiday season.

For the last must have for fall fashion I thought it was only appropriate to talk about vertical stripes. My love affair with vertical stripes is SO. REAL. They are a huge trend this fall and are so easy to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe. I’m obsessed with super thin stripes. I love love love how they give a little more detail to a shirt, but not a huge one so that the shirt becomes the centre of the outfit. Does that make sense? You could still pair a thin verical striped shirt with pants that have details, or add jewelry to the outfit as your statement piece and it wouldn’t clash with the shirt. <<< I love mixing and matching patterns and stuff though, so maybe this is just my opinion ha.

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I love how it looks like a basic shirt but it has the fun striped pattern on it! Of course my favourite shirt would be black and white stripes, duh. And I would pair it with black jeans and black boots ( also my mom’s boots, seriously she kills the shoe game ). There are so many fun ways to dress up or down a vertical striped shirt. I like this particular one because it’s flowy and a nice silky feel.

This outfit is perfect for school or work and it’s super versatile and can be dressed up if you have somewhere to go in the evening! Putting on some dark red lipstick would be a nice added touch for a night out. <<< I’m all for outfits that can easily be worn multiple places just by switching up something as simple as adding a red lip instead of a nude lip.

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I am SUCH a huge fan of these floppy hats. They are such a cute accessory for any outfit – casual or dressy – they can add so much to an outfit. And cover up dirty hair. #win. I also had to add my beloved leather jacket. I wear this baby with anything because it keeps me so warm in the freezing weather we’ve been having lately. I love pieces that work with every outfit AKA hats and leather jackets.

So this post concludes my fashion week series. I hope these posts inspired you to get out of your lulu leggings, Uggs and hoodies and in to something super cute! <<< not that you don’t look cute in your Uggs and hoodies… BUT you know what I mean ( ha ).

Give all of your fall clothes love this season! What’s your favourite fall trend and fall accessory? Mine is definitely faux fur and leather everything, and floppy hats! Let me know! And don’t forget to mix up your outfits. I promise it’s super easy and you feel so much better during the day. Throw on a leather jacket and red lipstick and you’ll thank me.

TGIF! julieann xx

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I’m still really not sure how I feel about the whole denim on denim thing. But I thought I would give it a try. My denim jacket doesn’t get near as much love as it deserves mainly because when I think to wear it, like when it looks cute with the shirt I have on, I’m also wearing jeans… And denim on denim scares me. It can either go really well and look chic, go pretty well and look cute or go horribly wrong and you look like the annoying uncle at a family BBQ that eats waaaayyy too many hot dogs and is wearing his awful paint stained denim jacket with ripped jeans looking like a hot. damn. mess. AKA not cute.

I definitely am more of a fan of mixing two different denims aka a light with a dark. I think that a light chambray top would look super cute with really dark washed jeans, or even black jeans ( ++ post to come soon on this look, it’s time to experiment! ). This outfit would be ideal for work, school or hanging out with friends. You could even pull it off for a casual dinner date too. I’m liking it.


This look is super cute ( in my opinion ) and doesn’t look like the dreaded hot dog eating uncle at a fam BBQ. I’m def excited to experiment more with denim on denim and be a little more adventurous next time!

It’s also great because no Uggs, no leggings & no sweatshirts! Another super easy outfit to throw together that I guarantee you all have in your closets and it looks so nice! It’s like dressy-casual… Like you tried a little bit more than ripped jeans and a plain white t, but you also don’t look like you’re going to a business meeting or a job interview. I love throwing on riding boots with basically every outfit that I wear jeans with in the fall because a ) you can wear fuzzy socks and they don’t peek out of your sneakers or something equally as unflattering, and b ) they’re warm ( practical ) and CUTE.

Again I’m wearing such neutral colours ( denim is a neutral right? ), BUT I added in my favourite red for the pop of colour. This red is seriously my fav for fall. It’s cute on dresses, shirts, coats, anything. I am just loving how it pairs so well with my pretty basic and neutral coloured wardrobe.

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I reeealllly don’t hate this trend as much as I did before I tried it ( similar to my obsession with brussel sprouts, leather clothing items besides coats, high heels, asparagus, sweet potatoes, Apple Music, burritos, etc ) <<<< I am the worst for saying I hate something when I’ve never really given it a chance.

