ponchos // winter days

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Poncho: Forever 21
Shirt: Adidas
Jeans: American Eagle
Boots: Steven Madden ( old but similar here )
Photo Credit: Daniel Searl


Long time, no talk! This weekend was a busy one with school and my brother’s sweet 16 birthday. I also rested up a lot because I worked a TON last week and I’m back at it again this week. There is also a snow overload around here! It was actually pretty warm today… only -3! So I definitely soaked that up. Over the weekend I went skating and we plan on going skating again this week, hopefully we’re going to go skiing soon which is super exciting.

Confession: I bought my mom this poncho for Christmas but I bought one I liked so that we could share it. She bought me a scarf, but really it was for her too because she picked out the colour and pattern that she liked haha. We think alike. One thing I am almost always wearing lately is one of my Adidas shirts. They are super tight fitting and keep the warmth in. I usually layer it under another shirt or sweater and it keeps me nice and toasty in the snowy days.

xx julieann

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