this & that: autumn feels + a rant

I had today’s post all written and pictures added and ready to click post before I jumped in bed for the night but there’s been something bothering me for the last few days and I just needed to put it in words. I’m tired of people bashing everyone and making their opinion the more entitled one esp in times that people are literally DYING.

So basically, I just got out of the shower and I’m currently sitting in my bed, in a towel, hair soaking wet, because I needed to write this.

Is it just me, or do you do the MOST thinking in the shower too ( << please tell me I’m not alone )?

Ok, so if you watch reality tv, are a fan of basketball, go on twitter, read the news, listen to the radio… basically just were alive today ( and yesterday ) then you probably know that Lamar Odom is in the hospital, fighting for his life because of an accidental drug overdose? purposeful drug overdose? mistake? whatever.

And you also must know that Khloe Kardashian ( and fam, mainly Kris and Kim, but now the others ) are, GASP, at the hospital by his side.

People seem to have a lot of shit to say about people supporting a dying man.

There are so many people saying “why are the Kardashian’s there?”, “oh look, another news story for the Kardashian’s to get their face on”, “the Kardashian’s just need to be the centre of attention”.


Why the hell does it matter WHO is supporting him? Why does it matter who is in the hospital by his side while he is quite literally FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE? Shouldn’t we be allowing them to grieve? Shouldn’t we be thankful that this man isn’t alone, fighting for his life, in a hospital, alone?

If you pay close attention to Lamar Odom as a person, you’d know that he has no mother. He has no grandparents. His father is a drug addict. His baby mama lives across the country. His kids are young and unable to make decisions as to what medical needs/care he should receive ( maybe it’s just me, but when I am curious about someone, I Wikipedia them right quick & I’ve known this shit for a while ).

If you stopped judging and focusing on the fact that “the Kardashians’s” are there as the main news story, you’d realize that Khloe is in charge of making all of the medical decisions as to what happens to this man and what treatments he receives because their divorce was never finalized.

Kind of hard for her to make medical decisions about his life if she’s NOT THERE.

Then there are other people saying “Lamar Odom was a basketball player, not a reality TV star”, “why don’t we recognize LO as the star athlete he was rather than a reality TV star” & my very favourite, a quote from a sports anchor: “His name is Lamar Odom, and we knew him long before a reality TV show that we don’t watch”.

Here’s the little news clip ( that REALLY pissed me off earlier today ):

Why the hell does it matter if you knew him before he was a reality TV star? Why the hell would it matter if he was a basketball player before he became a reality TV star?

It doesn’t matter.

Or rather, it SHOULDN’T matter.

I’ve seen so many mixed news stories, tweets, Facebook statuses, GRIEVANCES everywhere from all different walks of life.

There are the reality TV fans who grew to love Lamar Odom from KUWTK and Khloe & Lamar who are grieving and praying for him and showing their support ( sidenote for all you judging Lamar as a “reality TV star”: he was THE funniest on this show. His personality shone in every episode he was on so it’s easy to see why the reality TV fans would love him ). Sure, some of these reality TV fans have never watched a basketball game in their life, BUT why are they not allowed to be sad too? Why are they not allowed to show their support/be respectful of the current situation?

There are also the basketball/sports fans who loved his game and the way he played and respected him as an athlete that are ALSO showing their support/grief/love + prayers. Sure, some of these sports fans have never in their life seen Lamar on reality TV and probably didn’t even remember which Kardashian sister Lamar was married to, BUT why are these the only people that are allowed to be sad? Why is it that the sports fans are the only ones allowed to show their support?


Why does it matter if he played basketball BUT WAS ALSO a reality TV show?

The funny thing is LAMAR ODOM HIMSELF CHOSE TO BECOME A REALITY TV STAR, so why are we bashing this part of his life when we should all be trying to just show support because a man is fighting. for. his. life.

If they weren’t in the hospital with him, I bet the same people that are bitching about them being there, would be bitching about them not being there.

You just can’t win. Especially if your a celeb ( reality TV star, athlete, WHATEVER… ).

Why do people feel the need to constantly belittle one thing in order to make their opinion the greater one? WHO cares what we label him as.

Right now, he’s a man who needs all of the prayers, support and love that he can get. That’s all we should really be focusing on.

Not making a huge deal out of who is there to support and comfort him in the hospital.

<<<< side note: I’m a huge reality TV star, esp KUWTK ( it’s just too good people, lighten up ) & I also like basketball. I loved Lamar on the show, thought he was THE funniest and was so, so heartbroken when him & Khloe broke-up. But I also watch basketball. Can’t say I was a huge follower of him as an athlete though ( never was a fan of the LA teams, but that’s just me ). Does that mean I’m not allowed to feel sorry for him because I liked Lamar Odom, the reality TV star and paid little attention to him in basketball? No. It doesn’t. Because he’s a HUMAN who is suffering and we’re all entitled to show support ( we just shouldn’t feel the need to simply be ENTITLED ).


If you decided to not read all that, here’s today’s actual post. : )

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset[ tons of fresh berries from my fav grocery store + hungry hippie mix AKA nuts and seeds, water in the cutest mason jar and my fav screen saver. Seriously people I’m obsessed with this screen saver #moreissuesthanvogue ]

Lately I have just been loving this season and loving this month. October is basically my favourite month ( but I also say this about December, May and July… so… ) and I am obsessed with doing everything I can to soak up this holiday season.

It’s holiday season right now, right?

Also the fall leaves are seriously THE cutest background for taking pictures. Daniel and I took 316 yesterday ( well he did, I just stood there and attempted to look half decent ). SO MANY new fashion posts coming soon. GET excited cause I know I am.

[ guess someone wasn’t feeling the #carselfie… ]IMG_8874
[ we tried to look cute and re-enact our picture from like 4( ? ) years ago… ]LOL
[ just for laughs… here’s the original from 2011 ( so says my mom’s facebook ) ].IMG_8878
[ valley days with valley views ]IMG_8933
[ I mean what would fall be without a hot drink from Starbucks & Uggs ]IMG_8974
[ pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, these are TO DIE – thx Alexah ]IMG_8995
[ I haven’t had a bath since I was like 4 so the other night I tried one, with a LUSH bathbomb of course & I loved it, I mean seriously fell in love ]IMG_8999
[ when you break out the cozy socks, you know it’s fall ]IMG_9029
[ after taking 316 pictures in 3.5 hours… thank you : ) ]IMG_9036
[ it was so warm the other day ( ok, it was 19 degrees ) so we went to the beach for 10 seconds ]IMG_6430[ sneak peek at one of my fall fashion outfits ] + POSTS TO COME SOON, promise.

I’m currently sitting here, craving a toasted graham latte from Starbucks ( yum ), wearing my fuzzy socks and thinking about which LUSH bathbomb I’m gonna buy next. I’m just seriously so excited for the next few months and all of the blog post ideas that I have ( LOTS OF FASHION ) and probably a ton of skin care too since my skin goes so fucked in the winter, buttttt that gives me a reason to try new stuff out right!?

Also Forever 21’s fall fashion game is SICK, just an FYI in case anyone is looking to update their fall wardrobe.

Think tons of leather, fringe, denim and plaid.

You can thank me later ( or yell at me when your Visa hates you as much as mine hates me, jk mom! It’s all paid off <<< seriously mom, I haven’t bought anything… yet… ).

Chat soon – julieann x


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