Like I said, next time I plan on playing it up even more! Trying different denim pieces and adding different accessories. I was just a little intimidated by this trend because it’s so easy to end up looking like a hot mess. AKA your annoying uncle ha. I’m SO HAPPY I tried it though. New found love. And super cute and chic. <<< maybe not this particular outfit, it’s a little on the casual side but still.

What’s your opinion on this trend? I feel like it’s so hit or miss that there has to be lots of opinions out there! Let me know in the comments. Are you scared to try it like me, do you love it, or are you so over it? I want to know!

It’s the weekend! Party like it’s 1999!! <<<< I’m really embarrassed that I said this ( or even thought it ). Buuuutttt anyway have a good weekend. Tomorrow’s the last post in this little fashion series. I’m working on tons of more posts… I hope you’re as excited as I am.

xx julieann

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Ok, so the NUMBER ONE easiest way to feel so put together, take zero effort to get ready in the morning and still look cute has to be dresses. Seriously. Throw it over your head and you are good to go, walk out the door and you look cute.

I don’t know about you guys but once fall hits I instantly fall into like a zombie trap and I suck at waking up. I never want to leave my bed and when I do, I leave it until the last possible second and then give myself approximately 12 minutes until I need to leave my house… Like I procrastinate everything so bad, but esp getting out of bed in the morning. I am THE worst.

Have to leave my house at 9 am to make it to school? Scroll instagram until 8:45.

Have to be at work for 9:10 am? Go on twitter until 8:30. <<< does anyone else do this? I know you def all do, right?

But I have found the solution for us procrastinators. And that solution is dresses.

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Dresses are serioulsy a life saver. You don’t have to worry about trying to find a pair of pants that go with your shirt, or trying to find a shirt that covers your bum in leggings ( if you feel this is necessary. I am a firm believer that leggings are pants as long as you wear them right ). But you don’t need to worry about anything with dresses because it’s ALL ONE PIECE. I love dresses.

I’ve never been a dress girl, ever.

But lately I find myself loving them more and more. I always felt like if I was wearing a dress, it should only be to somewhere fancy or for like a special occassion. But now I wear them anywhere I want to because they are SO comfy and SO easy. #lazygirlsolutions

This dress is one of my favourites because it’s a little more dressy than most I own. You can definitely dress it down and make it casual, but I like to keep it dressy, pairing it with my leather jacket that I love ( I got it from Urban like 8 years ago, it’s my ride or die ) because it’s so damn cold here, a pair of thick black tights and booties that I stole from my mama. <<<< seriously, she’s a fashionista, I hate her.

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I am also loving t-shirt dresses and TRAPEZE DRESSES ohmygod. Trapeze dresses are to die. They are literally a t-shirt dress that flow out a little bit more to cover that food baby, ya feel me. I will be buying a few this season I already know! #obsessed

I cannot wait to wear dresses more and it’s so fun pairing them with jewelry, coats and cute shoes. <<<< You all know I’m so not a jewelry girl but wearing dresses makes me feel like I need to do a little something more, so with them I attempt to throw on a necklace or something little at least!

So how do you feel about dresses? Too dressy for work/school and prefer to leave them for special occassions and events only? Or do you like to wear dresses on casual occassions like I do? Let me know below!

Enjoy a treat because it’s basically Friday. We’ve almost made it!!

– julieann xx



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This is another one of my favourite outfits to throw on in replacement of leggings and a hoodie. It takes absolutely no more effort ( it’s still two pieces of clothing! ) but just looks much more put together. I’m not a huge fan of jeans, like every girl since leggings became a thing, let’s be real. But I own 27 pairs ( embarrassing, I know ) and I NEVER wear them. Ever.

I don’t really have a reason. I just don’t do wear them. I don’t know why. BUT I am going to.

I wore jeans to school on Tuesday and I felt a huge sense of accomplishment. <<<< please tell me you feel this way when you put on jeans instead of leggings…

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I paired my favourite ripped jeans with my gray Converse and threw my fav black leather coat overtop. I love these particular jeans because they are super soft ( not jeggings though ) and fit like a boyfriend jean kind of. They aren’t as baggy as bf jeans are but they are still pretty loose fitting. They are perfect for all of the holiday treats that I plan on eating, and the cookies, and the hot drinks with whipped cream please because they will allow you to still wear them if you skip on your AM work-outs and indulge in the cookies. <<<< seriously people, don’t listen to me – indulge in the work-outs and skip the cookies.

