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It’s only fitting that my first post be a LITTLE LOVES post and have it be about the calmness and stillness that the beach brings me. I’m currently sitting here writing this post, watching the Raptors pre-season game and blasting Drake, while seriously wishing that I was laying on the beach, in a bikini, reading a really good book.

Because there’s seriously nothing I love more than the beach ( maybe my family, friends and bf, but that should be a given, right? ).

But basketball and rap music is my current source of calm… This doesn’t even come close to bringing me the feeling of calm I have at the beach though ( ha! ).

Anyway back to the beach…

There is something about it that just brings me an instant calm. I could be the most stressed ( I’m talking 3 papers due in the same week, followed by a dentist appt – instant anxiety, and an oral presentation to do stressed ) and once I step foot on the beach all my anxieties and stresses go away.

When I’m feeling super stressed, even if it’s the dead of winter… I’m talking -15 or colder… I’ll head out to the beach ( as long as I can even see the ocean, sometimes I don’t walk the beach people, it gets really cold here ) and it helps with my stress and anxiety super quick.

Seeing the love and happiness that the beach brings to others also soothes me in a weird ( kinda creepy ) way.

I feel like all people are at the beach seeking the same thing – a calm and happiness – even if they don’t know it.

There are people who like the beach as a place to drink and hang out with friends, others who prefer to tan and relax with a good book, some who like to walk with their partner or dog, and those who like to walk the beach solo. I seriously get so happy seeing couples in love on the beach though. #creep

Everyone, no matter how they are enjoying the beach, feels the happiness that the beach can bring.

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The sound of the waves crashing against the shoreline also instantly puts me to sleep if I’m in bed ( this is my absolute fav part about the beach house in the summer ).

I love to be all curled up in my bed ( usually it’s freezing so I layer on the sweats, hoodies and blankets ) with the window open and fall asleep to the waves. The morning is fab too because you wake up all toasty with the cool air around you and, you guessed it, to the waves crashing ( ha ).

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I mean how can you not love the beach. It could be a sandy beach, a rocky beach, a seaweed filled beach, even a cold beach, and I’ll still fall in love every. single. time. It brings me such a sense of stillness, just focusing on the changing tide. The beach allows me to reset my mind and re-evaluate my current state of mind.

I feel like I am in need of a little beach walk soon ( like tomorrow ) to calm myself and refocus.

For the rest of this month I am going to focus on re-focusing ( ha, really creative with my words, it’s late and I’m still in a turkey coma from Thanksgiving weekend, don’t judge ). I want to focus on what makes me happy and erase the negativities from my life.

Having a blogspot blog was fun ( while it lasted ) but I’m definitely going to give this next project my all. I want to have better content and more in-depth posts. I want to post often and have genuine content that represents who I am and what my interests are.


I am totally re-inspired and have fallen back in love with writing and creating. I mean I better have fallen back in love because thanks to me misreading something online, my Visa took a $300 pounding for this website ( not one of my finer online purchasing moments, sorry mom ).

So next on the list, after said Visa purchase is paid off – new camera and lighting equipment. Like I said I want to have better and genuine content, and to do all of that I need a camera ( that’s not my parents, because they are so sick of me using theirs, I know it! ) and better lighting because I hate shitty yellow dim ( UGLY ) lighting, just as much as the next blogger.

Talk tomorrow! – julieann x