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Often times in fall, I tend to stick to black leggings, Uggs and an oversized hoodie ( because let’s be real, it’s comfy and cozy and that’s all you want to feel in fall ). I’m also pretty busy with school and work, and neither of those require me to put much effort in to my outfits.

But this fall I am going to make it a goal to try a little bit harder when there is an occassion I’m going to or a place I am exploring.

It really doesn’t take that much more effort to put on a nice shirt and boots that aren’t as lazy looking as old, beat up Uggs. BUT let me tell you, you feel so much better.

Last week when I was heading to school, I had on Lululemon leggings, Uggs and a sweatshirt. I felt frumpy and lazy but in my mind it didn’t matter cause I was just going to class. And by just going to class, I literally mean ONE class and then heading back home. So in my mind, I really don’t feel as though I need to try on my outfits for class…

But last Thursday, I changed my outfit. I kept the leggings but I swapped the sweatshirt for a long-sleeve shirt and a leather jacket, topped off with a blanket scarf, high pony and lipstick. LET ME TELL YOU, I felt so much better. And it honestly didn’t take any more effort ( or time ) than my lazy outfit did.

So over the next week, I have fashion posts coming up, wearing my favourite fall fashion pieces that are a little more put together, but take honestly just as much time as sweats and a hoodie do, AND you feel so. much. better. <<< this is always a win in my books.

I hope these posts inspire you to try something new this fall!


I spent this past weekend working or doing homework, definitely not wearing an outfit even half as nice as this one, even though my goal is to try out new outfits. But if I had somewhere nice to go this weekend other than my bed to write an 8-page paper, I FOR SURE would’ve worn something similar to this.

I am so obsessed with shorts and tights. I think it looks so chic. Whoever said shorts are only for the summer is clearly wrong and doesn’t know fall fashion. I paired these with little black heeled booties and I am in love.

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vest / shorts / hat ]edited7 edited8 edited9 edited10

Floppy hats are so in for fall and they make any outfit look like you tried that much harder ( plus they cover up dirty hair, LIFE SAVER, am I right girls? ).

I wore the red shirt for a pop of colour ( if you read this post, then you know I’m all about this shade of red to add colour to my otherwise neutral fall wardrobe ) and to finish this outfit I threw a ( faux ) fur vest over top. I love fur vests SO much, and there are so many cute options for pretty inexpensive prices in stores right now!

The necklace is a old Rolex timepiece that I inherited from my grandma. I love adding pieces like this to an outfit. I love having a piece of her with me wherever I go.

Let me know if you plan on incorporating faux fur vests in to your fall wardrobe and if you do, what do you plan on wearing them with? I’m thinking about investing in another one that’s slightly darker than this one!

Happy Monday! – julieann xx

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Remember those cute Forever 21 clothes for fall that I mentioned you needed to buy yesterday? Well you can thank me now.

I took one for the team ( lol ) and did your shopping for you and have picked out THE cutest clothes that you need to add to your fall wardrobe, like now.

coat and vest collage[ 1/2/3/4/5/6 ]

  1. I’m so obsessed with red for fall. It adds such a nice pretty pop of colour to any outfit ( because if you’re like me, everything you wear in the fall is black/white/gray/boring.
  2. This green coat is to die. I am so obsessed with this colour and the length!
  3. I love the quilted detailing on the sleeves and how they’re a diff material than the body of the coat. I am in love.
  4. If you’re like me then you cannot get enough of the fur vests ( only faux fur though, plz&thx ).
  5. This gray vest would be such a cute accent piece for an all black outfit.
  6. Obsessed with this gray coat because of the length – as with the green one.

dress collage
[ 1/2/3/4/5/6 ]

  1. This dress is made out of sweatshirt material – I mean can it get much cozier than that?
  2. I love these trapeze dresses and think they would look so so cute with a knit scarf and tall boots ( this colour red would look esp great with brown boots ).
  3. A tan coloured leather dress… um yes please.
  4. OBSESSED with plaid and the cut of this dress. I want one in every colour.
  5. I’m still not over the chambray/denim phase. Pair this with tall boots or cute booties and a chunky scarf/leather coat and you’d be good to go.
  6. This orange colour just screams fall. I love it and the looseness of the dress ( because hello, holiday season & FOOD ).

shirt collage
[ 1/2/3/4/5/6 ]