BUT CAN WE TAKE A MINUTE and focus on the shoes. These are my favourite shoes for reals. They’re so comfy and cute and I LOVE the gray colour. I also have them in navy blue and burgundy and I have the classic white in hi-tops too because my love for Converse runs deep ( I also have a Tiffany Blue pair because so cute, but they don’t get the love they deserve ). I wear these gray ones all the time though. Absolutely obsessed and MUCH cuter than Uggs.

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For those of you who don’t have super cold falls, you wouldn’t need the leather coat but this outfit still looks so cute! I love all of the different ways you can wear plaid flannels ( ++ post to come on this SOON yay! ) but lately I am loving tucking it in to jeans. I think it makes it look like you tried a little bit harder and I’m all for this.

I put the scarf overtop because I love scarves. I hardly ever leave my house in fall/winter without a scarf. I just love how cozy they are and they are cute too. This ones one of my favs that I got on sale at the end of last winter for $5 so that makes me love it even more.

Even though this outfit isn’t as dressy as my first two, I still love it and it’s super easy to wear. I guarantee you all have these basic pieces in your closet so put them to use! I hope you are enjoying this little series and you are feeling inspired to get out of your Uggs and sweatshirts even for just one day of the week. I still have dresses, denim on denim and my absolute fav VERTICAL STRIPES ( love love love ) coming up over the next three days.

If you’re not loving the fashion posts, next week I’ll have a mix of different ones and not strictly fashion promise!

Happy hump-day… It’s one day closer to FriYAY!

– julieann xx

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So you all know about how I plan on switching up my outfits for fall. AKA stop wearing Lulu’s, Uggs and baggy sweatshirts every day and wear nice clothes. I literally have so many clothes in my closet… I should probably stop shopping because nothing fits in it anymore. But this fall ( and winter ) I plan on giving every piece in my closet the love and attention they deserve so that’s my excuse for keeping all of my clothes instead of donating them.

I also mentioned ( briefly ) about how much I am liking shorts with tights for fall. I’m liking them so much I decided that I would give them their own separate post. Shorts with tights definitely looks so chic. Less thick tights, like ones that are a little see-through, look super cute paired with shorts. I wouldn’t really wear thick tights with shorts. I would definitely save that for dresses or skirts.
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I paired these black shorts, with semi-sheer black tights, a white silky shirt and nude heel booties. I’m so obsessed with wearing booties. I think they add a whole lot to an outfit. They definitely make an outfit look more put together and make you feel better about yourself ( ha, is this just me? ).

This shirt is one of my favs too… It’s so silky and soft and it’s flowy. It also has lots of gold detailing on it, so if you’re like me and super forgetful lazy and don’t wear jewelry often, it’s perfect!

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I love how simple this outfit is to throw together and how casual it feels. BUT I also love that it’s not sweats and Uggs. <<<< I’m majorly hating on Uggs in these posts but deep down, my love for them runs deep… We’re not breaking up, we’re just taking a break.

You could definitely wear this outfit for a shopping day, I’d maybe swap the heeled booties for flat boots or flats or you could dress it up for date night with a vampy lip ( or red lip! ) and a leather jacket over top. As you can tell, I like the neutrals and dark colours for colder seasons and I often just add a pop of colour through my lipstick… #love

I definitely plan on wearing this outfit ( or one similar ) the next time I go out. I’ll probably pair it with a jacket and scarf and hat and tall boots though, because suddenly, like OVER NIGHT, it got freezing here. There was frost on my car yesterday morning and there was a chance of flurries in the weather forecast. It is COLD. But that won’t stop me from rocking my shorts with tights because like I said whoever said shorts are just for summer doesn’t know fashion. I might feel really cold but at least my outfit will be cute and that’s all that matters, right?

What is your opinion on shorts in the fall ( with tights obv, unless you’re living in LA or somewhere hot #blessed )? Would you try this trend or do you think it’s not cute? Let me know in the comments!

Chat soon,

julieann x

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