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Layers on layers on layers – that is THE motto lately.

Not only do I love layering sweaters and coats with scarves because it has been so annoyingly cold around here, I love this trend of layering feminine dresses over a shirt and pairing it with an oversized jacket for that little bit of added flair. Purchasing lacy dresses and camis is becoming my obsession. I love throwing them overtop of a basic shirt or even over a chunky knit if it happens to be one of those annoyingly cold days.

This dress is one of my absolute FAVS. I will definitely be transitioning this piece from winter into spring and summer, too… because it’s just that good. The material is super silky and I love the little bit of lace at the top for a feminine touch. The straps are adjustable and it is shaped nicely but it’s also not too fitted, do you feel me? It is really the perfect LBD.

I’ve also been trying to branch out and stop wearing basic sheer black tights… so I picked up these fishnet ones from F21 this past weekend and I kind of, sort of l o v e them. They’re a bit out of my comfort zone, but funky tights like this is an easy way to give your outfit a little personality. I’ve got my eye on another pair of detailed tights from H&M and I’m also thinking about picking up a pair of knitted tights so that I can bring my dresses into the winter for sure. I’m just not ready to give up dresses quite yet!

Definitely can see this outfit paired with a red shirt underneath for a holiday party!

What do you guys think of the layered dresses trend? Love it or hate it? Do you have a perfect LBD in your closet?

x JE

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Denim Jacket – Levi’s | Slip Dress – Hollister | Shirt – H&M | OTK Boots – Madden Girl


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OK so bomber jackets are like this really big thing and to be honest, like most trendy things ( see: chokers ), I was skeptical at first… I didn’t really know how to wear one, didn’t think I could pull one off and to be real – didn’t really know if I thought they were that cute or not.

I kept seeing them in every single store, but they always seemed to a be a bit pricey for the quality and thickness. I usually hit up F21 or H&M for trendy pieces because I don’t mind not loving it if I only spent a bit on the piece… But all of the ones I was seeing in F21 and H&M were over $50/$60. I get that bomber jackets are considered outerwear, but I just couldn’t justify $50+ on one that I wasn’t sure I’d love.

Recently I’ve been obsessed with The Bay. I was in there one night and they were having their friends + family days, and I happened to come across this bomber jacket and it was on sale for $25. I couldn’t pass it up. The Bay has basically become my favourite store ever since then and I keep going back for their never-ending sales. They have so many designers and styles, there is always something new to check out. Plus they always have some sort of discount on a majority of the brands, so it’s a win, win, win around here. #loveit

I paired this with my favourite new pair of jeans ( I finally splurged on Levi’s – from The Bay during their Black Friday sales, of course! ) and this cute graphic-ish turtleneck from F21.

Obsessed with all of these pieces.

This is the style of outfit you can expect me to be wearing all the time now.

Warm, comfy but still cute.

This is probably my favourite way to wear bombers but I also love pairing them with leggings and running shoes for a cute athleisure look ( totally my FAV way of dressing lately ). I also tend to throw one on overtop of my baggy crewneck sweatshirts & chunky knit sweaters. Seriously, I love how this is a jacket that can be dressed up or down so easily!

What do you guys think of bomber jackets? How do you wear them?

x julieann

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Bomber Jacket – Vero Moda | Jeans – Levi’s | Turtleneck – Forever 21

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OK, so my obsession with over the knee boots is so real.

I mean lately, I may have been totally into my Uggs, leggings and oversized sweatshirts ( eek! SO lazy ) but OTK boots are still really up there on my ‘I die‘ list. I’ve been loving this beautiful taupe coloured OTK boots a ton lately, more so than my black ones. Because the taupe ones actually stay up on my leg.

The black ones slip so much and it is so dang annoying. They’re still cute though, I’ll give them that.