  1. Love this white plaid flannel. The white looks so crisp for the cooler fall ( and winter ) months. It just makes me think of snow.
  2. Vertical stripes are my new obsession. I love how it looks like you’re wearing your bf’s shirt too.
  3. Black and white buffalo check, enough said.
  4. Love this typical plaid flannel with the basic colours, but it’s so cute!
  5. Again, vertical stripes but this time a little bit more fitted than your bf’s shirt… so cute.
  6. Black and red buffalo check, enough said. : )

skirt collage[ 1/2/3/4/5/6 ]

  1. This is such a cute pencil skirt. The long zipper just adds a cute detail! I totally can picture this with little black booties and maybe that gray coat!
  2. Obsessed with red for fall for a pop of colour! Just so cute.
  3. Love the look of this leather skirt but skater style. I’d definitely wear this with a cropped chunky knit sweater and some booties.
  4. If you’re not in to the super short skater skirt, here’s a longer option for you! Still super cute and would look so nice with a chunky knit sweater too.
  5. This sequin skirt just makes me think of NYE, but I’m also kind of loving it for fall, dressed down with a casual top.
  6. CAN’T deal with how cute this skirt is. I love the quilted leather, the zipper and the different length bottom hem.

>>> And if F21 wasn’t enough for you, I also checked out Garage and Dynamite and found some other super cute staple pieces for fall.

garage collage
[ 1/2/3/4/5/6 ]

  1. The length of this knit sweater is perfect for leggings and I love the wide neck. You could pair this with your fav black leggings, a pair of Uggs and a cute scarf for a cozy fall outfit.
  2. Listen, I didn’t think I was going to be a fan of the poncho/heavy kimono/kimono at all, but I am loving this one. It looks super cozy and looks like it’d keep you nice and warm.
  3. This coat may be a little too heavy for some places in the fall, but I know once November hits here, I’ll be reaching for a coat and this one is so cute! I love that puffer style coats are back in.
  4. THIS SWEATER. Oh my god. The colour, the length, the coziness – it’s just perfection.
  5. I have this leather jacket and I am so obsessed with it. I got it 2 years ago and it is so warm and comfy. It doesn’t feel stiff like some leather jackets and the length is pretty decent too. Some leather jackets are just way too short and they don’t keep you warm at all.
  6. Ok, my love affair with these baggy dresses is too real. This striped one though just might be my fav. I love me some stripes.

dynamite collage[ 1/2/3/4/5/6 ]

  1. I have this shirt in white and in vertical stripes ( obsessed people, I told you ) and it’s the perfect length for leggings. It also looks dressy but it can also be worn casually – I love when you find pieces like this.
  2. Plaid flannel. I just am in love. Also – the back of these flannels are longer than the front ( perfect for leggings ). Do we sense a pattern here?
  3. Obsessed with this green colour for fall. If I’m not wearing white/black/gray I’m wearing this green.
  4. This sweater dress/tunic/thing looks so so cute and cozy. I also love the wide neck.
  5. This red fringe vest is everything. I adore it.
  6. Faux fur vests are so chic. Love them and I love how long this one is.

Wow that was ridiculously long and took way more time than I had anticipated.

BUT THIS WAS FUN. Maybe I’ll do it again soon!

Shopping for other people is always so fun because you don’t spend any money. But also sad because you have no new clothes to wear.

Let me know what you guys are loving for fall! Clearly my favourites are leather, faux fur, more leather, plaid flannels, vertical stripes, more plaid flannels and shirts that are long enough to wear with leggings ( ha ).

Chat soon – julieann x


I had today’s post all written and pictures added and ready to click post before I jumped in bed for the night but there’s been something bothering me for the last few days and I just needed to put it in words. I’m tired of people bashing everyone and making their opinion the more entitled one esp in times that people are literally DYING.

So basically, I just got out of the shower and I’m currently sitting in my bed, in a towel, hair soaking wet, because I needed to write this.

Is it just me, or do you do the MOST thinking in the shower too ( << please tell me I’m not alone )?

Ok, so if you watch reality tv, are a fan of basketball, go on twitter, read the news, listen to the radio… basically just were alive today ( and yesterday ) then you probably know that Lamar Odom is in the hospital, fighting for his life because of an accidental drug overdose? purposeful drug overdose? mistake? whatever.

