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july1 24 july1 25 july1 26 july1 27 july1 28 july1 29 july1 30 july1 31 july1 32Hey hey!

I hope your guys’ Monday was a good one.

I am actually really thankful that today is behind me BUT I’m super excited for this week to come. I’m feeling very optimistic.

Optimism isn’t my strong suit lately… but I am trying my best to be more positive. I find myself getting really discouraged over things a lot easier than I ever used to and it’s honestly exhausting.

I’m generally a positive person but recently it’s been a struggle.

It’s just like one thing happens and I kind of snap, shut down or shut out. I either:

A) Snap at whoever or whatever for really no reason;

B) Shut down and completely go silent, stay stuck in my head and avoid socializing at all costs ( & if I have to socialize, refer to A );

and C) Shut out those closest to me, either by snapping and upsetting them or just ignoring them and shutting down.

It seems that the more stress I’m under, the more this occurs.

I was SO excited for summer because I felt as though it would be a stress-free summer, but it’s not and it won’t be. Unfortunately.

But I have to go with whatever is thrown my way and make the best out of it.


OPTIMISM is my goal for this week.

I’m going to be optimistic about every obstacle that I encounter and crush it. I’m tired of ruining my days more by my negative attitude towards situations ( except for the fact that there are no Pokemon around my house / neighbourhood. There is no way to see that positively!! Ha! ).

Sometimes it’s harder than others to be positive but with some positive affirmations and positive self-talk, I think I can make this week the best one yet.

I also think that stepping away is key.

This doesn’t exactly fall under the category of ‘being more optimistic’ BUT I think it is related. For me at least.

I bring everything home, I take everything so seriously and try to handle it with a hot head and I never really take a minute to breathe.

Which can lead to negativity & a lack of optimism.

Because if you deal with an issue while feeling angry or upset, does the issue ever really get dealt with in the proper way? Or if you never take a moment to breathe, how do you stay positive?

OK, so back to stepping away.

I don’t necessarily stepping away, as in walking the hell away from the problem ( although wouldn’t that be nice if you could always do this?? ), I mean stepping away as in taking a moment to breathe and be with yourself.

You can allow yourself to think about the problem and see it in a different light.

You can completely shut your mind off from anything to do with the problem and find a new headspace, even if just for a moment and be at peace.

You can take a minute to analyze the issue and be more open to solving it peacefully.

You could also physically take a step away – but only if you won’t end up A) in trouble, B) fired, C) hurting someone else, or D) making the problem worse.

I am allowing myself to step away physically if I need to – bathroom break, anyone??

But overall I am stepping away as in LEAVING THE PROBLEM WHERE IT BELONGS.

Coming home at night and continuing to be upset about something that happened hours ago at work, that you can’t fix at 8pm, is pointless.


I make it harder for myself.

I need to say bye-bye & leave it at work. It can be dealt with tomorrow, or the next day. Just not in a week, because then that may make the problem worse.

So basically I’m focusing on positive affirmations & self-talk and ‘stepping away’ AKA leaving the issue wherever it needs to be left and picking it back up when the time is right.

Anyone have any tips to help you be more positive? Optimistic? Less stressed & more chilled? I could really use them!

OK, on to something positive now –

This outfit is actually a new but super loved FAV.

These shorts – I just can’t deal with how dang cute they are. The paper bag top… I die. They’re like a denim colour but they do not feel like jeans. They’re so SOFT.

They’re actually a part of H&M’s new Conscious line & I’ve honestly never worn something I loved the feeling of so much. They have a few other colours that are similar ( there’s this red pair & of course black ) but the denim was my fav.

I was trying to be well-behaved while shopping and only picked up one pair, although I am really tempted to go pick up another.

The red really has caught my eye!

My top is also from H&M. The material of this top is super soft too! H&M is definitely my go-to spot for plain t’s, tanktops and shirts. They make the most comfortable ones and they’re reasonably priced, too.

I opted for brown accessories – bag, shoes & sunglasses. They all go together & look super cute as an outfit ( in my opinion! ha! ).

I’m off to bed & to wake up and kill it tomorrow. We’re painting pottery with work and it’s basically my fav trip all summer.

Leave me your positivity tips plz & thx!

Talk soon,

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Outfit Details:
Shirt: H&M
Shorts: H&M
Purse: Marshalls
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters


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