Turtlenecks, cardigans, OTK boots and tights ( leggings, LOTS of wool leggings ) will be in my near future, when I’m not cozied up in oversized sweatshirts and Uggs…

I’m working on so many posts to come. I’m wrapping up my first semester at school this year and I’m so freakin’ thankful. 3 days left! Then freeeeedom ( or placement… depending on this strike nonsense… but that’s a totally different story. I won’t go there today ).

x JE

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Cardigan – Forever 21 | Turtleneck – H&M | Tights – VS Pink | Boots – Call It Spring ( OMG! On crazy sale )



Hi hi.

First things first – this outfit.

There is seriously nothing better than cozying up in an oversized blanket scarf and wandering through a park in the crisp early-winter air. I love being cozy and there’s no better way to feel cozy than wrapping up in a huge blanket scarf.

It’s been pretty chilly around here lately.

I’ve definitely had layers and scarves on repeat. Lots of layered sweaters and cardigans, turtlenecks, leather jackets and jean jackets because freezing my ass off from my car to work / school just isn’t what I’m about.

I’ve also been obsessed with this sweatshirt dress that I picked up from the GAP Factory Store. We’ve got this weird outdoor strip mall type thing and there hasn’t been any decent stores in it but lately, new stores have been popping up out of nowhere ( including IKEA that’s coming soon! ). GAP Factory Store is one of the new-news and I’m obsessed… I seriously love GAP for cozy, comfy clothes, but I don’t always love the price. This is why the factory store is such a great addition to this mall! I know I’m not the only one around here who thinks so.

Second thing – I cut my bangs last week! <<<< clearly… as if you couldn’t tell from these pictures…

I’ve been debating whether or not I wanted to change it up and go for shorter bangs and last week I just did it. I woke up and went on Pinterest and ten minutes later I was holding a foot of hair in my hands that was no longer attached to my head.

I went through a moment of sheer panic and then I looked in the mirror and kind of, sort of fell in love with the change. My hair has been long and just, well, long lately… pretty boring and I needed a change. I DEF didn’t have any bangs, and I haven’t for a long time – like years. But now that I do, I’m pretty much obsessed.

If you’re thinking about doing something different, just do it!

Change is so fun.

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OK, now to the good stuff.

Is anyone else super excited for winter? I mean every basic girl just loves fall, but to me… nothing is better than November / early December.

Thanksgiving is way too dang early in Canada. I don’t even really feel like it’s fall yet when Thanksgiving comes and goes each year… it’s such a disappointment! And if I’m being totally honest, I’m not much of a Halloween person. I just don’t get it. I like making DIY costumes and that’s just about it.

I basically only like October because it means pumpkin spice everything and it is finally acceptable to bust out the knitwear and boots.

& it’s one month closer to December which is basically the greatest time of the year.

There are so many fun things to do leading up to the holiday season and I encourage you all to embrace it, live it and love it!

So often it’s easy to get sucked into a ‘meh’ state of mind because let’s be real, this time of year is pretty depressing. I mean, how the F is the sun going down before 5PM every single day a good idea? Who’s idea was daylight savings anyway?

But there are so many fun things to do that can really impact your outlook on this time of year. There are so many different things that I try to engage in during this time of year just to give me something to do, the chance to try something new or to change how I am feeling about myself.

Because I want us all to love this time of year and really, truly enjoy ourselves, I’ve thought of a little list of things that we can do, changes we can make and habits that we can form that will help us all make the most out of the early-winter. Some are super basic, but bear with me. I promise it’ll be fun.

november15-19 november15-20

How to get those early-winter vibes:

& beat the winter blues ( before winter even hits! )…

1 | Try something new in your make-up routine: lately I’ve been wearing lipstick all the dang time! I don’t usually wear it on a daily basis, but I have been recently and I’m loving it. It just gives you that extra little pop and it’s fun to change it up once in a while. I’ve also been liking a deeper contour because this lack of sunshine is making my skin pretttty pale & I need a little colour on my face.

2 | Switch up your style: there’s nothing better than trying out new trends or wearing styles that you never thought you’d ever wear. For me – this has been turtlenecks and tanks / slip dresses over t-shirts. I really thought both were styles that I’d never wear and if I’m being completely real, I LOVE them both. I’ve worn either a turtleneck or a tanktop over a t-shirt ever day this week.