And you also must know that Khloe Kardashian ( and fam, mainly Kris and Kim, but now the others ) are, GASP, at the hospital by his side.

People seem to have a lot of shit to say about people supporting a dying man.

There are so many people saying “why are the Kardashian’s there?”, “oh look, another news story for the Kardashian’s to get their face on”, “the Kardashian’s just need to be the centre of attention”.


Why the hell does it matter WHO is supporting him? Why does it matter who is in the hospital by his side while he is quite literally FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE? Shouldn’t we be allowing them to grieve? Shouldn’t we be thankful that this man isn’t alone, fighting for his life, in a hospital, alone?

If you pay close attention to Lamar Odom as a person, you’d know that he has no mother. He has no grandparents. His father is a drug addict. His baby mama lives across the country. His kids are young and unable to make decisions as to what medical needs/care he should receive ( maybe it’s just me, but when I am curious about someone, I Wikipedia them right quick & I’ve known this shit for a while ).

If you stopped judging and focusing on the fact that “the Kardashians’s” are there as the main news story, you’d realize that Khloe is in charge of making all of the medical decisions as to what happens to this man and what treatments he receives because their divorce was never finalized.

Kind of hard for her to make medical decisions about his life if she’s NOT THERE.

Then there are other people saying “Lamar Odom was a basketball player, not a reality TV star”, “why don’t we recognize LO as the star athlete he was rather than a reality TV star” & my very favourite, a quote from a sports anchor: “His name is Lamar Odom, and we knew him long before a reality TV show that we don’t watch”.

Here’s the little news clip ( that REALLY pissed me off earlier today ): http://www.buzzfeed.com/javiermoreno/espn-anchor-criticizes-the-labeling-of-lamar-odom-as-reality?bftw&utm_term=.egEp6Rgzmn#.wmWYRJ6kep

Why the hell does it matter if you knew him before he was a reality TV star? Why the hell would it matter if he was a basketball player before he became a reality TV star?

It doesn’t matter.

Or rather, it SHOULDN’T matter.

I’ve seen so many mixed news stories, tweets, Facebook statuses, GRIEVANCES everywhere from all different walks of life.

There are the reality TV fans who grew to love Lamar Odom from KUWTK and Khloe & Lamar who are grieving and praying for him and showing their support ( sidenote for all you judging Lamar as a “reality TV star”: he was THE funniest on this show. His personality shone in every episode he was on so it’s easy to see why the reality TV fans would love him ). Sure, some of these reality TV fans have never watched a basketball game in their life, BUT why are they not allowed to be sad too? Why are they not allowed to show their support/be respectful of the current situation?

There are also the basketball/sports fans who loved his game and the way he played and respected him as an athlete that are ALSO showing their support/grief/love + prayers. Sure, some of these sports fans have never in their life seen Lamar on reality TV and probably didn’t even remember which Kardashian sister Lamar was married to, BUT why are these the only people that are allowed to be sad? Why is it that the sports fans are the only ones allowed to show their support?


Why does it matter if he played basketball BUT WAS ALSO a reality TV show?

The funny thing is LAMAR ODOM HIMSELF CHOSE TO BECOME A REALITY TV STAR, so why are we bashing this part of his life when we should all be trying to just show support because a man is fighting. for. his. life.

If they weren’t in the hospital with him, I bet the same people that are bitching about them being there, would be bitching about them not being there.

You just can’t win. Especially if your a celeb ( reality TV star, athlete, WHATEVER… ).

Why do people feel the need to constantly belittle one thing in order to make their opinion the greater one? WHO cares what we label him as.

Right now, he’s a man who needs all of the prayers, support and love that he can get. That’s all we should really be focusing on.

Not making a huge deal out of who is there to support and comfort him in the hospital.

<<<< side note: I’m a huge reality TV star, esp KUWTK ( it’s just too good people, lighten up ) & I also like basketball. I loved Lamar on the show, thought he was THE funniest and was so, so heartbroken when him & Khloe broke-up. But I also watch basketball. Can’t say I was a huge follower of him as an athlete though ( never was a fan of the LA teams, but that’s just me ). Does that mean I’m not allowed to feel sorry for him because I liked Lamar Odom, the reality TV star and paid little attention to him in basketball? No. It doesn’t. Because he’s a HUMAN who is suffering and we’re all entitled to show support ( we just shouldn’t feel the need to simply be ENTITLED ).


