plaid & ( p )leather

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I like to think of myself as a plaid connoisseur.

And a ( p )leather one. <<<<< I say ( p )leather because ain’t nobody got money for real leather but  leather sounds better than pleather so I leave out the p. Ok. Some poeple do and they are #blessed but I am not one of those people.

Anyway plaid and leather ( fake, you get my drift ) is one of my fav fall combos.


Nothing gets me more excited than a new plaid flannel paired with my tried & true leather coat. Or this stinkin’ cute new leather skirt.

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For the first outfit I paired my new leather skirt with a plaid flannel that I LOVE ( and forgot about….oops ). I think this is so cute because it’s mixing casual with more dressy & I’m so in to that. I love tucking in the flannel and buttoning it up almost all the way.

I think this outfit looks super classy, esp with the pearls and skirt, and I’m likin’ it. A lot.

Side note: I’d def wear this skirt with tights ( nude or sheer black ) because it’s freezing here and I just about froze my ass off taking these pictures.

BUT I couldn’t find my tights and you gotta do what you gotta do. #bloggerprobs #roughlife

[ shirt: Urban ( old ) / skirt: Forever 21 ( sold out but they have super cute other leather skirts )]edited246 edited247

And for this outfit I paired my baby favourite coat with the same shirt, black jeggings and my leather ( real ) black boots. I chose to wear the flannel buttoned up all the way, but just hanging loosely and put a scarf over top. <<<< thought this looked cute. I almost always wear scarves in the cold months.

But it would totally look cute unbuttoned over a shirt or buttoned and tucked in! << I always wear flannels unbuttoned over white t’s. ALWAYS.

So, those are 2 ways that I mixed plaid with leather.

They’re 2 totally different outfits/styles AND I LOVE IT.

My style is usually pretty laid back and comfy, but almost never once in a while I do like to dress up a bit! And currently I am loving this skirt. If you can find it in stores, it’s def something you should pick up! I’m glad I grabbed it when I did.

Chat soon!! xx/julieann

PS: holy shit it’s November 9th already!???? Wasn’t it JUST Halloween? I’m literally in shock right now. I’m off to stare at the date on the top of my laptop because #holyshit ….. Byeeee!


[ jacket: Garage / shirt: Urban ( old ) / jeggings: Hollister / boots: Steve Madden ( old ) ]


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