3 | Invest in a new closet must-have: that new leather jacket that you wanted? That super cute suede pair of over-the-knee boots? Just do it! Treating yourself doesn’t mean that you are constantly spending money, it just means that you realize that you DESERVE it. And what better time to treat yourself to something new, than the change of season? Pre-holiday treats for everyone.

4| Treat yourself to some new workout pieces: this time of year is the most blah time, like ever. It’s so hard to wake up early in the morning to workout when it doesn’t get bright outside until 7AM. It’s so hard to motivate yourself to workout when you get home from school or work because at 4PM it’s already starting to get dark again. There’s no better way to motivate yourself to workout than buying some new workout gear, am I right? Who doesn’t love a new pair of Lulu leggings or Nike sneakers?!

5| Enhance your skin routine: uggghhh dry skin will be the death of me! The cooler, crisp air and my skin just do not get along and my skin goes so dry this time of year. My hands get cracked, my face is constantly peeling and ( TMI????? ) my feet get so dry that they hurt! I hate it. I like to amp up my skincare routine this time of year – tons of moisturizer, thick body creams and lots ( !!!! ) of hand cream being applied constantly.

6 | Try out holiday teas or coffees: nothing says holiday love like a nice warm pepperminty drink. Maybe some hot chocolate, warm flavoured tea or a coffee with yummy holiday flavours. My FAV flavours are peppermint anything – peppermint mochas, peppermint teas, candy cane hot chocolate – yum!

7 | Attend a holiday craft fair or DIY market: I loveeeee going to holiday craft fairs. They are seriously so festive! I love wandering around with a hot drink in hand, seeing if there’s anything cute that I want to buy for Christmas pressys. I also happen to love craft fairs because the food that they have is so unreal. I mean the dip packages, the GF goodies, the baked goods… #heaven

8 | Bring out the holiday decor pieces: if you’re like me, you may already still have your mini-Christmas tree up from last year… but it’s never too soon to start bringing out some more pieces and changing up your bedroom decor. I’m super excited to actually hang up some cute stars and metal decorations in my room ASAP ( I just need to clean it first! ).

november15-22 november15-15

9 | Treat yourself to new cozies: I mean… who doesn’t love new pajamas? One of my go-to places to buy pajamas is Victoria’s Secret because they are just SUCH good quality and last forever. Each year I invest in a new ‘cozy’ from VS. Sometimes it’s a robe, a onesie, two-piece flannel set or their super cozy slippers. Love! Old Navy also has really cute options, as well as Joe Fresh. I love me a new set of Christmas pj’s.

10 | Purchase a new mug, book, candle, or blanket: nothing says cozy quite like one of these items do! There are so many cute mugs out for the holidays and so many delicious candle scents. I also love to buy a new book to curl up with under a nice fuzzy blanket and read my evenings away.

11 | Two words – peppermint bark: OMG. I can’t stop eating it. I love this as a little pick-me-up during the day and it has actually turned into such a nice post-dinner treat. I’m not usually a dessert girl, but when peppermint bark is involved I’m all over it!

12 | Go to a Santa Claus / holiday parade: EEEKKK! There is nothing more exciting than holiday parades. Everyone is all bundled up in coats and mitts, drinking hot chocolate and waiting for Santa to come by on his sleigh. I mean, I still think it’s magical and I’m 23… it’s even fun to curl up on the couch and watch it in your new Christmas pj’s, while drinking your favourite holiday drink.

13 | Put on Christmas movies every single night ( it’s never too early! ): OK, so I’ve already watched ELF twice this year… I bought it on DVD and I feel like I’ll constantly have it on this holiday season. Also, there is constantly movies playing on ABC and the W network… my favs!