If you decided to not read all that, here’s today’s actual post. : )

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset[ tons of fresh berries from my fav grocery store + hungry hippie mix AKA nuts and seeds, water in the cutest mason jar and my fav screen saver. Seriously people I’m obsessed with this screen saver #moreissuesthanvogue ]

Lately I have just been loving this season and loving this month. October is basically my favourite month ( but I also say this about December, May and July… so… ) and I am obsessed with doing everything I can to soak up this holiday season.

It’s holiday season right now, right?

Also the fall leaves are seriously THE cutest background for taking pictures. Daniel and I took 316 yesterday ( well he did, I just stood there and attempted to look half decent ). SO MANY new fashion posts coming soon. GET excited cause I know I am.

[ guess someone wasn’t feeling the #carselfie… ]IMG_8874
[ we tried to look cute and re-enact our picture from like 4( ? ) years ago… ]LOL
[ just for laughs… here’s the original from 2011 ( so says my mom’s facebook ) ].IMG_8878
[ valley days with valley views ]IMG_8933
[ I mean what would fall be without a hot drink from Starbucks & Uggs ]IMG_8974
[ pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, these are TO DIE – thx Alexah ]IMG_8995
[ I haven’t had a bath since I was like 4 so the other night I tried one, with a LUSH bathbomb of course & I loved it, I mean seriously fell in love ]IMG_8999
[ when you break out the cozy socks, you know it’s fall ]IMG_9029
[ after taking 316 pictures in 3.5 hours… thank you : ) ]IMG_9036
[ it was so warm the other day ( ok, it was 19 degrees ) so we went to the beach for 10 seconds ]IMG_6430[ sneak peek at one of my fall fashion outfits ] + POSTS TO COME SOON, promise.

I’m currently sitting here, craving a toasted graham latte from Starbucks ( yum ), wearing my fuzzy socks and thinking about which LUSH bathbomb I’m gonna buy next. I’m just seriously so excited for the next few months and all of the blog post ideas that I have ( LOTS OF FASHION ) and probably a ton of skin care too since my skin goes so fucked in the winter, buttttt that gives me a reason to try new stuff out right!?

Also Forever 21’s fall fashion game is SICK, just an FYI in case anyone is looking to update their fall wardrobe.

Think tons of leather, fringe, denim and plaid.

You can thank me later ( or yell at me when your Visa hates you as much as mine hates me, jk mom! It’s all paid off <<< seriously mom, I haven’t bought anything… yet… ).

Chat soon – julieann x



Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving weekend?

There’s nothing I love more than a weekend full of the most festive autumn things. This year we headed to the valley ( as usual ) and went apple picking. We skipped the pumpkin patch this year because last year our pumpkin exploded before Halloween. It just didn’t want to last when we got it early in October, so this year we decided to wait til it is a little closer to Halloween.

We always head to the same spot in the valley. The apple orchard is across the street from the pumpkin patch and there’s a to die bakery and sandwich counter at the apple orchard ( biggest egg salad sandwhich EVER ).

For once we were early enough, yet late enough, that there were still some honey crisps ( my fav ) available for pickin’! If anyone needs apples just let me know, I have 20lbs of them in my kitchen. We also stopped at a cheese house on our way back and bought way too much gouda ( a place dedicated to just cheese is MY kind of place, I’m just sayin’ ).

[ we can’t get a picture of the 3 of us without this happening ]

IMG_6379 IMG_6380  IMG_6382
[ they dropped me… they said it was because their hands were full of apples… I don’t believe it ]  IMG_6390  IMG_6392  IMG_6396
[ love my fam ]  IMG_6400

The rest of the weekend consisted of a bunch of farmer’s markets ( they kind of sucked because apparently Sunday isn’t a good day for them ), baking lots of apple and pumpkin treats, eating turkey dinner & a whole lot of leftovers, and sleeping forever ( turkey coma x10 ). I love long weekends spent with family and loved ones and this long weekend was one of the best.

IMG_6404   IMG_6410

This Thanksgiving weekend was super relaxed but still busy and that’s definitely how I like to spend my downtime. We had family friends visiting from Austrailia and we got to hear all about their month long trips. They went to Alaska, all over Canada and are heading to Chicago ( and somewhere else too, ughhh my memory sucks ) and then they get to head back to Austrailia WHERE IT’S SUMMER #sojealous.

Peace out thanksgiving, bring on Christmas ( so excited, I can’t even help it )! – julieann x




It’s raining outside and I have a ton of candles burning ( my mom says it’s like a séance in our living room, but I think it feels so cozy ). I’m currently curled up on my couch, wrapped in a fleece blanket, drinking hot tea & lemon water ( you can never be too hydrated, right? ) and watching my favourite movie, Wanderlust. Ok, maybe it’s one of my favourite movies not my absolute favourite, but it’s great.

I’m sure you’ve all seen it before… But just in case not ( why haven’t you seen it!? Jennifer Aniston is hilar, so go watch it please ), a couple is unhappy doing the same shit every day. They drink the same coffee from the same coffee shop, they live in a tiny apartment that makes them unhappy, their marriage seems to be taking a toll due to their unhappiness. They’re doing things every day, work wise and other, that aren’t allowing them to be fully happy.

They pack up and leave their apartment and start driving. They end up staying at a b&b ( commune, let’s be real ) that ends up changing their outlooks on life.

The whole point of this post is to do what Jennifer and Paul ( Linda and George ) did and make a change in your life if you aren’t happy.

We, as humans, are creatures of habit and once we get stuck doing something that we know, we tend to stick to it. This is quite possibly the most obvious reason that people continue to do the shit that they say they hate.

They tell their friends, family, sig other ( & fb friends, twitter peeps, maybe they even have a blog that they write about their days, or they simply write it in a journal ). And then we as listeners / observers tend to think they don’t actually hate it because they don’t do anything about it. But they do hate it. It’s the fact that we thrive off of habit and routine, and breaking either one of those is a hard thing to do.

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Wanderlust, other than just being a really funny, damn good movie, has also inspired me to quit doing shit I hate and make changes in my life.

Positivity and happiness is all I’m after.

Making a change is what I plan on doing. I know that it’s obviously not gonna happen over night AKA I’m not gonna just wake up tomorrow and say “fuck it” when it comes to working and school, even though those are two major things that are affecting my happiness right now.

I’m not gonna drop out of school ( I’ve already paid for it and I’ve come this far ) and I’m not gonna quit my job ( because duh, there are really good aspects of my job and I do love it ) but I’m going to start making minor changes when it comes to both.

I also plan on focusing on what makes me happy AKA my blog, photography, the people that I love and my health. I’ve been slacking on a few ( ok, all ) of these things lately because the things that are taking over my time ( school and work ) are sucking all of my energy up and leaving me no willpower or time to do what I love.

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SO I am encouraging you to do the same. Stop doing shit that is making you unhappy. LIKE I SAID, don’t make super drastic changes, but do little things. You’ll get to where you want to be one step at a time.

If you’re doing shit that you hate every day and just choose to bitch about it instead of changing something that will make YOU happier, I want to know why. Why don’t you do something for you?  I’m not saying you need to sell your apartment and move into a commune like Linda and George did, but WHY NOT make some changes. Just start small.

Make a tiny change tomorrow and continue to do so, every day, until you’re no longer doing shit you hate. Nobody is going to do it for you, we’re not all blessed with a fairy godmother like Cinderella was ( I mean, I WISH but this ain’t a fairytale ) so you need to get up off your ass and do it yourself.

Change your lifestyle and you might be able to finally experience the true, genuine happiness that you deserve.

Stop doing the same shit that you hate every single day. I promise you won’t regret it.

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YOU are worth more than that. Let me know below how you plan on making a change and if you have any tips or tricks to stop doing shit that you hate.

Talk later! – julieann x

+ this is quite possibly my favourite quote from the movie… “Who knows how many days any of us have on this earth? I want to fill mine with laughter, happiness and love. Let’s get the fuck outta here.” I’m making positive changes in my life so let’s kick ass and make this life the life we’ve always dreamed of.

+ this one’s good too… “Why shouldn’t we feel that every day? I think it’s such an obvious choice. There’s no one way to live our lives”

Go out there and kick ass.



[ it’s only fitting that I used more pictures by the water / beach ] + [ you all know I do my best thinking by the beach… and who wants to see pics of me curled up on the couch in the pouring rain #hotmess ]