14 | Find some new holiday baking recipes: I mean maybe it’s a little premature to actually do your Christmas baking, but it is always fun to browse through Pinterest and other blogs to find treats to make closer to the holidays. This is one of my favourite traditions – I love making shortbread cookies, sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies… #cookiemonster

15 | Wander the mall and start your Christmas shopping early: there’s NOTHING worse than it being December 24th and still having some presents to buy. I hate running around on Christmas Eve trying to tie up loose ends because I’d rather relax for the day day and eat all of those cookies that I baked. I like to try to plan out my Christmas lists early ( I’ve already started doing this!! ) and get all the shopping done before December even hits.

16 | Embrace the outdoors: the crisp, cool air is sometimes something that you try to avoid, BUT in reality, we should be out in it, loving it. There’s nothing better than a crisp walk through the park, sneaking in your workout outside, or going for a walk through an outdoor shopping mall. It gives you an excuse to wear those cute new pieces that you picked up and layer on your favourite blanket scarf.

17 | Don’t forget to workout: this goes hand-in-hand with buying your new workout gear! This time of year is such a hard time of year to stay motivated but you will DEF feel your best if you workout & plus, it’s good incentive to allow you to splurge on those holiday drinks and peppermint bark.

18 | Make a new playlist: and don’t forget the Christmas songs! ‘Tis the season for Kenny & Dolly, TSwift’s Santa Baby and Mariah Carey’s classics. Throw in some Michael Buble and a little Justin Bieber ( for some added fun ).

19 | Find your ugly Christmas sweater early: these sell out SO freakin’ fast and you don’t want to be that person who shows up to an ugly Christmas sweater party without an ugly Christmas sweater on! Every year at work, we finish off our fall term with an ugly Christmas sweater party, plus sometimes friends throw one so they’re always a must-have! I don’t like to go TOO ugly, I prefer the cute-ugly ones. Forever 21 has a ton this year and they are pretty affordable & cute!

20 | Enjoy the Christmas lights and holiday decorations: driving around and looking at the houses lit up by Christmas lights is probably hands down my favourite thing. I love to get a hot chocolate and drive around, looking at the super decorated houses and blasting Christmas music.

I mentioned last year that I really like to make sure Christmas lasts the whole month of December because really, it is the best time of the year… but honestly, Christmas starts when Starbucks brings our their holiday menu and those cute little red cups if I’m being real here.

There are already some houses around my neighbourhood that have up their Christmas lights and I squeal a little bit every single time that I drive past them! Those little colourful lights sure put a girl in a happy mood.

What are your favourite things to do to embrace the holiday season? Do you have any tips to beat the early winter blues and soak it all up during December?

x JE

november15-14 november15-21Jackets – Vintage Levi’s | Dress – GAP Factory Store | Blanket Scarf – Aerie| Tights – H&M | Booties – Payless Shoe Source


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So, hi. Hello hello, welcome back.

I don’t know who I’m welcoming back, maybe it’s you… maybe it’s me… maybe it’s me welcoming us both back.

As you can tell, I took a little blog break and it was definitely an impromptu one. I was struggling during Blogtober and I fell off near the end of the month, but I had planned on posting a few times a week… and to be honest, I never got around to it.

Sometimes I’m really in it and other times, I get really discouraged when it comes to this blog.

I find that I get hyper-focused on one certain type of posts and then I do everything that I can to keep them flowing but I get bored. I feel like I’m on autopilot.

& I also start to feel a ton of pressure.

Really silly pressure, but pressure nonetheless and it starts to weigh me down.

Before I get in any deeper about what I really want to talk about today, I just want to take a minute & discuss this outfit because 1) ponchos are the greatest creation, 2) H&M’s skinny jeans are to die for, 3) I’m loving AA bodysuits and 4) I love a good grey on grey outfit combo for fall.

These jeans, like I said, are my absolute favourites. I swear by American Eagle and Hollister jeans, but I could never find the perfect grey pair from either store. When I was in H&M a couple months ago, I saw these pair and had to try them out. My BF swore by H&M jeans ( ’til I recently converted him over to Hollister! ) so I knew they must be good. H&M jeans are a little bit stiffer than my AE & HCo pairs, but I do love the way they are fashionable, don’t have the obnoxious bird on them in the most random places and are pretty comfy.

Lately I’ve been replacing black on black with grey on grey and I’ve been loving it! Grey is just a lighter, fresher colour, but it still screams fall. I added a pop of blush pink with the shoes and overall I love this outfit & if I’m being honest – it’s one that I’d totally wear out ( and have worn out! ). See below…

october15-3 october15-4 october15-5 october15-6

Social media is an ever-present thing in our daily lives and to be extremely honest, I think social media sucks. There are such GREAT aspects of it – I love feeling connected, I love being able to share ( whatever parts of ) my life that I wish to with others, I love reading and viewing other people’s lives ( because I’m crazy nosy ) and I love how it has such power in our world ( look at the recent US election. I know I’m not the only one that’s so over hearing about it, but look at the power that celebs and others are having, to share their opinions and help change, ultimately, the world ).

But there are also the downsides of social media… the connection, the sharing, the reading and viewing other peoples lives and the power that it has. << sound familiar?

I guess that maybe one of the reasons that I stopped posting on my blog for a while because I was feeling a huge overwhelming amount of PRESSURE.

Pressure to look one way.

Pressure to look another way.

Pressure to wear nice clothes and eat pretty food, shop constantly and wear shoes that I wouldn’t normally wear.

Pressure to drink pretty drinks and to wear my hair down, put on makeup and not wear sweatpants every single day.

Pressure to add content to not only one thing, but to multiple ( blog, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook ) and also live my life to the fullest each and every day.

Pressure to be someone that I am not.

All because through social media, we are in a constant rollercoaster of emotions, comparisons, criticisms and self-doubt.

It’s so overwhelming to post a picture on Instagram and watch the ‘likes’ pile in.

It’s so overwhelming to tweet on Twitter and watch the ‘retweets’ occur.

It’s so overwhelming to make sure that you are constantly scrolling, liking, favouriting ( is that even what you do on Twitter anymore? ) and retweeting.

It’s so overwhelming to make sure that you are posting content and connecting with others.

It’s so overwhelming to create content that you are proud of and to make your feed really POP.

I know I’m not the only one who gets discouraged when you post this picture that you love and it only gets a few likes, compared to the picture that you were ‘meh’ about that got a ton of likes.

We’re constantly pressured to be present on social media, one way or another – posting, liking, commenting, scrolling… scrolling… scrolling, thinking ‘OMG that would make such a cute Insta pic’ or ‘ohhh I could tweet about that!’…

Scrolling… scrolling… & scrolling some more.

october15-7 october15-8 october15-10

This little blog break was definitely not planned and longer than I had imagined it would be once I accepted the fact that I was actually taking a break. I’ve been pretty active on Twitter but my Instagram has been pretty quiet.

I’m taking the pressure that I’ve been feeling lately and throwing it away. I’m done feeling this way.

I feel like it’s really hard when you’re growing your blog or any social platform because you’re constantly seeing other bloggers, Instagrammers, etc. posting super cute and gorgeously curated content. It’s hard to not compare yourself to them, but in reality, you’ll never be them.

You really never will.

You are you, I am me, and Amber Fillerup Clark is Amber Fillerup Clark ( even though we ALL secretly want to be her – I mean the hair, the dogs, the kids… kidding! ).

We all start at the bottom and we all have to work our way up. Some of us will take a little bit longer than others, and others will climb to the top quickly but not really enjoy the moment.

I guess we’re all on this rollercoaster together.

I’m here to be me, and to be really, truly, authentically, intimately ( get it? ) ME. And that’s all I can really do.

So welcome back. I’m so happy to be here again & I’m so happy you’re here, too.

Let’s tackle this rollercoaster together yet again.

x JE

october15-11Poncho – Forever 21 ( but from a few seasons ago, sorry! ) | Bodysuit – American Apparel | Skinny Jeans – H&M ( new favs!! ) | Shoes – Payless ( similar, but in black )


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